Tuesday, April 10, 2018


Folks, the silent coup began in earnest yesterday when Robert Mueller ordered the offices of President Trump's lawyer raided to obtain so-called evidence regarding payment of monies to the infamous hooker, Stormy. 

Robert Mueller was appointed by Rod Rosenstein, the deputy attorney general. He made the decision as "acting attorney general" because Attorney General Jeff Sessions had stepped aside from the Russia inquiry to discover any type of collusion between the Trump team and the Russians. Collusion is not a crime, folks. Let that sink in for a few minutes and ask, then why was a special counsel even necessary? Mueller was given power to determine if the Russian government's efforts to interfere in the election had any links or co-ordination between Russia and Trump campaign-linked individuals and any matters that arose or may arise directly from the investigation.
That last point gives him quite a broad remit, with observers suggesting that he will also determine if the president himself has committed any wrongdoing.
So what is the real purpose of a "special counsel? The only time you need a special counsel is when the Department of Justice is incapable of performing its job because the highest levels of the Department of Justice are rescued with regards to a criminal matter. So the question is or should have been, what is the basis for appointing a special counsel when there is no real evidence? That may be answered in part in the fact that Sessions recused himself from the investigation, but that still leaves the question of evidence unanswered. Evidently, Rosenstein had no evidence but appointed Mueller to determine if there was any evidence. So far, the answer remains: there was and is no evidence to show any collusion or tampering by the Russians on behalf of the Trump campaign. The seizing of records from the attorney's office, ala the hooker Stormy, in pretense of there perhaps being some wrongdoing is preposterous and certainly beyond the realm of this investigation in regards to campaign wrongdoing. It is nothing more than the title suggest ... a Silent Coup being brought about by Mueller, the DNC, the Hillary camp, and the Deep State (which includes all the aforementioned and then some, including elitist Republicans.)
So far, his investigation has ventured into work done by Trump advisers, Paul Manafort and Rick Gates, before they joined Team Trump. Both have been charged with conspiracy to launder money after work done in Ukraine.  Absolutely nothing has been discovered to link the Trump campaign or the President himself to any of the items in the investigation that he was given power to do. The last part listed is the dangerous part and the part that gives him authority so broad that it could and is being used to bring down the duly-elected President of these United States. That, folks, is illegal and is a coup in the working. 
The special counsel can also ask for his jurisdiction to be widened. He is not supervised on a day-to-day basis, but the attorney general, or in this case Mr. Rosenstein, is able to request an explanation for "any investigative or prosecutorial step" and can decide that any such action does not need to go ahead.
He must notify Congress if such a decision is made. None of this has been done, which makes everything concerning the hooker Stormy and any relationship of eleven years ago illegal. It is not and was not within the powers given to him. Aww, but that has not slowed him in the least. 
 A bit of history on the use of a "special prosecutor":  The term "special prosecutor'" in the US context harks back to the Watergate scandal, when President Nixon's attorney general appointed Archibald Cox to lead an independent investigation. 
But there was actually no law defining and regulating such an appointment, which allowed Mr. Nixon to later fire Mr. Cox. Only later, in 1978, was the Ethics in Government Act passed, which defined the circumstances under which an "independent counsel" could be appointed.
This role actually had more independence from the attorney general than the current special counsel position.
But the legal provision regulating it was allowed to expire in 1999 after the controversy of independent counsel Kenneth Starr's wide-ranging investigation into President Bill Clinton, which started as an inquiry into the Whitewater land deal allegations but ended up providing details of his sexual relationship with White House intern, Monica Lewinsky. 
Ah Ha, but it seems that Mr. Mueller and Mr. 
Rosenstein have revived this provision on their own without approval from Congress, which again makes the inquiry into the relationship with the hooker, Stormy, illegal and beyond the powers given to a special counsel. So the seizure of confidential records from the President's former attorney was nothing more than a fishing trip with the hopes of finding something in the records that might be used against the President in this silent coup. That something was not named specifically in the warrants, if indeed there were any warrants to do this search and seizure, but was and is being allowed by Rosenstein and, indeed, by the Congress.
Exactly what does a warrant cover:  A judge issues a search warrant to authorize law enforcement officers to search a particular location and seize specific items. A valid search warrant must meet four requirements: (1) the warrant must be filed in good faith by a law enforcement officer; (2) the warrant must be based on reliable information showing probable cause to search; (3) the warrant must be issued by a neutral and detached magistrate; and the warrant must state specifically the place to be searched and the items to be seized;  (4) may only search the particular area and seize the specific items called for in the search warrant. (Given the past misdeeds of this office of special counsel and the FBI, it is not without cause to question items 1 through 3 and probably item 4 as well.) 
Given that information, Mueller should not attempt to use anything found in the law offices other than that pertaining to the items mentioned in the warrant and to the public knowledge as it pertains to payment of $130K to the hooker in the case named Stormy.  Should any evidence seized not pertaining to the warrant be attempted to be used by Mueller, then he is in violation and in contempt of the court issuing the warrant and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, which would include his removal as special counsel. But I will not hold my breath waiting for this to occur, given the overstep of his original purpose thus far. 
From all evidence shown, it is without a doubt that the investigation was and is nothing more than an attempt to remove the duly-elected President of these United States in order to place in power a person or persons of their choice. This, folks, is nothing more than the attempt of a Silent Coup, and We The People cannot allow this to occur, or the country as we have known it and the Constitution as it was written will no longer exist.  


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