Friday, June 11, 2010


It's time for us to do some traveling during the remainder of June, commencing about the fifteenth and going into early July.

The wife needs a break away from the computer after working months on editing and publishing a couple of great books. When we return there will be more on the books, especially one which I think most readers of Jus'Sayin' will appreciate. We are going to be computer free, tweeter free, texting free and free from as many of the electronic gizmos that take up so much of our time as possible. If it were up to me, we'd hide the cells phones as well.

Lots of things will be occurring during this time. We will be looking at houses because we certainly could stand a larger place.

We also will be visiting our children, four of whom live in the southeastern part of the country plus some old friends in that direction as well. We don't get to see our children often enough nor the grandchildren who live in that part of the country. Unfortunately this trip will not coincide with the time the eleventh grandchild is born. However we will certainly make the trip to North Carolina for that event in August.
Think eleven grandchildren makes you feel old, try three great-grandchildren to top off that number. Now that makes us feel old. We are just grateful that all are healthy and happy.

All of you take care and remember the reason that we will be celebrating the Fourth of July or as it was originally called,Independence Day. Too many seem to have forgotten the significance of the celebration. With our complacency has come a loss of our independence and freedoms. Take time this year to reflect on the reason for the holiday.

Be safe as you travel or just staying at home while enjoying the summer and the many pleasures it brings.

See ya again in July.

Ticker and Mrs. Ticker