Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Rev. Wright reveals Obama's lying

"Rev. Wright said that he is a pastor, and Obama is a politician, and so Obama said what he said about Rev. Wright's 'controversial' statements not because he believed what he said about them to be true, but because he's a politician trying to become the President of the United States and had to say what he said if he was to have a chance to win that title." You can find the entire article here.

So even the “celebrated Pastor” is now saying that Obama is a liar. Well, at least those who had not been Obamazombied knew that Obama was a liar from early on. He lied about his relationship with slumlord Tony Rezko, his relationship with leftist Marxist bomber of the 60’s, William Ayers, and his relationship with the FRC, another terrorist group. Then he lied about not receiving money from oil companies. But then I suppose wheels at oil companies don’t count since their money suddenly just appears from out of the blue and not from oil. It’s kinda like what is the definition ….

The list goes on and on. I wrote about more of Obama’s "mis-speaks," as the leftists like to call them, in
MORE OBAMA "MIS_SPEAKS" or JUST PLAIN LIES. Plain old boys from the mountains of East Tennessee, now living in the Republic of Texas that Davy Crockett, another good Tennessee mountain boy helped to give us, would say, "just plain dad-gum bold face lies." You can find more of his lies and excuses here : More Excuses From Obama.

Time for excuses and lies from Obama, wannabe POTUS, to come clean. Time for the LSM to get off their "easy ride" with all the political correctness and fear of being called racists and demand the truth from Senator Obama. Waiting until after he is elected and then saying, "OOOPS, ya reckon he might have 'misspoke' is too little too late." Four years of Obama will be worse than the four years with the other "useful idiot," Obama’s idol for foreign affairs Jimmy "never met a terrorist that I didn’t like" Carter. Time’s up, Mr. Wannabe POTUS. Your easy days are over.

Due to public expedience, it seems that the Senator has now, after all these months, denounced his pastor. I call barnyard bovine excrement on that and say it's another one of his "slick" moves to lull the Obamazombies to sleep once again and to get the bloggers and press off his back. It won't work, except for the LSM, who will kiss his feet and pat his lil head and portray him as the victim. Again, I call it barnyard bovine excrement. He still has yet to disavow the remaining lies.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Carter becomes "useful idiot" for Hamas and Terrorists

Carter, better known now as the “useful idiot,” bulls his way despite objections by the State Department, the White House, and many Democrat Congressmen. The “useful idiot” has now given Hamas legitimacy regardless of their record of brutal murders of innocent civilians, including US Citizens. Of course, the “useful idiot’ showed no understanding of terrorism during his term as “failed President” and the 444-day Hostage fiasco.

It seems that Carter knows some Israeli government folks who would meet with Hamas but has yet to name them. But then there are always those who would appease even the devil if they thought it would give them power. We can see that within our own Congress and in the Democrat candidates running for President, namely Barack Obama who, like Carter, has never heard of a terrorist he would not like to meet with and placate.

The “useful idiot” still has not learned that one does not make deals with terrorists and enemies of the US. Nevertheless he continues his quest for what? If he is seeking some kind of legacy as a peacemaker, then he has a long way to go, for his so-called peace with the ME lasted no longer than it took the ink to dry. Carter defended his decision to play the role of “useful idiot,” stating that the most important single foreign-policy goal of his life is to “bring peace to Israel and peace and justice to Israel’s neighbors.” His actions, however, and his 2006 book comparing Israel’s occupation of the Gaza Strip with South African apartheid, say otherwise.

So far, all Carter, the “useful, or perhaps useless idiot,” has accomplished amounts to emboldening the terrorists. The comments from them give proof that Carter is only useful to terrorists:

Hamas official Mushir Masri, in a fiery speech Friday to thousands of Hamas supporters in Gaza, said the meetings with Carter were proof that Hamas was not a terrorist group, but a national liberation movement.

Thank you, Jimmy, for once again proving that you have no idea who or what terrorists are. You failed to understand that in 1979, and you have only become a ‘’useful idiot’’ to terrorists once again.

"It confirms the failure of the U.S. and European policies of ignoring Hamas," he told the crowd. "It confirms that all the countries that assume Hamas is a terrorist group should reconsider."

Thank you, Jimmy, for once again proving that you believe that you know more than all the countries that have declared Hamas a terrorist group and showing that, just as with the Ayatollah in 1979, that you really don’t know what you are doing.

As long as terrorist groups see “useful idiots” as willing to placate and to compromise with them, they will only grow bolder. Carter and his glory-seeking have not only emboldened Hamas but the terrorists in Iraq as well. Al Queda has increased its attacks since news of Carter's fiasco was to begin. The terrorists see an ally not only in Carter but in Obama and will do all within their power to bring such weak-kneed individuals to power in the US. Carter and Obama, two pea(nuts) in a pod. Today Hamas had this to say: Ahmed Yousef, chief political adviser to the Hamas Prime Minister, said, "We like Mr. Obama, and we hope he will win the election. He has a vision to change America."

We need change in America, but not the kind of change that wins kind words from Hamas. These statements and others like them prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that neither Obama nor Carter have a clue when it comes to terrorism and how to deal with such.

The quote and award from the Patriot Post sums up my thoughts on Carter, the “useful idiot”.

This week’s ‘Alpha Jackass’ award

“I feel quite at ease in doing this. I think there’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that, if Israel is ever going to find peace with justice concerning the relationship with their next-door neighbors, the Palestinians, that Hamas will have to be included in the process... I think it’s very important that at least someone meet with the Hamas leaders to express their views, to ascertain what flexibility they have, to try to induce them to stop all attacks against innocent civilians in Israel and to cooperate with the Fatah as a group that unites the Palestinians, maybe to get them to agree to a cease-fire—things of this kind... I’ve been meeting with Hamas leaders for years.” —Jimmy Carter

ADDENDUM: Hamas said it would carry out more attacks to break the blockade of Gaza, imposed after Hamas' violent takeover of the territory nearly a year ago. Saturday's bombing at Kerem Shalom was the fifth attack on Israelis at Gaza passages since last week.

Thank You Jimmy Carter for emboldening Hamas .


MORE ON THE "USEFUL IDIOT" “Was there any part of the globe, from the Caribbean to the Middle East, from Haiti to North Korea to the Balkans, where Jimmy Carter didn’t cozy up to dictators? Wherever he goes, tyrants smile. The long, dispiriting trail of former President Carter’s overseas travels has been marked by one diplomatic disaster after another. As for Jimmy Carter’s role as a monitor of free-and-fair elections, the low point must have come when he gave his blessings to Robert Mugabe’s takeover in Zimbabwe. Naturally, utter disaster followed. It hasn’t ceased there since. And now Mr. Carter is at it again, [paying] court to just about the bloodiest terrorist leader in the Middle East, which is no mean distinction in those violent parts. He [lent] his ex-presidential presence to terrorist chieftain Khaled Meshaal, who as head of Hamas hides out in Damascus under Syrian aegis. (Let others die for the cause in Gaza; its leader is quite comfortable, thank you.) The only proper greeting for someone like Mr. Meshaal would be, ‘You’re under arrest.’ Instead, saw Jimmy Carter pay his usual homage to those who champion violence. He calls this peace-seeking. Which raises the question, if this is promoting peace, what would encouraging violence be?” —Paul Greenberg


Carter says Secretary Rice "not telling truth"

By Matthew Bigg 1 hour, 37 minutes ago

ATLANTA (Reuters) - Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter on Wednesday accused Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice of not telling the truth about warnings she said her department gave Carter not to speak to Hamas before a Middle East trip.

Which is it Mr.Carter? Are you having a senior moment or just flat out lying? It seems that this article published April 11, 2008 shows that not only did the White House advise you not to meet with Hamas leaders but also the State Department. If your memory is that bad Mr. Carter then you had better stay at home. You might go and forget where you came from… But then again, maybe that wouldn’t be a bad idea.

White House urges Carter not to meet Hamas leader

Published: April 11, 2008, 08:33

Washington: The White House has urged former president Jimmy Carter to cancel plans to meet with the leader of Hamas, the US State Department said.

Carter is to meet next week Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal who lives in exile in Syria. His spokeswoman neither confirmed nor denied whether the meeting would take place.

On Thursday, State Department spokesman Sean McCormack counselled Carter against talks with Hamas officials.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Jimmy Carter: Former Failed President and Still a Failure:

Jimmy Carter is still living in the dream world where the “good guys “ can sit down with the “bad guys” and have tea and crumpets while coming to a peaceful agreement on all things.

I believe that one Neville Chamberlin was of the same mold in his thinking as Carter when he thought that he could appease Hitler by allowing him just “one small piece of Czechoslovakia.” Evidently Carter was not a student of history or felt that he could change what many before him had failed in doing, and that was to appease tyrants. Today, we are still paying the price for his failure 32 years ago, and we now have another demagogue
running for President in Barack Hussein Obama, Jr., who feels he can accomplish the impossible simply by holding hands and talking with the “bad guys.”

On November 4, 1979, four hundred Khomeini followers, armed with sticks and chains, broke down the door of the American embassy in Tehran, stormed the compound, and took hostage all the Americans on the grounds.

These same hostage-takers posed for the cameras next to a poster with a caricature of Jimmy Carter, and the slogan read ”American cannot do a damn thing.” Khomeini did not release his prisoners until January 1981.

In Mark Bowden’s account of the hostage crisis, Guest of the Ayatollah: The First Battle in American’s war with Militant Islam, the “guests” in question were certainly no guests. The American hostages were robbed of their liberty, subjected to mock executions and beatings, and none of them believed that they would walk out of the compound alive. While this was described as the “first battle,” the battle was never actually joined. Bowden’s account reveals up close and ugly the helplessness of the Carter administration. Carter attempted to send appeasement messages to the Khomeni, and the more humiliating the appeasement offers were, the more he was mocked by Khomeni.

Had the Russians seized our embassy during this period, the US would have declared war, as well as the rest of the world, for they would have seen it as a crime against the whole of civilized nations. However, this was not the case with the Carter Administration, for they saw it as a “misunderstanding” and felt that more talks could solve the problem. However, this was not the case with the situation. Some saw this as an attempt by Khomeni and Iran to extradite the shah back to Iran but to Khomeni and his band of Islamic thugs, this was a declaration of war against the US. Khomeni expressed such in his radio address in November of 1979. He stated that this amounts to a “war between Muslims and pagans”: The Muslims must rise up in this struggle, which is more a struggle between unbelievers and Islam than one between Iran and America: between all unbelievers and the Muslims. The Muslims must rise up and triumph in this struggle.” It was this precise aim that resulted in the Islamic Republic's disregard for diplomatic custom.

Carter attempted appeasement by sending William Miller and Ramsey Clark, both of whom disliked the shah, to carry a letter in which Carter offered to: 1. Only allow the shah to remain in the US for medical treatment; 2. Explicitly recognize the independence and territorial integrity of Iran and guaranteed to resume arms exports. 3. He “politely” asked Khomeini to have the hostages released (“I ask that you release unharmed all Americans presently detained in Iran”) and pleaded for dialogue”: I have asked both men (referring to Clark and Miller) to meet with you and to hear from you your perspective on events in Iran and the problems which have arisen between out two countries. The people of the United States desire to have relations with Iran based on equality, mutual respect and friendship.
After this failure, Carter sent the French to further beg and plead, but to no avail. He then, 154 days after the hostage seizure, finally took economic action and made noises that the US would not stand for such further action. The carrot and sticks did not phase the Khomeini for he knew he was up against a “paper tiger”. In almost a dare, shortly after the hostage-taking, he dismissed the possibility of any military response by the US and said: “We will destroy you all, even if we ourselves die in the process.” Later on he totally rejected the primacy of national interest.” We do not worship Iran, we worship Allah,” he declared in a speech in 1980. “For patriotism is another name for paganism. I say let this land [Iran] burn. I say let this land go up in smoke, provided Islam emerges triumphant in the rest of the world.”

Carter evidently does not remember these words. Similar words have been spoken by the Hamas, the very terror group spawned out of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, as was the Khomeini and his followers, with which Carter wished to have “dialogue”. The man is evidently suffering from selective amnesia to even undertake such a foolish attempt to reason with terrorists.

Carter summed up his attempts in these words, words of one who has not learned from history: “When I go to a dictatorship, I only have to talk to one person and that’s the dictator, because he speaks for all the people. But in a democracy like Israel, there is a wide range of opinions and that counterbalances the disappointment that I have in not meeting with the people shaping Israeli power now in the government.” He also said; “I can’t say that [Hamas] will be amenable to any suggestions, but at least after I meet with them I can go back and relay what they say, as just a communicator, to the leaders of the United States.” Carter’s words have not changed, nor has his failed thinking. It’s time for Jimmy Carter to come home, go back to building Habitat houses, and leave diplomacy to those who at least understand that tea and crumpets with terror groups does not work. Frank Gaffney, Jr. summed up Carter, shall we say in a nutshell, when he stated recently; “It seems there is scarcely a serious bad actor on the planet with whom Jimmy Carter has not met. He is a serial tyrant-enabler, the very personification of Rodney King’s risible appeal, ‘Can’t we all get along?’ Mr. Carter has come to epitomize the notion that ‘dialogue’ is always in order, no matter how odious or dangerous the interlocutor — or the extent to which they or their agendas will benefit from such interactions.”

"Suppose history repeats: Obama wins and has a failed one-term presidency. Will he be jetting around the world meeting with terrorists and despots and denouncing America in 2040? Maybe not, but the thought gives us a shudder” (James Taranto).

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Saturday, April 12, 2008

"I didn't say it as well as I should have”

Well pray tell just how more insulting could you be in claiming that working class voters (meaning honest working white folks) cling to “guns and religion” in hard times? Trying to worm out of what was said and make it sound better is just another Obama slip that shows just exactly were he stand and how he feels about the common folks in this country. Had John McCain said this the LSM, the NAACP and Obama would have been all over him as a racist dog. Obama attempts to hid his racism but of late his true colors have been showing. His contempt toward working class America is more evident as the campaign moves along . The closer he gets to the nomination being assured the more statements such as this will come out. He can not hide his arrogance and aloofness.

Trying to explain away his arrogance and contempt he rephrased his comments for the press but his true feelings had already been exposed while addressing the elite in San Francisco. To the press he said , I meant to say, "So I said, well you know, when you're bitter you turn to what you can count on. So people, they vote about guns, or they take comfort from their faith and their family and their community. And they get mad about illegal immigrants who are coming over to this country or they get frustrated about you know how things are changing." But that ain’t what he said!

To the elitist on Millionaire Row in SF he actually said: "It's not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren't like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.

His failure to condemn his racist Pastor , his failure to remove himself from the connection with others such as Farrakhan , his changing stories about just who or what his grandfather in Africa was, his connection to Rezko, his connection to terrorist in South America and now this, all adds up to just more and more of just what and who Obama is. The picture is getting uglier each day.

The Obamazombies will not see this however and will excuse him as just “mis-speaking” or being “mis-understood” when in truth they are just blinded by a slick talking empty suited racist who if elected would turn on them like a cornered rat. It’s wake up time and the alarm clock has been going off for several months now but the Obamazombies just keep hitting the snooze button and going back to “dream land” where all is made right and change is flowing in fuzzy feel good waves over their slumbering brains.

"Lately there has been a little typical sort of political flare up because I said something that everybody knows is true, which is that there are a whole bunch of folks in small towns in Pennsylvania, in towns right here in Indiana, in my hometown in Illinois who are bitter," Obama said Saturday morning at Ball State University. "They are angry.

Yep, Obama, for once you are telling the truth , at least in this light. You have made one heck of a lot of folks angry! You are going to have a hard time explaining your way out of this “little typical sort of political flare up”. You may be able to fool the San Francisco elitist and your Obamazombies but you can’t hide your arrogance from a whole bunch of folks, not just in Pennsylvania, Indiana , Illinois but across the whole of the USA.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Obama Calls For Talk With Iran?

If were not already evident that Obama knows little to nothing about foreign affairs, especially in the Middle East, he made it glaringly apparent today when he claimed the the invasion of Iraq made Iran more of a presence in the ME than before.

I would ask, just where was Hussein Obama in 1979? The answer, he was graduating form the elite Punahou School in Hawaii where he admittedly was into smoking dope. That explains his ignorance about just how Iran became an influence broker in the ME. For some who may be Obama’s age or lacking in knowledge, it was the time when 52 U.S. diplomats were held hostage for 444 days from November 4, 1979, to January 20, 1981. It was the time when President
Jimmy Carter—with the same ideology and lack of insight into foreign affairs—was in office.

His failure to understand ME history and the influence of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood led him to believe that he, too, could talk to the leaders of this terrorist nation and offer them tea and crumpets while singing Kumbuya and all would be well. The Iranians saw the weakness of this President and laughed in his face at his offers and then at his failed attempt to rescue the hostages. His decimation of the military during his term led to a disaster in the desert, nothing more or nothing less was the cause of this fiasco.

Obama would have us believe today that he is different than Jimmy Carter. I find their thoughts and ideology when it comes to terrorism and the understanding of how terrorists work is identical. Neither has nor had a clue.

I find Obama's ideology of thinking that those who hate this country and all that it stands for will sit down and talk peace to be as ridiculous as Neville Chamberlin, who believed he could talk to Hitler and appease him by allowing him to have just a small piece of land called the Sudetenland and it would be enough to cause Hitler to go away and play nice. We know the ending of that fiasco well. Carter tried it with the Iranians and thought surely a great religious leader would be willing to listen to reason and come to an understanding. Carter found out that the Ayatollah was nothing more than another cutthroat dressed up in religious robes and saw those who made a bee line to the peace table as weak. And so the story unfolded and Iran became as much of a presence in the ME in 1979 as they are today.

Their war with Iraq did little to weaken them and only showed them that even in defeat they could win.

They withdrew to fight again another day, but this time they understood, unlike Saddam, that they could not fight the “Great Satan” on a battlefield with armies; they must fight as they had learned through years of teaching and the example of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood.

For those with no history of the Egypt Muslim Brotherhood, it is by no means a new organization. Its goals from the beginning are the same goals of the Terrorist groups today who fall under the umbrella of Al-Qaeda and go by the names of
Hamas, Hezbollah, Janjaweed, Fatah al-Islam, Jaish-e-Mohammed, Abu Sayyaf Group and Taliban.

All these groups have their roots in the 1928 founding group called the Egypt Muslim Brotherhood, founded by Hassan al-Banna, who rejected Western rule and England's secular influence over Egypt. Without religious governance, al-Banna believed the Muslim world would be "a society of cultural mongrels and spiritual half-castes." He stated in the early days of the organization, "Politics is part of religion." He wrote, "Caesar and what belongs to Caesar is for God Almighty alone, for Islam commanded a unity of life; to impose upon Islam the Christian separation of loyalties [into church and state] is to deny it its essential meaning and very existence." If this sounds familiar to what is being said today, it should come as no surprise. This group developed armed cells that attacked the government and its supporters.

Al-Banna was killed in an uprising in Egypt in 1949, but his work was taken up in the 50’s and 60’s by Sayyid Qutb, a radical exegete who provided Koranic justifications for attacking secular Arab leaders who called themselves believers, but who did not run their governments according to the Shari'a or Islamic law. The organization today has hundreds of branches in over 70 countries worldwide. So much for those who think that the Islamic terror groups in the ME today are new and only there because of the Iraq invasion.

In 1969 Qaddaffi took over Lybia and became one of the prime supporters of the terror groups in the ME, all of which grew out of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood. Ten years later another leader whose beliefs were drawn from the Muslim Brotherhood took power in Iran. Khomeini, of course, is the “great religious leader” whom I mentioned earlier that then President Jimmy Carter felt could do no wrong since he was a “religious leader.” Carter, of course, learned differently with the seizure of the Embassy and the 444 day hostage situation that ensued.

Talk was a sign of weakness to Khomeini, as it has been with all the groups of the Muslim Brotherhood heretofore. Iran began to export terror to the rest of the Middle East, and one of the earlier countries was the weak and war-torn country of Lebanon. It was here that the second stage of the terrorist war against the US began in earnest. The terrorists found the US weak and lacking the will to subdue and control terrorism during Carter's term in office. They feared Reagan but soon found that, regardless of the strength of the President, the country was controlled by a weak-willed and divided Congress and population. Given this encouragement, the attacks began. The two attacks in Lebanon in 1983 were the first strikes of this terrorist mob that, like the Muslim Brotherhood of the late 20s, formed cells to attack governments and those who supported it.

The attacks in Lebanon were carried out by the group known as Hezbollah. Its leader at the time, Muhammed Hussein Fadlallah, contended in a fiery speech that "the oppressed nations do not have the technology and destructive weapons America and Europe have. They must thus fight with special means of their own." These special means were apparently too much for America. U.S. forces left Lebanon several months later. Once again, the weak will of the US was shown and thus strengthened the terrorists. More attacks were to come in 1984, '85 and '88. 1993 was the first attack on the World Trade Center. Then came the slaughter in Somalia, better known to most as the tragedy of Black Hawk Down. Attacks continued against the US in 1995, and there was the first knowledge of a man called Osama Bin Laden, the spurned hero of Afghanistan. When Saddam invaded Kuwait, Bin Laden offered his services to protect the mosque of Saudi Arabia against invasion but was rejected by the Saudi government in favor of the US who, much to the disdain of Bin Laden, stationed American troops on what he considered Holy Ground made for Muslim feet only. His organization, al-Qaeda, the umbrella, came to the forefront, better known even than during Afghanistan days. Bin Laden's hate for all things Western, which had been festering, came to full head.

The goals of al-Qaeda are three-pronged. First, the organization seeks to overthrow what it sees as the corrupt and heretical governments of today's Muslim states, specifically Bin Laden's home country, Saudi Arabia. Bin Laden sees the Saudi regime as American lackeys, especially since the royal family has allowed U.S. servicemen to stay in Saudi Arabia since the 1991 Gulf War. Accordingly, al-Qaeda views the U.S. as the primary enemy of Islam, and seeks to destroy it. We know of his backing of the 9/11 attack on the WTC. He has not given up on his purpose and goals.

Finally, al-Qaeda seeks to bolster the efforts of jihad groups throughout the world. This includes, but is not limited to, Algeria,

So, given the history of terrorism, it seems that Sen. Obama is perhaps doing more posturing than actual thinking.

The war on the US has been ongoing since Obama was smoking dope and goofing off in his prestigious High School in Hawaii; yet, he thinks talk will be the end to end all. He may be able to talk the slick off of slick with the Obamazombies in the US, but he is way over his head when it comes to the slickest of slick in the Middle East. They have managed to con the entire Western world into believing that they are “peaceful” people seeking only to be rid of the “great satan” in their part of the world. Their slick talk has fooled the LSM and many in the Congress who seemingly know nothing of the goals of the people we are fighting today, not just in Iraq and the ME, but world wide. The goal, destroy the “great satan” and rule the world with
Shari'a law. There is no talking to terrorists, for to them it is a sign of weakness. They learned the lessons of Vietnam well and found that the US has no stomach for a protracted war of any kind and certainly lacks the will to unite against them.

The terrorists are hoping for an Obama victory in November, for they understand weakness, not only of history but weakness of will and the willingness to withdraw and leave them to move at will throughout the Middle East as well as the rest of the world where they are not already creating chaos.

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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

McCain's Search For A VP

It have always been of the opinion that the Governor of a state was pretty much responsible for building the strength of his party within that state. Did I perhaps go awry somewhere on this? If that is the case then I would have to ask why in the world is McCain even considering Mike Huckabee of Ark. for VP?

Arkansas , one would think should be a rather strong Republican state having a Republican governor since 1996. However it appears that the party is so weak that they can not even find a candidate to field for the senate in this upcoming this election year. They have a Freshman Democrat now in office and it seems no one wants to run against him from the Republican party. Some suggested that they are waiting on 2010 when a candidate might appear from somewhere out behind the outhouse to take on Blanche Lincoln who is supposedly weaker and more vulnerable than the now Freshman Democrat Sen. Pryor. I believe it is because there is no Republican party in Arkansas only shambles of one, and I lay the blame at the feet of the man who was more interested in bettering his own interest than those of the party, Mike Huckabee.

He was asked if he would perhaps run for the Senate since his term as Governor is up but he says he is not interested. No, he is not interested as he is still posturing for the position of VP which would give him a head start in 2012 on a run for President since McCain will not run for a second term at age 75.

Huckabee is nothing more than a huckster hiding behind the religious far right as a “good ole boy” Baptist minister who would make them a good president since he would certainly make sure that their agenda was on the front burner at all times.GWB played that game for a time and the results have been devastating. Huckabee needs to go back to Arkansas and find him some “little brown church in the vale” for he certainly has done enough damage to the GOP in his constant hanging on in a lost race and continual posturing for VP.

If McCain gets serious and selects Huckabee as his VP he can kiss the swing voters, independents, and Democrats who don’t like either Hillary or Obama , goodbye.

The religious right needs to understand that they are no longer in the King maker role in politics. The likes of Jerry Falwell, Dobson, Robinson et al have driven the real GOP into barely a shadow of it’s real form. The GOP was never the party of the religious right until it was hijacked in 1994 and the religious right claimed they turned the tables on the Democrats. They did no such! . The GOP’ers and conservative Democrats of that time were tired of the leftist Democrat rule and would have revolted and won back the Congress with or without the religious right. They just happened to be in the right place at the right time to jump in and claim victory was because of them thus hijacking the party. In 2006 when the mainstream Republican’s, the swing voters and independents grew tired of their constant “three legged stool agenda”, gays flag and abortion. Through their hijacking and constant barrage of their agenda the GOP was rendered useless in gaining any thing of substance in the Congress. Gone was any chance to change Social Security for the better instead now we are faced with raising taxes to keep it afloat for maybe 10 years longer than previously estimated. Gone was any chance of ethics reform when the so called religious right leaders were being carted off to stand trial for corruption and the lefties were laughing at the so called moral majority and family value crowd who couldn’t even maintain the values in their own party much less influence the country. They shaped the party into their own image and evidently forgot the Commandment that they were not to create graven images and serve other gods. Well, maybe they didn’t see themselves as serving another god, but the “other god” was created to serve them. They alienated those who were in line with the old Republican Party—the GOP, as it was known—and drove many of them into the ranks of Independents. There, some became lost in the liberalism of the left leaning wing of the party, and the real GOP was lost in the mix.

It’s time for Huckabee and the rest of his far right wing extremist to move on, get over it and either join the Republican Party and make it the GOP it once stood for or form their own pitiful theocratic party. Perhaps Don Wildmon and Tony Perkins can head it up and they can call it the ATP. American Taliban Party.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

McCain Strategy

The Democrats are devouring each other. Hillary and Obama are getting caught in more “misspeaks” every day it seems. The kooky side of the Democrat party is fawning for the return of Al Gore.

McCain is pulling voters in traditionally Democrat States and all is left is for him to just keep on telling about his experience in the military, his knowledge of what it takes to successfully withdraw from Iraq and punching Obama’s quick fix for everything into the ground.

Obama has no plan for Iraq and proved it on one of the talk shows recently . I have never seen him so clueless as to how to use the English language. Looks like the “slick”is wearing off of “slick” He has grossly distorted McCain's statement of 100 years in Iraq and knows it.Unfortunately McCain gave him a pass on it this morning instead of slamming him for making the stupid comment in the first place. Then it would be “Screamin” Deans turn in the barrel because he said the same thing. Obama states the he would send troops back into Iraq to take down Bin Laden's surrogates, if they came into the country. Hello, who does he think is stirring up much of the problem there now along with Iran? So,according to him and his former advisor Samantha Powers he would take out all the troops, put them in Pakistan long enough to get things really stirred up there and then send them all back. He would have to send them all back but where is he going to get all to send back with allof them tied up in Pakistan and Afganistan and remember according to Obama, Dean, Hillary, Reid, Kerry, Murtha, and the other Dims, the number we have over there now is insufficient to quell all the violence but it’s too many and they have to come home from that losing situation now. How many millions does he expect this troop/equipment departure/relocation will cost? He has no clue so McCain only needs to let him keep talking and to constantly bring up the subject of Obama’s so called withdrawal plan.

Obama has no real economic plan other than tax- tax -tax so regardless of McCains lack of expertise in economics all he has to do is to continually attack Obama’s tax- tax- tax plan. He has made enough statements on how taxes will be raised that McCain should not run out of ammunition any time soon. With his global poverty/hunger bill in the Senate which is a pet plan of the UN in order to bilk the US taxpayer out of more money Should he be elected and inorder to pay for his Global plan Obama will certainly bring forth the Soros backed Tobin Tax .
Soros sees this as another way of bringing the US down, no wonder he backs Obama. It doesn't take a lot of research to see that this tax plan has always been a favorite of the Democrats. A Congressional resolution in favor of the Tobin tax was titled, "Taxing Cross-border Currency Transactions to Deter Excessive Speculation," (H.Con.Res.301), and was introduced on April 11, 2000, by Congressman Peter DeFazio (D-OR) and the late Senator Paul Wellstone (D-MN).

So it’s easy to see that all McCain has to do is just keep on the issues and question every thing Obama puts forth and show the American people that it will only lead to more taxes and to more government control and to more UN control of the US. That should be enough to win the WH in November. If not we are all going to be slipping and sliding in a lot of "slick"