Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Obama Calls For Talk With Iran?

If were not already evident that Obama knows little to nothing about foreign affairs, especially in the Middle East, he made it glaringly apparent today when he claimed the the invasion of Iraq made Iran more of a presence in the ME than before.

I would ask, just where was Hussein Obama in 1979? The answer, he was graduating form the elite Punahou School in Hawaii where he admittedly was into smoking dope. That explains his ignorance about just how Iran became an influence broker in the ME. For some who may be Obama’s age or lacking in knowledge, it was the time when 52 U.S. diplomats were held hostage for 444 days from November 4, 1979, to January 20, 1981. It was the time when President
Jimmy Carter—with the same ideology and lack of insight into foreign affairs—was in office.

His failure to understand ME history and the influence of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood led him to believe that he, too, could talk to the leaders of this terrorist nation and offer them tea and crumpets while singing Kumbuya and all would be well. The Iranians saw the weakness of this President and laughed in his face at his offers and then at his failed attempt to rescue the hostages. His decimation of the military during his term led to a disaster in the desert, nothing more or nothing less was the cause of this fiasco.

Obama would have us believe today that he is different than Jimmy Carter. I find their thoughts and ideology when it comes to terrorism and the understanding of how terrorists work is identical. Neither has nor had a clue.

I find Obama's ideology of thinking that those who hate this country and all that it stands for will sit down and talk peace to be as ridiculous as Neville Chamberlin, who believed he could talk to Hitler and appease him by allowing him to have just a small piece of land called the Sudetenland and it would be enough to cause Hitler to go away and play nice. We know the ending of that fiasco well. Carter tried it with the Iranians and thought surely a great religious leader would be willing to listen to reason and come to an understanding. Carter found out that the Ayatollah was nothing more than another cutthroat dressed up in religious robes and saw those who made a bee line to the peace table as weak. And so the story unfolded and Iran became as much of a presence in the ME in 1979 as they are today.

Their war with Iraq did little to weaken them and only showed them that even in defeat they could win.

They withdrew to fight again another day, but this time they understood, unlike Saddam, that they could not fight the “Great Satan” on a battlefield with armies; they must fight as they had learned through years of teaching and the example of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood.

For those with no history of the Egypt Muslim Brotherhood, it is by no means a new organization. Its goals from the beginning are the same goals of the Terrorist groups today who fall under the umbrella of Al-Qaeda and go by the names of
Hamas, Hezbollah, Janjaweed, Fatah al-Islam, Jaish-e-Mohammed, Abu Sayyaf Group and Taliban.

All these groups have their roots in the 1928 founding group called the Egypt Muslim Brotherhood, founded by Hassan al-Banna, who rejected Western rule and England's secular influence over Egypt. Without religious governance, al-Banna believed the Muslim world would be "a society of cultural mongrels and spiritual half-castes." He stated in the early days of the organization, "Politics is part of religion." He wrote, "Caesar and what belongs to Caesar is for God Almighty alone, for Islam commanded a unity of life; to impose upon Islam the Christian separation of loyalties [into church and state] is to deny it its essential meaning and very existence." If this sounds familiar to what is being said today, it should come as no surprise. This group developed armed cells that attacked the government and its supporters.

Al-Banna was killed in an uprising in Egypt in 1949, but his work was taken up in the 50’s and 60’s by Sayyid Qutb, a radical exegete who provided Koranic justifications for attacking secular Arab leaders who called themselves believers, but who did not run their governments according to the Shari'a or Islamic law. The organization today has hundreds of branches in over 70 countries worldwide. So much for those who think that the Islamic terror groups in the ME today are new and only there because of the Iraq invasion.

In 1969 Qaddaffi took over Lybia and became one of the prime supporters of the terror groups in the ME, all of which grew out of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood. Ten years later another leader whose beliefs were drawn from the Muslim Brotherhood took power in Iran. Khomeini, of course, is the “great religious leader” whom I mentioned earlier that then President Jimmy Carter felt could do no wrong since he was a “religious leader.” Carter, of course, learned differently with the seizure of the Embassy and the 444 day hostage situation that ensued.

Talk was a sign of weakness to Khomeini, as it has been with all the groups of the Muslim Brotherhood heretofore. Iran began to export terror to the rest of the Middle East, and one of the earlier countries was the weak and war-torn country of Lebanon. It was here that the second stage of the terrorist war against the US began in earnest. The terrorists found the US weak and lacking the will to subdue and control terrorism during Carter's term in office. They feared Reagan but soon found that, regardless of the strength of the President, the country was controlled by a weak-willed and divided Congress and population. Given this encouragement, the attacks began. The two attacks in Lebanon in 1983 were the first strikes of this terrorist mob that, like the Muslim Brotherhood of the late 20s, formed cells to attack governments and those who supported it.

The attacks in Lebanon were carried out by the group known as Hezbollah. Its leader at the time, Muhammed Hussein Fadlallah, contended in a fiery speech that "the oppressed nations do not have the technology and destructive weapons America and Europe have. They must thus fight with special means of their own." These special means were apparently too much for America. U.S. forces left Lebanon several months later. Once again, the weak will of the US was shown and thus strengthened the terrorists. More attacks were to come in 1984, '85 and '88. 1993 was the first attack on the World Trade Center. Then came the slaughter in Somalia, better known to most as the tragedy of Black Hawk Down. Attacks continued against the US in 1995, and there was the first knowledge of a man called Osama Bin Laden, the spurned hero of Afghanistan. When Saddam invaded Kuwait, Bin Laden offered his services to protect the mosque of Saudi Arabia against invasion but was rejected by the Saudi government in favor of the US who, much to the disdain of Bin Laden, stationed American troops on what he considered Holy Ground made for Muslim feet only. His organization, al-Qaeda, the umbrella, came to the forefront, better known even than during Afghanistan days. Bin Laden's hate for all things Western, which had been festering, came to full head.

The goals of al-Qaeda are three-pronged. First, the organization seeks to overthrow what it sees as the corrupt and heretical governments of today's Muslim states, specifically Bin Laden's home country, Saudi Arabia. Bin Laden sees the Saudi regime as American lackeys, especially since the royal family has allowed U.S. servicemen to stay in Saudi Arabia since the 1991 Gulf War. Accordingly, al-Qaeda views the U.S. as the primary enemy of Islam, and seeks to destroy it. We know of his backing of the 9/11 attack on the WTC. He has not given up on his purpose and goals.

Finally, al-Qaeda seeks to bolster the efforts of jihad groups throughout the world. This includes, but is not limited to, Algeria,

So, given the history of terrorism, it seems that Sen. Obama is perhaps doing more posturing than actual thinking.

The war on the US has been ongoing since Obama was smoking dope and goofing off in his prestigious High School in Hawaii; yet, he thinks talk will be the end to end all. He may be able to talk the slick off of slick with the Obamazombies in the US, but he is way over his head when it comes to the slickest of slick in the Middle East. They have managed to con the entire Western world into believing that they are “peaceful” people seeking only to be rid of the “great satan” in their part of the world. Their slick talk has fooled the LSM and many in the Congress who seemingly know nothing of the goals of the people we are fighting today, not just in Iraq and the ME, but world wide. The goal, destroy the “great satan” and rule the world with
Shari'a law. There is no talking to terrorists, for to them it is a sign of weakness. They learned the lessons of Vietnam well and found that the US has no stomach for a protracted war of any kind and certainly lacks the will to unite against them.

The terrorists are hoping for an Obama victory in November, for they understand weakness, not only of history but weakness of will and the willingness to withdraw and leave them to move at will throughout the Middle East as well as the rest of the world where they are not already creating chaos.


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let Hussein no bama move to Iran..that would suit us all just fine!

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I continue to be amazed at how very short people's memories are. Aren't human beings supposed to learn from their mistakes? Do you think that this was only true when man only had an oral history that depended upon remembering and that we lost the ability to remember when we stopped using it and relied on the written word?

Nah, I didn't think that was it either. Guess I will just have to accept that we as a specie are just getting more stupid. BB

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