Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Rev. Wright reveals Obama's lying

"Rev. Wright said that he is a pastor, and Obama is a politician, and so Obama said what he said about Rev. Wright's 'controversial' statements not because he believed what he said about them to be true, but because he's a politician trying to become the President of the United States and had to say what he said if he was to have a chance to win that title." You can find the entire article here.

So even the “celebrated Pastor” is now saying that Obama is a liar. Well, at least those who had not been Obamazombied knew that Obama was a liar from early on. He lied about his relationship with slumlord Tony Rezko, his relationship with leftist Marxist bomber of the 60’s, William Ayers, and his relationship with the FRC, another terrorist group. Then he lied about not receiving money from oil companies. But then I suppose wheels at oil companies don’t count since their money suddenly just appears from out of the blue and not from oil. It’s kinda like what is the definition ….

The list goes on and on. I wrote about more of Obama’s "mis-speaks," as the leftists like to call them, in
MORE OBAMA "MIS_SPEAKS" or JUST PLAIN LIES. Plain old boys from the mountains of East Tennessee, now living in the Republic of Texas that Davy Crockett, another good Tennessee mountain boy helped to give us, would say, "just plain dad-gum bold face lies." You can find more of his lies and excuses here : More Excuses From Obama.

Time for excuses and lies from Obama, wannabe POTUS, to come clean. Time for the LSM to get off their "easy ride" with all the political correctness and fear of being called racists and demand the truth from Senator Obama. Waiting until after he is elected and then saying, "OOOPS, ya reckon he might have 'misspoke' is too little too late." Four years of Obama will be worse than the four years with the other "useful idiot," Obama’s idol for foreign affairs Jimmy "never met a terrorist that I didn’t like" Carter. Time’s up, Mr. Wannabe POTUS. Your easy days are over.

Due to public expedience, it seems that the Senator has now, after all these months, denounced his pastor. I call barnyard bovine excrement on that and say it's another one of his "slick" moves to lull the Obamazombies to sleep once again and to get the bloggers and press off his back. It won't work, except for the LSM, who will kiss his feet and pat his lil head and portray him as the victim. Again, I call it barnyard bovine excrement. He still has yet to disavow the remaining lies.


WomanHonorThyself said...

Nobama is out of control and so are the racist NAACP'ers who applaud the sicko alleged pastor!!

Ticker said...

I apologize for the incorrect link to MORE OBAMA "MIS_SPEAKS" or JUST PLAIN LIES. The error has been corrected.

Faultline USA said...

BHO has made it clear that he has severed hs ties to the man he "thought he knew." BHO doesn't want to deal with Jeremiah uestions any more. The LSM has made it clear that this story is to go away within two days. Wanna bet???