Friday, March 21, 2008

More Excuses From Obama

Obama made his speech today in hope of recovering from the shadow of racism which the Rev. Wright has certainly shown exists in the Black Community as much if not more than in the white community. It certainly seems to exist within the Black churches based on comments from those interviewed today by the various media outlets. Some claimed that such statements are true and should be made. Some said that it was part of being an American. Sorry but to say that your country is responsible for planting the AIDS virus in the black community to destroy it is not in any way what America or Americans should be saying since it is totally false and the Rev. Wright knows it, Obama knows it, but both pass it off with excuses that it comes from a different experience. The excuses for the Rev Wright continued to come from Sen. Obama in saying he was speaking of a different time, from a different time in history.

It seems the Senator overlooks the fact that the Rev Wright is speaking in the present and speaking what he believes in his heart and to excuse his remarks as being part of the Black experience is beyond reality and serves no unifying purpose. It only serves those who would use race as a hammer with which to hammer more of the "guilt nails" directed toward white society for the past forty plus years. It may be the hammer that will drives the nails in the coffin of Obama's dreams the presidency, a position for which he is not qualified nor one which he has the character required to hold such an office. Only an outright condemnation of the Rev Wright, his statements and total disavowal of any influence would suffice. However such would be a lie since the Senator chose to stay 22 years under the preaching of this man and it certainly shows his lack of judgment. A trait that is certainly needed by the POTUS and just another trait of character which he lacks. Too many red flags keep cropping up for Senator Obama and so far he has yet to sufficiently answer, explain and to disavow without excuses.

The media may fawn over his speech and call it one that no white candidate could give but that within itself brands the type of racism that exist and has existed from the beginning in the Obama candidacy. A subtle form that has been played well by Obama and his handlers. No white candidate could have spoken those words because Obama and his camp along with the left wing media would have immediately branded them as racists. Why is it that a Black candidate can speak of such things when no white candidate is allowed to do so? It is because the Black community would have branded them racists and claimed that they have no right nor experience from which to speak. Obama attempting to speak of the feelings of the whites is no different than a white person speaking of the feelings of the Black man. The difference is that Obama and the Black community see themselves as “different” and no one is allowed to speak of such nor against them. Senator "Uniter" should ask himself "What is wrong with this picture"? . It rears in the face of the American people as a dare to question Obama's character, his comments, his wife and her commnets, and his pastor. To question anything about Obama and refuse to fall down and worship at the feet of the “black” savior of white America is heresy in the new religious movement. Obama says he is the one who will set the guilty free and make the wounds suddenly go away in a flood of "feel good" emotion only if America electes him ,a Black man as President. It is subtle racism but it seems that many have seen the light about Sen. Obama and those with whom he associates with. The old adage of Birds of a feather flock together is certainly fitting in this situation. Another old adage of a zebra can not change it’s stripes also comes to mind.

It seems the Senator has put but another blot on his character with all the backstage playing from the onset of his candidacy when he began by keeping the Rev on his staff but attempted to hide his presence by not allowing him to pray or speak at the candidacy announcement. The question is Why? Did he know that the Rev. would use the opportunity to spew his hate filled rants during a prayer to what ever god he supposedly serves? If Obama disagreed with his statements last week , why didn’t he disagree enough with them at the beginning of his candidacy to dismiss the Rev as a the racist that he is and disassociate himself from the church which supports such rancor? He didn’t and now he attempts to play the game by disagreeing but yet continuing to make excuses for him. The Senator shows himself to be no better than the Rev.

I frankly will hope that he is nominated and that he receives the worst defeat at the polls that any candidate has ever experienced. His excuse-itis has destined the Democrat party to a defeat that will exceed the defeat in 1968,but then what were we to expect when the candidate Obama comes from the same mold and same segment of the party as John Kerry, Ted Kennedy and Tom Daschle, the left of the left within the party. The wing that represents the angry anti-American, self-loathing, defeatist wing of the party. The wing which loses time and time again and loses big.
The Clintons could have not gotten better results by playing the McGovern card for Obama's own racism has now done more damage than any comparison to the anti-war, defeatist, George McGovern. They should thank their lucky stars and Gerldine for her comments. It may have had the effect that they needed.

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