Monday, March 3, 2008

The Battle in Texas

Tomorrow will likely tell the story of how the Democrat nomination goes. Will it be a much-needed victory for Hillary Clinton, or will it be the Clinton Alamo? She declares that she will go on regardless.

On the Republican side, it seems that it is time for the full effect of an Alamo to fall on Huckabee. He has stuck around too long and, like company and fish, he is beginning to be bothersome and is beyond stink. He has performed his Judas kiss, and it's time for him to take his thirty pieces of silver and go.

Meanwhile, Hagee, the wannabe Kingmaker from San Antonio, joined in with the small group of American Taliban (Don Wildmon, Tony Perkins, James Dobson, et al), and by offering his support to McCain, has done no more good than the crowd standing in Pilate's court cheering "crucify him" when McCain's name is mentioned. This band of Pharisees and Saducees has done their harm, and it's time for them to get out of the political scene before they completely destroy this country. Their brand of agenda-driven Theo-politics has no business in the political arena.

Obama-mania continues, but the question remaining is how long the LSM will continue to give him a pass on issues that any other candidate would have been flayed on the public square over. Great examples are his wife's comments on her feelings toward this country and Obama's attempt to smooth it over. Any other candidate, especially a white candidate, would have been publicly drawn and quartered, but Obama gets a pass. His latest flub, especially going into Ohio, is his denial of assuring Canada on NAFTA, and it gets a pass from the LSM as well.

Any other candidate, especially a Republican, would have been crucified by the progressives in the LSM. I'm just wondering how long the media, and the people, will continue to allow his lack of substance and his double-speak to continue.


Anonymous said...

Hi Tic, I can't help but think that Obama will probably sew it up today and I also can't help but feel his "message" may have peaked.
There will be 30 something weeks until the election and I believe he will suffer from the "pass" he has gotten to date.

Anonymous said...

Tic & G-Hogg,

I think the press finally smells blood. Here is a Sam Donaldson moment from yesterday.
Obama avoids questions about Rezko

Plus Hillary says he lacks experience for the job
And he admits it

Ticker said...

G-hogg you may be right on the fact that his message may have peaked. Not only that , it may be getting a bit stale since he continues to repeat Change, Change, Change witout really every committing to what the change is that he is talking about. It's kind of like Change, blah , blah, blah, I am for Change ,blah, blah and a vote for me is a vote for Change, blah, blah.

Fred is right as well in that the LSM may finaly end the "love affair" of the fuzzy feel good moments of Obama's early run has brought and begin to slash away at the now boring same old same old as mentioned above. The LSM doesn't like to play the same game long and if they smell a bit of blood they get like sharks and rip into it. Obama may be next. I think the LSM has found that McCain is too much for them for now. They perhaps are finding him like a Harry Truman who was like a duck and if it rained he swam and if not he walked and the rest of the time didn't give a ...quack.