Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Just What Is Obama's Withdrawal Plan

Obama’s quote on the war in Iraq in reply to Hillary. "I will end it in 2009," he said. "She doesn't have standing to question my position on this issue."

Just how Obama plans to end the Iraq situation in '09 is beyond me, as well as the majority of the military leaders and thinking individuals. Of course, it is simple to his emotionalized, hypnotized, and many brain-dead followers. He just says it’s over, so pack up the troops and the equipment and come home. Poor misguided Obama doesn’t understand that it is just not that easy. The military does not end a conflict and move just because he says so, and it certainly does not move all of the equipment and material that we have there in a matter of days, weeks, or even months. He’s dreaming, or else he’s been smoking some of that crack he smoked as a kid. So good luck, Obama, IF you even get elected. I find that Obama is assuming a lot of things and has yet to be elected.

As we have read, Samantha Powers was fired for calling Hillary a “monster,” which I found to be hilarious. Word has it that a lot of former Secret Service people would agree with her description. However, Samantha was also one of Obama’s top foreign policy advisors, and she had a lot to say about Senator Obama’s plan, or should we say non-plan, for troop withdrawal, should he be elected POUS.

Anyone who knows anything about the military knows that Sen. Obama really doesn’t have a clue how to accomplish his withdrawal boast. Samantha was quoted on BBC as saying: It’s the best case scenario [referring to a 16-month withdrawal plan as being negotiable]. Ultimately, Barack has no idea how quickly he can withdraw forces. He has no idea if it can even be done.

Obama has said that he will withdraw the troops and place them in another country. He recently named that country as Pakistan. Uh, does anyone see anything wrong with this picture? Does the Senator not think that the terrorists, who are already well entrenched in Pakistan, will not attack our troops there, thus, furthering the war? Perhaps then we can call it Obama’s War, or would that be politically incorrect. Certainly for the Leftists it would be.

In spite of all of his smooth talk, the swooning teenagers, and teenage-acting females, Sen. Obama is assuming too much. We have discussed his ties with terrorists, his playing footsie in Canada with NAFTA, and on another blog his Bill before the Senate to end Global Poverty. I stated that he plagiarized the Bill in that there was no need to re-write the Bill which the House had already passed and sent forward. That did not please the Leftists, and they claimed that that is the way Bills are done. I haven’t found one yet that was re-written after House passage unless it was to contain different language; this one doesn't. Is Obama a plagiarist? It would seem so, for even his campaign slogan was plagiarized. His catch phrase, ‘Yes we can!’ is straight from Bob the Builder on National Public Television.

And this man wants to be the next POUS? Think about it!

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