Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Hillary hangs on. So what's next?

Hillary Rodham Clinton, fresh off a campaign-saving comeback, hinted Wednesday at the possibility of sharing the Democratic presidential ticket with Barack Obama — with her at the top. Obama played down his losses, stressing that he still holds the lead in number of delegates.

Could this be the beginning of the Clinton Camp Playing the McGovern Card as I wrote about back in February? If you recall, McGovern had the largest number of votes going into the 1976 nomination convention but came away empty handed, and Hubert Humphrey gained the nomination. McGovern had been offered the second spot in the '72 race and turned it down. He was not going to settle for second spot when he was leading in the vote count going into convention, as Obama is currently. Would Obama, leading now and probably leading at convention time, settle for second place? Doubtful, since his upbringing does not allow him to be subservient to females. The women in his life have had a great influence in view of the world and this country. Obama also believes he has the upper hand in the Super delegate vote as well; so did McGovern in 1976. Members of McGovern’s own party painted him as the radical candidate of "acid, amnesty, and abortion." Could the same case be made against Obama when it comes to amnesty for illegals, his stand on abortion, and his admitted drug use as a youth? Given the history of the Clinton Campaign and their use of dirty tricks, it is entirely possible. Hillary will stop at nothing to gain the nomination, and the “McGovern card” would be so easily played against Obama.

I wrote previously about Obama's Bill: Fighting Global Poverty or a Step Closer to a New World Order? Hillary could use this against him since it calls for the U.S. to become subservient to the UN in the giving of trillions of dollars to that corrupt organization to be distributed in the cause of eradication of hunger. Of course, Hillary has presented much the same in her socialist book, It Takes A Village, but she has not gone as far as Obama in actually introducing such a costly bill.

It is going to get interesting over the next few months, and I look for the Clinton Camp to empty their bag of dirty tricks in order to gain the nomination. Obama will then empty the bag of dirty laundry that the Clintons have left carelessly strewn about over the past 12 years, and the fight will be down and dirty. One can only hope that the GOP will gallop in with a big box of Tide and wash them both away in November.


Looks like the Clinton Camp is going to play the McGovern Card!


Anonymous said...

I want this fight to go the full 15rounds with BO and HRC both bloodied, battered and bruised at convention time.

Ticker you are prescient about the women in his life. He truly hates America. Why else would he have maitained contact with domestic terrorists like,

Weather Undergound Radical Bombers

Ticker said...

His camp will ease him out of this by saying that they were not aware of the donation and that Obama has not had contact in recent times and they will return the money but it will not lessen the effect.

I did an update and looks like the Clinton Camp is going to play the McGovern Card that I have mentioned on several occassions.

Anonymous said...

The other Onama:

Michele Onama Is Downright Mean