Monday, January 23, 2012

Music on Monday or Tuesday. It's Good!


How about some music to end a dreary rainy day in Georgia. 
What better way to do so than with some of the best sounds in yesterdays rock and country.
In case you don't remember Duane Eddy, he was the sound of Twangin Guitar in the 60's and did the Peter Gunn theme. Probably one of his most popular and remembered songs was 40 Miles of Bad Road .

Who could forget Floyd Cramer and his famous sound on piano. No one played or plays like Floyd. His "slip note" playing in Last Date is unforgettable. My alma marta East Tennessee State University in Johnson City, Tennessee offers the "Floyd Cramer Competitive Scholarship, I am proud to say. 

Boots Randolph and his Yakkity Sax will always be a classic among sax players and music lovers everywhere. He played with Chet Atkins, Floyd Cramer and anyone and everyone who was anything in Country Music. He could play drunk on his butt or stone cold sober and I've seen him play both ways. I saw him fall off the stage at the Cotton Bowl in the 60's and never miss a note as he wailed out Yakkity Sax.

So here's a bit of some great sound by three country and rock legends.

Floyd Cramer, Duane Eddy, Boots Randolph - Waltz of the Wind.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sunday Music Time


He took my place by Charley Pride

Indeed he took my place when I deserved nothing.  The pain and suffering He endured for someone such as I is unimaginable.  How could anyone not understand all that He gave up just so He could take our place and not want to accept the gift so freely given.

I hope that you will enjoy the song on today's Sunday Music Time but I also hope that you will understand and consider the message that is presented. 

Friday, January 20, 2012

Dreaming of Spring

Rainy dreary days, such as today, make me appreciate the beauty of warm summer days with flowers in bloom.  Here is to hoping that these days arrive soon. 

Picture made in my backyard in Texas(2010) using a simple, no frills camera. Hope it makes you feel warm and happy.  

Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Way It Should Be

Got this from GM Roper, fellow blogger, on FaceBook. His comment was,
The Way It SHOULD be. Let's all make it so!
I agree and no more needs to be said by this blogger other than to say
Please share this with all your friends.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sunday Music Time


 "Hear The Voice Of My Beloved" By Cynthia Clawson

Unfortunately I could not get the song with the lyrics  and a much better video to post here so I have located the lyrics and added them for your enjoyment.  She has a beautiful, full rich voice that leans toward the Celtic but with that unquestionable Appalachian touch which always takes me back to my roots of mountain music and it's sweet pure sounds. 
I hope that you will enjoy the song as well as the words.

We read many of these same words in the Song of Solomon as the Lord calls for us to come near to Him in the cool of the evening, bidding us to walk with Him and listen to what He has to say to us.  

  • Cynthia Clawson - Hear The Voice Of My Beloved


  • Hear the voice of my beloved

  • Gently call at close of day

  • Come my love, come and meet me

  • Rise, oh, rise and come away

  • Winter's dark will soon be over

  • And the rain is nearly done

  • Flowers bloom and trees are budding

  • Time for singing has begun

  • I have waited through the shadow

  • For my Lord to call for me

  • Now the morning breaks eternal

  • In its sight His face I see

  • Now the morning breaks eternal

  • And at last His face I see

  • When you see the fields re-budding

  • You will know the summer's near

  • And when you hear the words I've spoken

  • You will know my coming's near

  • So keep on listening my beloved

  • For my coming's very near

  • And yes for those who are interested it is Sonya Isaacs doing harmony.

    Friday, January 13, 2012

    A Plea for Shrinking Government or a Demand for “The Enabling Act

     I had said that I was going to refrain from doing "Political blogging" for a time but given what I was hearing this morning in a speech given by Obama and given what I draw from history, I feel that I must at least make this post.  As the title says  "  A Plea for Shrinking Government or a Demand for “The Enabling Act”  I offer some comparisons to another leader from the last century who has said many of the same things and whose ideals this President has embraced more often than can be attributed to coincidence.

    All I can do is post and allow you to decide for yourself; is it a plea for shrinking government or a demand for more power ala the Enabling Act. ***See footnote at the end for more on the Enabling Act. 

    This morning some of you heard the speech given by Obama in which he claimed to want to “shrink” government and make it easier for businesses to do business.  He outlined plans , very sketchy however, on how he plans to do such. Combining agencies may seem a good idea on the surface but one must take  deeper look at what agencies are involved and how their roles would change under Obama’s new “streamline” plan for government.  Will he take small agencies which are doing a good job and place them under a large bureaucratic umbrella that will severely limit or destroy the actual mission of the small agency?

    Of course much of this is nothing more than “campaign rhetoric” hoping to move him away from the label as a big government liberal. Sounds good on paper and on  props but what is his real plan?

    He asked for the same power   that was given to Roosevelt during the depression and of course we understand today that Roosevelt overused his powers and created much of the mess we have today with a large government being “umbrella” under the scope of a leaner more manageable government.   His claim that it continued until 1984 under Reagan when those powers were removed b y a Democrat controlled House in order to freeze the Republican controlled Senate’s actions which Reagan proposed. Reagan was using the up  or down vote to his advantage by his ability to build a bipartisian support for many of his ideas. The more left leaning Democrats wanted this stopped and so they were able to sustain a vote taking away much of the Presidential powers of pushing through his agenda.

    History shows that others have used this for benefit of the nation and others to build their own strength in government.  Given Obama’s leaning toward big government and “bypassing Congress” which he stated once again today  that he would continue to do  

    “With or without Congress I’m going to keep at it. But it’d be a lot easier if Congress helped.”

    He made the promise to limit his authority  

    “Let me be clear, I will only use this authority for reforms that result in more efficiency, better service and a leaner government."

    With this authority, we'd help businesses grow, save businesses time and save taxpayer dollars," he said, outlining his request for powers to reorganize the federal government.”

    But so did another leader with whom I have drawn parallels to Obama before. The other “leader” said this when asking for more power to control government for the good of the people.

    "The government will make use of these powers only insofar as they are essential for carrying out vitally necessary measures...The number of cases in which an internal necessity exists for having recourse to such a law is in itself a limited one,"

    That same leader used much of the ‘class warfare ‘ language that Obama has used in  his time in office to attempt to gain more power.
    Obama has bashed Wall Street, the same place where he receives much of his financial support and support for many of his programs.

     The other leader did the same in blaming business for the problems of the nation. 

    “The leaders are big capitalists. 300 big bankers, financiers and press barons, who are interconnected across the world, are the real dictators. They belong almost exclusively to the "chosen people". They are all members of the same conspiracy.

    ... For years you have sweated so that the State can pay the interest on the loan capital. You are damned for all eternity to be wage slaves, if you don't demand: (1) The Nationalization of the banks and the money economy. (2) The abolition of interest-exploiters and Stock Exchange speculators. (3) The abolition of share capital.  

    Our call goes out to you who earn your bread through honest work. If you don't want your children, and your children's children to be damned for all eternity as slaves of world capitalism, if you don't want to be made the protectors of Stock Exchange bandits and other blood suckers by your treacherous leaders, ...

    Continuously through out Obama’s run up to the presidency and through out his term he has said one thing to one group and another thing to another group in order to get his way.

    Another leader did the same thing. What said depended very much on the audience. In rural areas he promised tax cuts for farmers and government acting to protect food prices. In working class areas he spoke of redistribution of wealth and attacked the high profits made by the large chain stores.

    Like the other leader Obama has avoided avoided explaining how he would improve the economy. Just like his speech this morning, his overall plan is sketchy.

    So I ask is this a power play for more power and re-election or an authentic desire to move away from “big government”.

    Once given this power will it become a re-play of the “Enabling Act” given to another leader in the last century and will we see a similar scene played out in Congress?

          A member of the "legislature" screamed:

    "No enabling act can give you power to destroy ideas which are eternal and indestructible."

    The leader responded:

    "You are no longer needed!  The star ...will rise and yours will sink! Your death knell has sounded!"

    The vote was taken – 441 for, and only 84

    Democracy was ended. They had brought down the ... Republic legally. From this day onward, the ... (Congress) would be just a sounding board, a cheering section for ...(Obama’s) pronouncements.  

    ***To read and understand the Enabling Act go here.  

    Saturday, January 7, 2012

    Sunday Music Time


    A Gospel Bluegrass Homecoming - [2/9]

    There are several great songs on this post. I trust that you will take time to listen to all of them.

    The song by the gentleman(Doyle Lawson and Quick Silver) from East Tennessee, I'm Going Home to Heaven One Sweet Day is done in pure shape note singing. Notice the way they tune before singing.  I remember spending many days listing to this kind of music in East Tennessee where I grew up and learned to sing in this fashion as well. In the country, many of the small churches didn't have a piano or organ or someone to play them on a regular basis. "Singers" would travel from community to community teaching what was knows as "Shape Note Singing" in an attempt to educate folks about music and an easy way to sing on key. 

    I hope that the music is a blessing.  All of us need "Angels" to watch over us  occasionally as the first songs says. I find this song very appropriate at  the moment. 

    Thanks for listening. 



    New Year and Decision Time

    Trying to decide on a direction for Jus’Sayin’ in the coming year.

    Do I stay on the same track, alter it a bit or change directions totally.

    Everyone writes about politics because there is so much material out there to write about but it seems everyone writes about the same thing on the same day with perhaps a slight different slant.

    Alas political opinion is like arm pits, every one has at least two and often times they smell or are sweetened up with “deodorant” in an attempt to draw more readership or at least “smell” better.  

    So, until a decision is made, Jus’Sayin’ will only appear on weekends with a musical slant for Saturday and a devotional slant on Sunday’s.
    Until that time, bear with Jus’Sayin’, check in occasionally and if you have any thoughts on which way to head, they would be welcome indeed.

    Lots of decisions to make along with some other issues to deal with which I will share at a later date when I have  further information to share.