Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sunday Music Time


 "Hear The Voice Of My Beloved" By Cynthia Clawson

Unfortunately I could not get the song with the lyrics  and a much better video to post here so I have located the lyrics and added them for your enjoyment.  She has a beautiful, full rich voice that leans toward the Celtic but with that unquestionable Appalachian touch which always takes me back to my roots of mountain music and it's sweet pure sounds. 
I hope that you will enjoy the song as well as the words.

We read many of these same words in the Song of Solomon as the Lord calls for us to come near to Him in the cool of the evening, bidding us to walk with Him and listen to what He has to say to us.  

  • Cynthia Clawson - Hear The Voice Of My Beloved


  • Hear the voice of my beloved

  • Gently call at close of day

  • Come my love, come and meet me

  • Rise, oh, rise and come away

  • Winter's dark will soon be over

  • And the rain is nearly done

  • Flowers bloom and trees are budding

  • Time for singing has begun

  • I have waited through the shadow

  • For my Lord to call for me

  • Now the morning breaks eternal

  • In its sight His face I see

  • Now the morning breaks eternal

  • And at last His face I see

  • When you see the fields re-budding

  • You will know the summer's near

  • And when you hear the words I've spoken

  • You will know my coming's near

  • So keep on listening my beloved

  • For my coming's very near

  • And yes for those who are interested it is Sonya Isaacs doing harmony.


    Dr. Mary H. Johnson; Asheboro, N.C. said...


    Anonymous said...

    Be ready

    Falling Leaves

    Fred G.

    sue hanes said...

    Thanks Ticker that was very nice.

    sue hanes said...

    Thanks Fred G. - I always like to hear a good one from Granda Jones.

    Z said...

    I was given a CD of hers a few years back...very sweet voice; not quite as deep and full as in this video.
    Thanks, I hadn't heard that song...
    have a lovely Sunday, Ticker.

    Ticker said...

    Been awhile since I head Grandpa Jones do this old song. Thanks Fred.

    Glad all of you enjoy this Sunday's Music Time. I ran across this artist some months ago and she left an impression on my so I looked her up for this weeks music.

    As I said, I love the hint of Celtic but the undeniable Appalachian sound.
    Then of course it is often times difficult to separate complete the two sounds since many of the folks who settled in the mountains were of Celtic origin. We just made it our own style in the mountains and once it gets in your blood you can't get it out.