Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Year and Decision Time

Trying to decide on a direction for Jus’Sayin’ in the coming year.

Do I stay on the same track, alter it a bit or change directions totally.

Everyone writes about politics because there is so much material out there to write about but it seems everyone writes about the same thing on the same day with perhaps a slight different slant.

Alas political opinion is like arm pits, every one has at least two and often times they smell or are sweetened up with “deodorant” in an attempt to draw more readership or at least “smell” better.  

So, until a decision is made, Jus’Sayin’ will only appear on weekends with a musical slant for Saturday and a devotional slant on Sunday’s.
Until that time, bear with Jus’Sayin’, check in occasionally and if you have any thoughts on which way to head, they would be welcome indeed.

Lots of decisions to make along with some other issues to deal with which I will share at a later date when I have  further information to share.



b17a139e-39f1-11e1-9659-000bcdcb471e said...

Why not change it a little bit... change is always good. :)

Keep up the good posts there Ticker... you've got some great ideas and thoughts.

Always On Watch said...

Can't blame you for wanting to ease off and post spiritual music.