Thursday, December 29, 2011



I'm not a great fan of Barry Manilow but the question he asks at the beginning of this video caught my attention.

He asks, "I think we place too much importance on New Years, don't you?"

So I ask, What say you?  Do we place too much importance on New Years , especially New Years Eve? 

What is New Year's and New Years Eve to you?
Is it just an excuse to party?
Is it a time of reflection?
Is it a time of making resolutions?
How important is it?


sue hanes said...

Ticker - I'm with you on the New Year.

I like New Year's Eve because the Christmas Tree is still up and anyway I like to snack around all evening - watch the New Year come in in New York City - especially if they are freezing their b*tts off and I am home all nice and cozy.

Then I'll turn in around one.

But as far as New Year's Resolutions go - I'm a 'today is the first day of the rest of my life' kind of person.

or even 'this minute is the first minute of the rest of my life...'

sue hanes said...

Thanks Ticker.

really - thanks

Always On Watch said...

Long ago, I gave up making New Year's resolutions.

But I do like New Year's Eve because all the Christmas decorations are still up. I also take advantage of the last day of the year to reflect back on what happened in my life -- good and bad.

sue hanes said...

Ticker - Happy New Year!

I'm glad that God put you in
my LIfe.

sue hanes said...

Ticker - I know what you are doing.

You are researching like crazy and then you are gonna come up with one of those really hard - but boring - statistical posts.

: ]

Z said...

Ticker, I have never been a big New Years Eve fan, but Mr. Z we had parties or just a few friends over. I'm so happy to just treat it like any other night, but I do think about the new year ... what might come, what happened last year.
I wish you a very happy one.

Z said...

by the way, I'm not a big fan of "Barely Man Enough" either but he sure does have some nice songs :-)