Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sunday Music Time

It's the Season and people are all in a hurry, scurrying to and fro looking for a perfect gift that they may never find but will settle for something that strikes their immediate fancy.

We all remember the lines around the blocks and malls on Black Friday, the pushing , shoving and even fighting to get a place in line in order to secure that one perfect gift  After all was said and done those who found the perfect gift had to stand in line to pay for it.
It just makes one wonder why people aren't standing in line for the Perfect Gift, one they don't have to pay for, because it is free.

Question is, Where Is The Line to See Jesus  "The Perfect Gift" that you don't have to buy  because the price has already been paid?


Z said...

boy, isn't that the truth!?
Beautiful song......I wish I'd heard this before I produced my Bible Study Christmas program for this last Thursday morning :-) Our Children's department, which I also had perform, is a bit young but you never know, they might have learned the 'chorus'!
Thanks, Dallas! Lovely

GM Roper said...

Stunningly beautiful Ticker. You always seem to find beautiful music for Sundays. Thanks friend.

Ticker said...

Z, I actually used this song last year as a blog post and had forgotten it until a good friend of mine sent me the link and asked if I would use it again this year.
The children could learn the chorus very easily. The church I attended last year did this song with the children doing the chorus.

Thanks GM. Glad you enjoy the Sunday music time

Anonymous said...

Sooo beautiful, DW.

Here is one not traditional Christmas but it reminds me of my mother at the piano. ( pl;ayed by ear ) She has been gone 8 years
but she will be with us Christmas.

What a friend we have in Jesus

Fred G.

Ticker said...

Fred, while not a traditional Christmas song, it is the embodiment of the message. Thanks for sharing.

sue hanes said...

Thanks Ticker.

sue hanes said...

Are there any song lyrics more comforting and meaningful than these?

Thanks Fred G.

Thanks Alan Jackson.