Friday, January 20, 2012

Dreaming of Spring

Rainy dreary days, such as today, make me appreciate the beauty of warm summer days with flowers in bloom.  Here is to hoping that these days arrive soon. 

Picture made in my backyard in Texas(2010) using a simple, no frills camera. Hope it makes you feel warm and happy.  


Anonymous said...

Spring has come and gone about 5 times since November here in NC

Fred G.

sue hanes said...

Ticker - We are having a very mild winter her in So. Indiana. But my mind has not turned to thoughts of Spring yet.

I've always lived in the four season climate and that usually means that Spring comes in April.

Your picture is very pretty.

PJ said...

I am holding my breath because we're heading into those months when the snow (more likely ice) will start falling. Then every fool around will run out to see if they can get their car insurance rates to go up. Thinking spring. PJ

Ticker said...

Heheheheheh yep PJ I know what you mean. We folks here in the south sure do have a 'silly season" when as you say all the idiots continue to drive as if it is perfectly dry and road conditions are perfect. In other words they still think they can do 75 on I-85 when they dang fools should have stayed home.

sue hanes said...

We did - however - have a mild ice storm today.

Ticker said...

Overly warm here in McDonough,GA for the season with strong thunderstorms and a couple of possible tornado's in the area today. I tire of dreary rainy days regardless of the temperature. I am an outdoor person and need my sunshine to stay happy. A little warm weather doesn't hurt either. I am looking forward to spring and as I looked out today I saw the first signs of dang weeds springing up in my yard even after the weed treatment I applied in the fall. It evidently didn't work on the weed killer part , only on the feeding part. Next time I know not to buy weed and feed as it seems to only feed the weeds.