Friday, March 14, 2008

Too Many Red Flags!

The negative stack on Obama just keeps building. Playing footsies with the terrorist group FARC in South America, his relationship with Chicago gangsters, terrorist groups, foreign investors, and foreign government officials. Based on his campaign so far, Obama favors meeting and negotiating with rogue leaders without preconditions, passing secret messages to foreign countries at odds with his public positions, and tolerating Che-flag wielding leftists among his supporters who advance a radical agenda in his name. And of course the matter that ALMOST went away, his wonderful Pastor of 22 years and the church where he and his wife sat for 22 years listening to Anti-American tirades and Black Supremacy sermons, and we wonder why Michelle said for the first time she “feels proud of America.”

As I stated in a previous post (Senator Obama, Some Answers Please), something smells. Something is just not right with the picture that is beginning to form of Senator Obama. However, it seems that the Obama-zombies just ignore the red flags and continue to lambaste those who bring up these very important issues as “desperate right wingers.” Well, I’ve got news for you. I am no desperate right winger, not even close, but I am one who believes in questioning everything, especially when it comes to those who would lead this country. I want to know where they would lead us and, so far, looking at Obama’s plan, it’s the wrong path. Everything from his barely-mentioned forays to the hidden agenda in his Global Poverty Bill, his tax plan which, would assuredly drive more businesses out of the country and certainly dry up investment in new business due to taxes on those who have the money to invest in such endeavors, to his so-called plan for Iraq, which turns out to be a no plan according to his own words and those of his former advisor, Samantha Powers.

There are too many red flags appearing, and it seems that this may just be the beginning. I find his attempt to downplay these things to be as an attempt at hiding something he does not his voters to know. I find his constant calling for apologies from Sen. McCain and Sen. Clinton and staff to be just another form of playing the race card, but he attempts to make it appear that he is taking the “high road.” I see it as yet another red flag.

The voters know much about Hillary and how she operates, what she stands for and what she wants to do because we have heard it for over 12 years. There is little that is unknown about Hillary, and this has been reflected in the voting patterns across the country. Obama, on the other hand, is an unknown with the exception of the small tidbits that the Obama camp has thrown out to the press, like throwing scraps to the dogs to keep them occupied. The Obama camp has tried to keep the voters in the dark about the things we need to know about him as a candidate, such as his character, and his plan has paid off. The unknowing have joined the uninformed and the who-cares-he’s-different crowd, and he has managed to roll on with little known about him and where he really stands, not his website con material.

ABC asked questions today about the Pastor. Now it’s time for the LSM to become an active media and start asking Sen. Obama some real questions concerning his dealings, his character, and where he “really” wants to lead this country, rather than just accepting the “dog scraps” thrown to them by his handlers. As another red flag, just who are the behind-the-scenes handlers, the kingmakers, for, as yet, the identities have been vague and slow in coming to the front.

Too many red flags, too many questions, too many doubts. I think the American people deserve better explanations than the sound bites released by the Obama camp so far.


fredgregory said...

He was visibly shaky during his interview on Fox by Major Garrett.

It is getting some traction

Ticker said...

Don't know if you have been keeping up with the link you sent me :

but I have made a couple of comments on there lately. A new topic is up as well. The only thing I don't like is that this person deleted too many comments. If they were off color or such then fine but to delete a comment because you don't agree that is not blogging.

Since I seldom watch FOX or the other cable news talking heads I missed this. I catch most stuff on line from newspapers from around the world and a few of the other online news sources.

Faultline USA said...

Excellent post and YES there are far too many red flags with Obama! Thanks for linking to Faultline USA, I've also linked you on our blogroll!

Faultline USA said...


By the way, I only delete repeatedly abusive comments often left by anonymous lefty trolls. If you visit, you will note that I don't delete thoughtful comments regardless of where they come down on an issue. Unfortunatly, trolls often leave several comments in a row.

Anonymous said...

I am a little perplexed as to why the "minister" flap didn't appear until now.

Ticker said...

I am familiar with troll from another blog. This blog is open as I have stated in my first post , to those who wish to have a civil discussion on issues of importance and sometime just to have fun.

Thanks for dropping in and for linking me to faultline. I appreciate the explanation of those who were dropped. Those with nothing to say should not be welcomed anywhere and they would soon learn to either offer something of value or go elsewhere and join those with nothing to say. Now I bet that would be an interesting blog. Sort of like Daily Kos maybe?

Ticker said...

G-hogg basically because the leftwing LSM kept it under wraps. It certainly is not quiet now and it is not an issue that will go away. If nothing more it will become a platform from which to question his character and his ability to make good decisions. After all after listening to a Pastor for 22 years you certainly are familiar with his character which in Pastors are shown through their preaching, teaching as well as their daily lives. Not to have disassociated long ago certainly would give cause to wonder about Sen. Obama's ability to make good judgments. Saying that , how would he be able to judge the character and sincerity of world leaders, especially those who hate this country.

Anonymous said...

I don't really have any comparative experience even though I didn't particularly care for our last pastor of 18 years but of course, he delivered no such sermons. I never recall him making any political statement.

Ticker said...

G-Hogg, I have attended many black churches from the 50's into the strife torn 60's and 70's until now. I have never heard a Black preacher say the things that this so called preacher has said. Yes, they have recalled historical times but used them to urge their members to move forward and to become more than a victim. This man teaches the sad old song and story that Jackson, Sharpton and Farrakhan, Blacks as victims and Whity is to blame. He goes a step beyond to blame the government of the country that makes it possible for him to spew his hate and anti-American trash.
For Obama not only to attend but to subject his young children to such teaching is unfathomable to me as a father and grandfather. Young children are very impressionable. If such is taught in church it certainly carries over into the Sunday School and children’s church. Listening last night to some of the parishioners of the Rev Wright, they agreed with him totally. Obama will have to do more than give one of his typical yada yada "change" for better, yada yada, "move ahead" yada yada speeches.