Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Enough is Enough and Too Much Is Nasty

My Daddy had a saying when things were becoming annoying, like my making too much noise or playing too rowdy, that enough was enough and too much was nasty. Well, while I am a long way from being as wise as my Daddy, I’d say to Mike Huckabee that enough is enough and too much is nasty. It’s time to call it a day and go on back to Arkansas. The race is over for you; you have lost and don’t know when to stop making a pest of yourself. You did the job that the religious right put you up to, and that was to take votes away from the best qualified Republican running, Mitt Romney. Now, enough is enough. You are finished, but it seems that you still don’t get it. You should have learned this lesson from your fiasco on the SNL (Saturday Night Live) Comedy show, when you didn’t know your time was up.

Quote from Huckabee on SNL: "Mike Huckabee does not overstay his welcome. When it's time for me to go, I'll know. And I'll exit out with class and grace." He then remained seated at the "Update" desk, even though Meyers made it clear that it was time for him to leave. Your time was up then and it’s up now! You have overstayed your welcome!

The only reason I can see for you staying in the race is to guarantee that a Democrat is elected in November. The longer you insist that a “miracle” will occur, the more divisive you and your religious far right group become. You can tell Dr. Dobson and Tony Perkins, the failed Kingmakers of the far right, that you’ve done the deed, placed the Judas kiss, and now it’s time to collect your thirty pieces of silver and go on home.

The point is, just go away! Maybe you are waiting around thinking that, by some “miracle,” John McCain might just pass on before election time and you would be the only one left in the running, or maybe “crawling” is the best word in your case. Perhaps a miracle of miracles—something equivalent to Lazarus’ resurrection—will happen, leaving you the Republican nominee in November. Stop dreaming; it won’t happen! The American people want a candidate who is intelligent enough to know when enough is enough and doesn’t wait for things to get nasty before moving on. It is plain to all those with any ability to think clearly that you are not the one! That lesson, learned and taught well, belongs to Mitt Romney, a man of character and the good graces to know when enough was enough.

Don’t think that by hanging around you will be the VP choice. You aren’t even on the longest list, much less the short list. The governors of Florida and Mississippi are making the list right now. Mel Watt from Oklahoma would indeed be a great pick, but then the Democrats would make a big deal about the Republicans picking an African-American for VP choice, as they would say it was to counter Obama. There are too many well-qualified candidates out there for Huckabee to even be considered.

Enough is enough!


Bubba said...

Huckabee wants to be the new maverick, the favorite of the Dems/Lefties/"Progressives" and their media pals now that McCain has worn out his welcome in that position.

Ticker said...

Huckabee is the Judas of the Dems/Lefties/Progressives. He has done his dirty work and now they will dump him like a load of dirty laundry as soon as he returns the Thirty Pieces of Silver.

Some claim the Left pushed that piece on McCain in the NYT but I am willing to bet it was Huckabee and Rush who did the deed. I have no use for either. I am not enamoured with McCain but he's all the GOP has got. Unfortunately Huckabee collected his Thirty Pieces of Silver from James Dobson via Tony Perkins and his "value agenda" driven ilk and now it looks as if he is looking for more.

Doug said...


I found your blog through Bubba, who credits you as "Mr. Produce". I remember a commenter in the News & Record Letters to the Editor blog from several years ago who was "mrproduce". Are you the same person? If so, I'm glad to have found your new site.

There were a lot of vitriolic exchanges back then (as if there aren't now!) but i remember you as a voice of calm reason. Even when I didn't agree with you, I never felt that it would be risky to inject my thoughts, and I always was interested in your opinions.

Ticker said...

I am one in the same. Welcome aboard and visit often.