Tuesday, February 26, 2008

"We The People" Speak Out

In East Tennesse folks have decided that enough is enough. The residents of Knoxville, Tennessee and Knox County have taken their government back. Corruption was rampant, nepotism was the rule of the day and government waste was the norm. Sounds just like Washington. If it can happen in Knoxville, Tennessee , why could it not happen on a national scale? I think it's time for this to happen in Washington.

What say you?


fredgregory said...


I lived in Knoxville in my youth.

Great article reporting a wonderful civics lesson.

When or if Greensboro ever grows up I want it to be like Knoxville. Trouble is that it is becoming more like Detroit every passing day.

See Washington Post here:

Sinking Into The Third World

fredgregory said...

Oops my Wapo link is busted.

Trying again , here.

Sinking Into The Third World

Ticker said...

Great addition to the discussion Fred. Sounds like Detroit needs to do as Knoxville has done!


I say, way cool!

Ticker said...

Hey Dr. Good to see ya again. Bet Ashboro pols could use some of the same medicine that Knoxville politicians are getting.

BTW, great piece in your Blog as well.

With the fight you have maybe McCain needs to pick you for his Veep!


LOL! Thanks, BlogFather.

LALALALALA, I'm JR's troll.

Asheboro needs a steamroller.