Thursday, February 21, 2008

Solutions, Change andTrains

"It's time to get real about how we actually win this election," Clinton declared at a fundraiser at Hunter College. "It's time that we move from good words to good works, from sound bites to sound solutions ..."

I knew I heard something about solutions from Bill Clinton the other day in one of his speeches. I believe he said something to the effect that this administration, speaking of Hillary being elected, would be an administration that would be one of solutions. I just can't let that one pass ... I thought his administration was one of solutions. We know of at least one solution during his administration ... the one in which part of the solution was left on a dress.

I'm not sure this country could take four more years of this type of administration. Folks say it couldn't be worse than the last seven years, but, yea, it could. It could be a repeat of the last 12 years and more of the same. Things were not as great as they seemed, and things are not as bad now as they are made out to be. Why would anyone want to go back to any of that?

Obama says he has a plan for change, but so far I haven't heard what the change is. So far it would be a change in dynasty, as far as name goes, but does he really have any plan for real change? He says we need to change Washington. My question is still, “How does he plan to do it?” I wrote on this subject a week ago and was hoping by this time to at least have one or two ideas of what the changes are that he is going to bring to Washington. I'm still waiting. All I have heard is rhetoric, and Obama is beginning to look more and more like an empty suit throwing out nice phrases and saying he has a better plan. Unfortunately, it seems that the voters are buying his rhetoric with no substance, but this is one voter who isn't. Maybe Hillary is right; maybe Obama is just about good words.

If John McCain is going to make his run, now is the time, before the Obama train gets to the top of the mountain. McCain needs to get on the tracks and make Obama blow the whistle to clear the tracks. Engineers on the old steam engines didn't like to have to blow the whistle going up hill, it takes away some of the steam and the power needed for the climb to the summit. McCain needs to start questioning Obama’s ability and knowledge on foreign policy and on military policy. How is Obama going to handle Putin, who is becoming bolder each day and knows that if the U.S. elects Obama, he will have the upper hand? How will Obama handle China after the Olympics and all the playing nice is over? Now the Balkans question is raising its ugly head once again. Do we leave it to an amateur to deal with the situation? I believe we tried that once before, and we are still trying to smooth that situation over 12 years later.

McCain needs to begin to show that he has the knowledge and expertise to answer these questions and Obama doesn’t. If McCain waits too long he will be like Hillary and out of the race before it begins. Obama says we need change, and he is the one to bring it. For McCain, it's time to pin Obama in the corner and make him say how he will handle tough situations, and get some real answers. So far, Obama hasn't shown that he has any.

In this day and time, OJT* in the Presidency just won't cut it.

*On the Job Training

I have finally discovered what the "Change" is that Obama has been preaching since Iowa. You can read it here!


Thomas said...

No OJT for the president sounds a lot like a call for a dictatorship.
First term is always a learning process. How is it to be avoided?

Ticker said...

When you have an individual who is as lacking as Obama is in foreign policy savy and times call for a person who can deal with the situation it would only make sense that he would not be qualified and thus be on OJT at the expense of American safety.It would appear that after having two such Presidents in a row we would have learned this lesson. Were this a peaceful time the question would not apply. No dictatorship is implied only common sense in determining the qualification of the individuals running for the office of President who will then put in the seat of the Commander in Chief . Obama is not suited IMO. OJT for Obama is too high a price in these troubled times to pay for just getting "a change".
I see his anti-war stance , given the times we live in, as the same as McGovern in 68 and 72. The main difference is that McGovern did have the foreign policy experience to have handled a situation. Obama does not. Coming up in a day or so I will be presenting the question of Hillary Clinton playing the McGovern card against Obama without it appear that she did so.

g-hogg said...

I feel like this race is between Larry, Curly, and Moe, or; the same, the same, and the got game.
"I am a white girl and I'll install socialism."
"I am a black man and I promise socialism."
" I've been around so long I'll promise whatever you want me to promise."
I am all for some fiscal responsibility and we will get just the opposite from all three. I am for some kind of control on 20-30 million criminal migrants who are bleeding our social services dry and making a mockery of our laws but all three of these gringos are for throwing open the doors. Two of them are for negotiating with the jihadist, out of fear.
I am very disappointed in the choices.

Ticker said...

I agree g-hogg. We have little choice.

I also did some more research on the Obama/Clinton teams( actually some old Carter throwbacks and other failed diplomates in the ME situation) in the ME trying to broker some kind of deal. That is scary!

Seems like McCain is softening his stance on the border situation in order to win over the more main line Republicans as well as conservatives who have always taken a strong stand on this issue. Well that is, conservatives other than Huckabee and who knows what he is.
It would appear he is in the race only to insure that Hillary or Obama get elected and then he hopes that they will do so badly that he can run again in 2012 and get elected. Hopefully he will only be an inkspot in the political history book by that time. However I see him making a run for the Senate when the Arkansas seat comes open again. I dislike McCain but I would vote for him over Huckabee. Unfortunately the best of the candidates on both sides were outed early. Romney and Richardson. I still say they should form a third party and blow the rest of the bunch out of the water.