Monday, February 11, 2008

From Miracles To Bribes

Up to now, I have addressed the Republican camp. Now it is time for me to switch sides of the street. My last post was on Huckabee “Majoring in Miracles.” This time, we will look at Hillary “Majoring in Bribes”!

The race so far is neck and neck with Obama hitting Hillary in areas least expected. It seems that Hillary has gotten tired of losing and has switched campaign managers. She is falling back into the old method of attacking Bush and this Congress. Do we need to remind you, Hillary, that Bush is not running and neither is this Congress. You are!

On top of that, she has fallen back into the typical Democrat mantra “when all else fails, buy the votes,” as she did in Maine today. She blamed Bush and Congress for not giving more heating assistance to those poor, cold folks in Maine. Listen folks, if you live in Maine, you know how to handle cold. Of course, there have been a lot of city folks from NY and Boston who have moved there recently, and this plays real well with them. It seems that Hillary wants to spend more money that isn’t there in order to garner a few votes. She calls for at least a $650 check for each family in Maine to pay for fuel this winter. That, of course, is on top of the rebate they will be getting, thanks to Bush and Congress. She stated that this country needs a new energy policy and that Bush and Congress have failed to deliver.

It would appear that Hillary has been delving into the DNC Pharmaceutical’s medicine chest and taking some “Tryphorgetin.“ Wonder where the energy policy change was when she was in the White House with her hubby back in the 90s, along with, of course, Mr. Energy himself, Al Gore, who was VP at the time. Guess she must have forgotten that nothing was done then and that was a time of relative peace and prosperity. Why didn’t the Clintons push for such a policy then and use Al Gore to promote the idea to the American people? It was because we were enjoying low oil prices then, and it would seem that the Clintons decided this was good enough. Besides that, there were no votes to pander toward with such a policy.

It looks like the opportunity at leadership was available when “they” were President, but Mrs. Clinton failed to pursue it. Instead, she choose to infer that stay-at-home moms were somehow lesser persons than she as a “working” mom. As Senator Clinton, I suppose that she found other things more important, such as running for President. Wonder why she wants yet another opportunity to fail the people? Looks too as if she is reading some of Huckabee’s lines when she said concerning beating McCain,
"I've been vetted, tested and proven as a winning candidate against tough opposition," and "that's a big advantage in the general election." No, Hillary, Bill was elected President, you got elected to the Senate against one good candidate and one very weak one. So where is your vetted, tested battle scars, unless you are referring to the tough hide you developed by coping with the Whitewater affair, sex scandals, and other controversies of your husband's eight-year administration. Your scars don’t match Sen. McCain’s scars, and you haven’t even seen the battles he has endured.

Obama just keeps adding the delegates up, one small state at a time, and not depending on the big block vote states as Hillary has done. So far, he has said that he is a new light, or something new, rather than the same old politics as usual. Excuse me, Mr. Obama, but you got elected in Illinois where it has always been the same old politics as usual. You are new in DC, perhaps too new, and so far, the people haven’t heard much about what makes you the candidate of choice and the one to lead the country. Obama claims he doesn’t have ties to lobbyist money, indicating that Sen. Clinton does, but I suppose that is in large part due to the fact that he hasn’t been around long enough or been in a position to help the lobbyists long enough, so he hasn’t been offered enough ... yet!

Obama has done a good job of tying Hillary to the past. He says she comes from the worst time in Democrat history — when the country turned against the Clinton policies, and the Republicans gained control of the Congress, and the country became gridlocked. He says that shows her to be from the old divisive past while he is a new breath of fresh air. Nice sound bites, Mr. Obama, now what are you really all about?