Sunday, February 10, 2008

Huckabee majored in miracles? It will take one!

Mike Huckabee, Baptist preacher, former Governor, and wannabe President said he is not quitting. “I didn’t major in math, I majored in miracles.”

Well, Mike, if you plan on pulling out some miracles, then you’d better learn to walk on water, turn water to wine, and while you are at it ,maybe you can raise a few voters from the dead because you have already lost the nomination. You may have won Kansas today, but Dorothy and Toto were out of town, or out voting for Obama.

Then Huckabee pulls out the “whomever is nominated had better be battle tested.” Well, Mike, where did your battle test happen? While I am no fan of McCain, I’d put his battled-tested background up against yours any day of the week.

It seems as though Huckabee went to a second-rate Baptist college in Arkansas, entered Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, and dropped out after a year. Not much of a sign of commitment, if you ask me. Wonder how he would have held up as a POW for five years, as did McCain? How about a Naval Combat flyer with over 20 missions in Vietnam? Did he say battle tested? Come on, Mike, what battle? Running for Arkansas Baptist Convention President, running for Governor, getting your degrees awarded to you? Looks like McCain has a bit more battle experience in that arena as well, given the fact that he has been in Congress for over 20 years. So, Mike, find a better comparison than “battle tested.” McCain wins hands down on that one.

I can’t say much for either man when it comes to the immigration question. McCain wants to let ‘em come on in, as do you, Mike. Remember, you felt sorry for an illegal and decided to give away the farm to them with a mess of scholarships, grants, and in-state tuition. So, Mike, if you want to get elected to anything, you had better find a different road on this subject. All you have are the wedge issues of Dobson Inc. And, Mike, that ain’t what Mr. and Mrs. Smith are interested in.

Of course, you ran well where the preachers got in their pulpits on Sunday morning before Super Tuesday and told their congregations that voting for Mitt Romney was voting to have the Mormons running the country in a year. I bet some of these same old preachers were preaching that mantra about JFK in 1960 and claiming that if he was elected, the Pope would be running the country. Well, Mike, it didn’t happen, but your buddy preachers sure scared “hell” out of, or at least panicked, their congregants on Sunday, now didn’t they. How pathetic.

So much for standing on your own merits, Mike. Looks like you still have someone fighting your fights for you. When are you going to get battle tested, Mike?

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