Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Pork Galore on the Stimulus Package.

Remember my saying back on January 25th that the Democrats would try to load up the Stimulus Bill with Pork? I was right! Read more on the subject by clicking on this link to the original topic.

Looks like the Senate Democrats are playing both sides against the middle. They backed away from much of the pork they wished to put into the Stimulus Bill in order to bring it to a vote.

Now that plays well for them. They can say, "Look we compromised so that the poor folks could get their Stimulus checks." "Ain't we great!"

On the other hand they Harry Reid can stand and say, "More of the Republican obstructionism. They have shown they do not care if you are cold or not."

Well Harry, tough, cause it won't fly, at least with those who don't fall for your line. You see those folks getting the checks could spend the money on heating instead of cell phones, Air Jordons, lottery tickets or having a party. Of course, with those to which you wish to appeal they will only see their good time flying out the window and now they must spend the money for something useful. The victims will always see themselves as Victims as long as the "Harry Reid's" are around.


softwareNerd said...

If the government can produce wealth out of thin air, they should use the same magic to produce knowledge and wisdom. We could use a stimulus package like this one for education. Let the evasions roll!

Ticker said...

software, the stimulus package of wisdom and knowledge would best be spent on Congress who are evidently sorely lacking in either.

Ticker said...

The link was hilarious but unfortunately too often true to how the government tends to want to operate. I appreciate the comments and welcome you aboard. I am a newby at this but learning a bit each day. Any suggestions that you may have as to how to improve this blog may be sent to I am interested in learning some of the finer points of blogging.


softwareNerd said...

Ticker, Glad you liked my little spoof.

Though I've been blogging for a while, I'm a complete amateur. I violate two important rules that would contribute to more readership:

Firstly, I blog when I want, and very irregularly. Secondly, I blog about all sorts of subjects. That's because I use my blog mostly like a journal of thoughts, that happens to be public, so that my friends can read it too.

From what I can tell, if one wants to increase readerships, a narrower focus helps, as does regular posting. That won't bring readership, but that's a starting point.

Ticker said...

Softwarenerd, Thanks for the reply. Well as you can see I am at this moment pretty well in line with the one subject and that being politics. The wife says I should have become a political pundit a few years back instead of staying retired and driving her crazy. (I was one of those who retired real early,age 56.)
I do try to post something daily. I will switch off as I did during the Super Bowl weekend to a lighter subject and throw in some ideas for good eats, another one of my hobbies.
My problems come into play on the technical side. I am 'puter challenged to say the least. Putting in links as you did with "like this one" is beyond me. I have tried, read, and tried again and somehow manage to screw it up.

Readership is mainly from the old forum that I was on and people who got tired of the trolls in the public space. I am linked to some additional sites now and hopefully that will bring about some more readers. How did you link to my blog, if you don't mind saying?

Time for breakfast and then I will write my piece for today. Thanks again for your help.