Wednesday, April 2, 2008

McCain's Search For A VP

It have always been of the opinion that the Governor of a state was pretty much responsible for building the strength of his party within that state. Did I perhaps go awry somewhere on this? If that is the case then I would have to ask why in the world is McCain even considering Mike Huckabee of Ark. for VP?

Arkansas , one would think should be a rather strong Republican state having a Republican governor since 1996. However it appears that the party is so weak that they can not even find a candidate to field for the senate in this upcoming this election year. They have a Freshman Democrat now in office and it seems no one wants to run against him from the Republican party. Some suggested that they are waiting on 2010 when a candidate might appear from somewhere out behind the outhouse to take on Blanche Lincoln who is supposedly weaker and more vulnerable than the now Freshman Democrat Sen. Pryor. I believe it is because there is no Republican party in Arkansas only shambles of one, and I lay the blame at the feet of the man who was more interested in bettering his own interest than those of the party, Mike Huckabee.

He was asked if he would perhaps run for the Senate since his term as Governor is up but he says he is not interested. No, he is not interested as he is still posturing for the position of VP which would give him a head start in 2012 on a run for President since McCain will not run for a second term at age 75.

Huckabee is nothing more than a huckster hiding behind the religious far right as a “good ole boy” Baptist minister who would make them a good president since he would certainly make sure that their agenda was on the front burner at all times.GWB played that game for a time and the results have been devastating. Huckabee needs to go back to Arkansas and find him some “little brown church in the vale” for he certainly has done enough damage to the GOP in his constant hanging on in a lost race and continual posturing for VP.

If McCain gets serious and selects Huckabee as his VP he can kiss the swing voters, independents, and Democrats who don’t like either Hillary or Obama , goodbye.

The religious right needs to understand that they are no longer in the King maker role in politics. The likes of Jerry Falwell, Dobson, Robinson et al have driven the real GOP into barely a shadow of it’s real form. The GOP was never the party of the religious right until it was hijacked in 1994 and the religious right claimed they turned the tables on the Democrats. They did no such! . The GOP’ers and conservative Democrats of that time were tired of the leftist Democrat rule and would have revolted and won back the Congress with or without the religious right. They just happened to be in the right place at the right time to jump in and claim victory was because of them thus hijacking the party. In 2006 when the mainstream Republican’s, the swing voters and independents grew tired of their constant “three legged stool agenda”, gays flag and abortion. Through their hijacking and constant barrage of their agenda the GOP was rendered useless in gaining any thing of substance in the Congress. Gone was any chance to change Social Security for the better instead now we are faced with raising taxes to keep it afloat for maybe 10 years longer than previously estimated. Gone was any chance of ethics reform when the so called religious right leaders were being carted off to stand trial for corruption and the lefties were laughing at the so called moral majority and family value crowd who couldn’t even maintain the values in their own party much less influence the country. They shaped the party into their own image and evidently forgot the Commandment that they were not to create graven images and serve other gods. Well, maybe they didn’t see themselves as serving another god, but the “other god” was created to serve them. They alienated those who were in line with the old Republican Party—the GOP, as it was known—and drove many of them into the ranks of Independents. There, some became lost in the liberalism of the left leaning wing of the party, and the real GOP was lost in the mix.

It’s time for Huckabee and the rest of his far right wing extremist to move on, get over it and either join the Republican Party and make it the GOP it once stood for or form their own pitiful theocratic party. Perhaps Don Wildmon and Tony Perkins can head it up and they can call it the ATP. American Taliban Party.


Brenda Bowers said...

Great post! I became weary of the presidential campaigns about 6 months ago and really have turned it off. McCain I will admit is a good man but really not president material; not at this time in history at any rate. He would have done well in the rather benevolent 1950's I think.

The times call for a tough savvy president. Rudy was that man but unfortunately he ran a miserable campaign and took his overwhelming lead and trashed it. He would make a good VP too, but McCain will not allow a VP who will overshadow him.

Obama scares the beegeez out of me! I am hoping the ranting of his minister has given White Americans something to think about. There is no doubt he will get the Black vote. In fact, I am sure that if I were Black I would vote for him too simply out of racial pride. However, I don't feel any loyalty to Hilliary so maybe I wouldn't towards Obama either. BB

fredgregory said...

Hear, hear !!

Ticker said...

Brenda, McCain will pick someone with good economic insight I believe but it won't be Huckabee. Portman of Ohio is now being mentioned as a serious contender but again McCain is not saying and shouldn't.
Portman's background is legislative (House Republican leadership), executive (George W. Bush's Cabinet), diplomatic (U.S. trade representative) and economic (Office of Management and Budget director). He comes from a swing state (Ohio), is young enough (52) to contrast McCain and conservative enough (89 percent lifetime American Conservative Union rating).

The biggy is that he comes from a BIG swing state of OHIO and is popular with the group that McCain lacks the solid lock with.

Crist of Fla. can't cut it because even his own state folks don't support him for the VP slot.
Mark Sanford of SC blew it this year by not backing him as he did in 2000 . Shows some lack of judgement on his part even though I have not been a McCain fan.

He's gonna be the nominee and if he manages to bring someone along that is not from the farright he will get my support. Half dozen blogs or so are now tracking many of my post.

No Fred, I ain't writing a check. You da man with the money so you write one for both of us.

WomanHonorThyself said...

interesting piece Ticker!..thanks for the visit to WHT!..dont be a stranger!:)

Ticker said...

interesting piece Ticker! WHT, just what did you find interesting?

fredgregory said...


McCain-Thompson '08

Ticker said...

Ain't gonna happen Fred. Thompson may be visiting but he will not be the VP nominee. Someone a lot younger. Say Portman of Ohio or the Lady who is governor in Alaska. Crist of Fla is out and Sanford of SC couldn't even carry his own state right now.