Tuesday, April 1, 2008

McCain Strategy

The Democrats are devouring each other. Hillary and Obama are getting caught in more “misspeaks” every day it seems. The kooky side of the Democrat party is fawning for the return of Al Gore.

McCain is pulling voters in traditionally Democrat States and all is left is for him to just keep on telling about his experience in the military, his knowledge of what it takes to successfully withdraw from Iraq and punching Obama’s quick fix for everything into the ground.

Obama has no plan for Iraq and proved it on one of the talk shows recently . I have never seen him so clueless as to how to use the English language. Looks like the “slick”is wearing off of “slick” He has grossly distorted McCain's statement of 100 years in Iraq and knows it.Unfortunately McCain gave him a pass on it this morning instead of slamming him for making the stupid comment in the first place. Then it would be “Screamin” Deans turn in the barrel because he said the same thing. Obama states the he would send troops back into Iraq to take down Bin Laden's surrogates, if they came into the country. Hello, who does he think is stirring up much of the problem there now along with Iran? So,according to him and his former advisor Samantha Powers he would take out all the troops, put them in Pakistan long enough to get things really stirred up there and then send them all back. He would have to send them all back but where is he going to get all to send back with allof them tied up in Pakistan and Afganistan and remember according to Obama, Dean, Hillary, Reid, Kerry, Murtha, and the other Dims, the number we have over there now is insufficient to quell all the violence but it’s too many and they have to come home from that losing situation now. How many millions does he expect this troop/equipment departure/relocation will cost? He has no clue so McCain only needs to let him keep talking and to constantly bring up the subject of Obama’s so called withdrawal plan.

Obama has no real economic plan other than tax- tax -tax so regardless of McCains lack of expertise in economics all he has to do is to continually attack Obama’s tax- tax- tax plan. He has made enough statements on how taxes will be raised that McCain should not run out of ammunition any time soon. With his global poverty/hunger bill in the Senate which is a pet plan of the UN in order to bilk the US taxpayer out of more money Should he be elected and inorder to pay for his Global plan Obama will certainly bring forth the Soros backed Tobin Tax .
Soros sees this as another way of bringing the US down, no wonder he backs Obama. It doesn't take a lot of research to see that this tax plan has always been a favorite of the Democrats. A Congressional resolution in favor of the Tobin tax was titled, "Taxing Cross-border Currency Transactions to Deter Excessive Speculation," (H.Con.Res.301), and was introduced on April 11, 2000, by Congressman Peter DeFazio (D-OR) and the late Senator Paul Wellstone (D-MN).

So it’s easy to see that all McCain has to do is just keep on the issues and question every thing Obama puts forth and show the American people that it will only lead to more taxes and to more government control and to more UN control of the US. That should be enough to win the WH in November. If not we are all going to be slipping and sliding in a lot of "slick"


Bubba said...

McCain is doing exactly what he needs to do right now.......keep his name and his strong points in front of the American public, while Hillary and Obama tear each other and their party apart.

When the Dem dust settles, McCain can zero in mercilessly on the nominee to expose how weak and wrong-headed they are about what this nation needs from its Chief Executive.

They will never see the steamroller coming.

fredgregory said...

He needs $$$$ so write a little check, OK .