Tuesday, January 29, 2008

What's Next

The candidates:

McCain, Hillary, Obama, Paul, all currently serving in Congress. Can they bring change, or are they seen as a part of the problem.

Huckabee, Romney Can they bring change or do they lack the insight on a national and international level.

Who paints a vision of where they wish this country to go and expresses that vision as one that the people can/will readily accept.

Any of them?

None of them?




I'm not a Kennedy, and I'm not interested in any more dynasties (Kennedy, Clinton, Bush) . . . or passing immaginary batons that you don't really have a good handle on anyway.

Could you give me another choice? I wish someone would just appear out of the woodwork.

I'd be much more comfortable with McCain if he were about ten or fifteen years younger.

Ticker said...

Doc, it is rumored that Newt Gingrich is going to take a Trojan Horse approach to the White House when it gets closer to crunch time. Another rumor has it that Gore is going to wait until the last minute and when the convention goes into deadlock he will broker the deal to get the nomination.
Oh, yea,some say Nadar is running.....again and again and again. Kinda like the Duracell bunny or would it be more apt to say a bad penny.