Friday, January 2, 2009

My Take On New Years

Well, the New Year arrived without me this year. As I was sitting on the sofa waiting for two folks who must be at least one slice of bread short of a sandwich to (1) Jump a truck over a pile of sand and make it turn a flip in the air; (2) Jump a motorbike to the top of a building. If he makes it, he looks like a hero. If he fails he either is splattered on the face of the building and the ground below or over shoots and lands five stories below on the street, with the same results as above…splat. Evidently both made it since there were no news stories on gossip channels on the First. Sitting around and watching something of that nature is also not my idea of entertainment and certainly not what I would want to say that I was doing on New Years Eve.

I had no desire to watch “the ball” drop in Times Square this year since I have probably watched it drop more than fifty times over the span of my lifetime and nothing new ever happens with the ball when it drops. In all those years it has managed to make it to the ground in one piece without creaming anyone standing under it or near by. No real excitement in watching something over and over again and knowing just exactly how it will turn out. Speaking of which, it sounds like the bunch we have in Congress who continue to do the same thing over and over again with no change in how they do it and still expecting a different outcome.

I spent too many years going to New Year’s Eve parties and most of the time all I got from that deal was a headache or stomach ache. Too much food and too much drink was the usual rule so I finally got over that need to indulge. Got to thinking about that deal as well and it was usually the same folks, the same food and the same results. Another one of the things that one has to ask why they continue to do the same thing with the same results over and over again each year.

Standing outside in cold weather watching fireworks is another thing that I have come to the conclusion is not worth the risk of catching pneumonia, getting frostbite or just generally freezing one’s rear off as the saying goes so I gave that up as well.

Folks say,” but you need to see the new year come in!” New what? I can stay up any other night and see the same thing and believe me there is not much new about watching the clock go from 11: 59 to 12:01. Is there suppose to be some kind of magical quality about going from December 31 to January 1? If so I must have missed it somewhere along the way.

The only thing new is that I now have to remember to write 2009 on the one check I write once a month for the water bill and it will take me at least three or four months to remember to do that. Eventually they will figure out that it is cheaper if they get the money on line automatically into their account and cheaper than staying open and having a herd of folks converging on the office on the first of every month. When they do that I will not have to write any paper checks and won’t have to remember what year I write on a piece of paper. Even churches have figured out that “paying “on line works. It seems that remembering to change the date on the checks takes a bit longer each year now but I can always put the blame on the fact that I don’t write checks much anymore.

Changing the year had to be an invention of government so they could have the excuse or what they would deem reason to raise your taxes. Now if they did that and the year didn’t change folks would wonder what the purpose of needing more money was. I figure it wouldn’t matter much to those folks anyhow but it makes them look better to say that they spent all you sent them last year and now they want you to send them some more to spend to supposedly make your life better. Naw, let me keep my money and I’ll figure some what to make my life better without the help of a bunch of folks who continue to do the same thing over and over again and expect different results. I can assure them I can figure out something different to spend my money on each year and it won’t take that much thinking so let me just keep what I have and perhaps they can watch and learn.

I read that some of the folks who put on these shows in New York and such were disappointed in the turn out and blamed the economy. Heck, maybe folks are getting smarter and just stayed home and decided to save their money to spend for something they could use, and certainly for many of them, something they could remember other than a hangover. Makes sense to me!

Well, so much for New Year’s Eve and all the hoopla. I had a good nights sleep, woke up refreshed and evidently didn’t miss a thing. Nothing evidently occurred of earth shattering importance in Corinth , Texas or Dallas or other places or I am sure that I would have read about it. I read the obits and my name was not there and I didn’t see any of your names there either so looks like we all made it another day.

So I will conclude by saying, I hope that this day is better than yesterday and that the good Lord gives you all a lot of good tomorrows.


Mustang said...

The other day, Z quoted "Today is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it." It seems to be a pity that people seem unable to recognize a good day when they see one . . . without having to drench themselves in booze to make it more exciting. As you pointed out, it is hard to figure how the pain of the day-after is worth a few hours of acting the fool. Good post, Ticker . . . and Happy New Year.

Grandpa said...

I agree with Mustang (quick call a blogger, this is a first).

Today is a great day, and I've not had a hang-over since my misspent youth and I won't tell you how long ago that was.

Great post and may you have a million more just like it, and a million joyful days too.

Anonymous said...

Hold on gang, it is not over yet!

The "Twelve Days of Christmas" does not end until January 6 -- Epiphany -- my favorite day of all the year!

In some traditions that is when the Magi arrived to greet the Christ Child. To me, it marks the end of a season of darkness and depression.....a required walk through the valley of the shadow of death. On January 6th we light candles to signal our step forth into reality.

And as I gaze into the candle's flickering flame, its warmth enfolds my spirit as it's illumination guides the stumbling steps of my earthly pilgrimage.

Pax vobiscum.....Widow Jones

NanWills2 said...

Good post, Tick.

Maggie M. Thornton said...

We stayed home and made a delicious omelet. We seldom go out, but occasionally to my brother's house for some really fine dining. They were out of town this year so I had to cook!

Ticker, that is good news about the "obit," for all of us:-)

Hope this is finding you feeling well - AND what a nice reminder of the 12 Days of Christmas from your commenter.

Maggie @ Maggie's Notebook