Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Chuck Colson once again offers some keen insight on the plight of this nation.

Beijing and Health Care

November 17, 2009

The biggest single vote to be cast on health care reform is taking place right now. Not in the halls of Congress or in some smoke-filled back room. Not in the Oval Office. Not in the media.

No, the single most important vote on health care is being cast in, of all places, Beijing.

As the New York Times reported Sunday, Chinese officials are questioning American officials about health care reform in the U.S. As the Times wrote, “The Chinese were not particularly interested in the public option or universal health care....They wanted to know, in painstaking detail, how the health care plan would affect the [U.S.] deficit.”

Why would the Chinese be so interested in our deficit? Well, for all intents and purposes, China is the official banker of the United States government. China is the number one foreign holder of U.S. Treasury securities.

And, as the Times reports, “like any banker, they wanted evidence that the United States had a plan to pay them back.”

Somehow, I doubt the President had any such evidence to give them in Beijing this week.

The Chinese are nothing if not clever. One investment banker told me that they had converted all of their debt from 30-year maturity to one year. The hard questions they are asking right now are about how much the health care bill will raise the deficit. And make no mistake, if the Chinese decide not to continue financing our debt, the dollar could drop through the floor. America could have a huge financial crisis.

Isn’t it ironic that the communist Chinese are more concerned about the cost of socialized medicine than the President and the Congress? That the Chinese communists are more concerned about the U.S. government printing money like it’s going out of style than we are?

If that isn’t a wake-up call to the politicians, the media, and to the American public, I don’t know what it’s going to take.

Look at your own personal spending over the past year. Have you cut back on expenditures because of the recession? Have you put off purchases—even ones that a year ago you might have thought to be essential? I know I have.

Sadly, the government doesn’t think that way. The politicians want their pet projects—health care reform or earmarks—and they want them now. No matter that the U.S. budget deficit is at an all-time high. If you or I behaved this way with our personal finances, we’d be broke.

Well, the Chinese are having none of it. And what they are proving is that you don’t need huge armies or navies to conquer America. All you need to do is loan the U.S. government all the money it wants for social reengineering, and then call in the debt.

It’s time we all asked the government to be responsible with our money. Deferred gratification and prudence are virtues worthy of Christian individuals and of governments as well.

I and other Christians have voiced numerous concerns over the health care reform bill being debated on Capitol Hill—freedom of conscience, the government being involved in end-of life decisions, publicly funded abortion to name a few.

But in the end, it may be that the health care bill being debated on Capitol Hill will turn out to be just too expensive. We cannot afford it.

Just ask the Chinese.


Anonymous said...

Ah. What tangled webs we weave. The good news is that we are in no danger of the Chinese trying to take over America. They aren't THAT stupid.

Semper Fi


Ticker said...

I agree Mustang. Also telling Obungler that the NOCARE will ruin the economy is exactly what the George Soros sock puppet wants to hear. That was the plan from day one.

Brendabowers said...

The Chinese are unfortunately unable to do a whole lot with the US except keep buying more and more of us. And will probably own us wether they want to or not. They have to keep the United States going in order to keep their own economy going since we are the largest importers of their goods. No other people in the world buy the massive amount of pure junk as we Americans.

Have you gone shopping and checked the labels lately? Made in China is seen on absolutely everything. Now at some point their own people will begin to spend enough of their earnings to keep their economy in motion but until that day china needs the US. This is the first generation of Chinese who can be considered to have a foot out of bleak poverty and they are savers as a result (something like our the Great Depression generation). The next generation will be better spenders and the next after that will be profligate.

Dear Lord but the beat does go on doesn't it? Perhaps we will be the ones to be keeping that "spending China" alive as we begin to pull out of the collapse of our economy that we are now headed for. lol

Did you see the Glenn Beck program Tuesday? I have it on my site or of course you can see it on FOXNEWS videos from November 17th. It really is pretty grim, but nothing many of us haven't been saying for some time. BB

Ticker said...

BB, with the rapid development of the Chinese infrastructure that day of which you speak is not as far away as one would believe.
China, unlike the US, is developing nuclear power for energy which is cheap to produce and will fire their manufacturing plants much more efficient than their old coal fired plants. This makes their capacity to produce more valuable commodities for export even great and they will cut their dependence on the US market in this manner.
Look for a great surge in the Chinese economy within the next 3 years.

Inspector Clouseau said...

The exercise of discipline and restraint with respect to our profligate spending should not be limited to health care. We actually can not afford to spend on ANYTHING right now.

One approach would be to develop a list of "essential services" with which we as a civilized society can not do without, and stop on anything else.

We forget that taxes essentially derive from income and sales, and that the inventive side of our society (which results in production and industry) has essentially become dormant.

To those who say that we can not afford the healthcare reforms, I say that we can not afford to pay for lots of other programs and initiatives either. They all arguably should be discontinued, shouldn't they?

Always On Watch said...

That the Chinese communists are more concerned about the U.S. government printing money like it’s going out of style than we are?

If that isn’t a wake-up call to the politicians, the media, and to the American public, I don’t know what it’s going to take.

Perhaps violence in the streets? I'm sorry to be making that statement.

Ticker said...

Inspector. I agree that we can not afford to spend. I also believe that if it is the wasteful spending that entitlement programs carry with them then it is unconstitutional and should be stopped .
I include SS in this since it too is unconstitutional and marks another good reason why it should be privatized.
Health care is not about health care, it is about CONTROL and the cost, not including monetary cost is too high. Even the Chinese understand this. Why then are so many of those in the Congress so stupid that they can't see the results. The answer is simple, they thrive on CONTROL.

Ticker said...

AOW, if nothing changes in 2010 I am afraid that your words will ring true. The American people are not going to just lay down and take a beating from the pols anymore. They are finally waking up. Hopefully enough will be awake in 2010 to stem the tide of destruction that is quickly rising.

Ticker said...
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