Friday, October 22, 2010

More of the Lefts Dirty Tricks. Are You Surprised?

Once again Military vote suppression has come to a head. Given the fact that Obama has total disdain and contempt for the military is anyone surprised at this. The Left will do what ever it takes to maintain control all according to Saul Alinsky's playbook.  Illinois is not the only state where this is occuring. Most of the places are where close races and fear of losing long term Leftist seats are at stake. 
If you can't earn it, steal it appears to be the continuing motto of the Left.

The Obama Justice Department has become embroiled in more voting shenanigans, this time in the president's home state of Illinois. The Illinois State Board of Elections has been lying about the level of county compliance with mailing military election ballots. Executive Director Dan White claims 10 counties didn't meet the mailing deadline, but in reality 35 of the state's 110 voting districts failed to comply, effectively stripping untold military service personnel of their right to vote. One election official, Robert Delaney, held up sending 1,300 military absentee ballots for 14 days. But while Patriots who have vowed to fight and die for our country can't be guaranteed the right to vote, 2,600 inmates in Chicago's Cook County Jail received hand-delivered applications and ballots -- at the same time.
Fifteen other states have also failed to comply with the mailing deadline for military ballots, and the Obama Justice Department is looking the other way as it did with the New Black Panther Party case. Apparently, if you're white, or if you serve in the U.S. military (which tends to vote Republican), you're just not a priority to this White House.

Thanks to the Patriot Post for the above.


Mustang said...

No, I'm not surprised.

I'm not surprised that we haven't heard a peep out of the 50 or more ACORN organizations, either ... but I don't think for a New York minute that our problem with them is gone. This "early voting" thing simply gives dead people more time to find their way to the polls. And our military? They only guarantee our freedom ... why should communists care about them?


Anonymous said...

Neither am I . They will try any underhanded illegal method to steal an election.

The alternative:

"Our nation was founded on violence," Stephen Broden, a pastor who is seeking to unseat Democratic Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson in Texas's 30th District, told an interviewer on WFAA-TV in Dallas. "The option is on the table. I don't think that we should ever remove anything from the table as it relates to our liberties and our freedoms." He clarified that armed revolution is "not the first option."

Fred G.

Chuck said...

We need a lawsuit prohibiting any district from counting votes until they have complied with the law and are counting military ballots. If they do not get to sit their Congressmen, Senators, Governors, dog catchers, etc on time then tough.

Ticker said...

Mustang, you are correct, the commies don't give a rats butt.

Fred as Jefferson said, sometimes it is necessary to have some blood shed to refresh the tree of freedom. That
's a loose quote but I think you get the drift. It's basically what Broden is saying.

Chuck I agree totally. The dang felons locked behind bars will vote first and be counted but the military will get the shaft. Freeze all the ballots in the counties that have failed to deliver ballots to our military. Then fly the ballots to each base where they need to go and return them ASAP and insure they are counted. After all if they can fly Obummers dog around the country in a separate jet and his "horseface"wife and friends to Spain etc then they damn well can fly ballots to our troops.