Friday, November 4, 2011

House Creates Job's Bills --But Obama Can't Wait

Over and over  for months on end we have heard Obama's new Election campaign slogan of We Can't Wait. Of course it was suppose to pertain to his so called Jobs Bill, which actually didn't exist for weeks after he announced such and then it languished on Harry (Dead on Arrival) Reid's desk because of the lack of votes to pass the NOJobs Bill in the Senate. Naturally Harry immediately blamed the Republicans for not allowing it to pass. Now it has become Obama's NONSTOP Campaign Slogan because he knows that the NOJobs Bill was a failure from day one but it sure plays well to the uninformed, ignorant voters who make up Obama's base.

Harry pulled the "nuclear" in order to stop any motions on the Bill or it's attachments, of which there were many, in order to stop and up or down vote on any or all of the attachments. It cut all discussion and all calls for votes but that was OK with Harry. He chose to stop the embarrassment for the Democrats caused by such votes and once again attempted to rammed through another piece of legislation that could not stand up to scrutiny. 

The broken and battered pieces, chosen very carefully by Obama, knowing they have no chance to pass, are now being presented in the Senate and used as his talking points on the campaign trail. Seems these are faring as well as the whole bill , in other words , going no where and again the Republicans, who are in the minority. take the blame. No mention of the Democrats who won't touch that piece of rotten legislation with a ten foot pole however by the LSM.

Over in the House it seems that the NO Jobs Bill has languished for weeks with only one sponsor ( John Larson D-CT).  Of course the Bill calls for tax hikes and promises to public unions but does nothing to create jobs and continues to add to the deficit.  It appears to be a repeat of Obama's other failed jobs stumbulus. If $862 billion couldn't reduce unemployment as promised then how can $447 billion be expected to do any better.  With the ninety new sponsors it would appear that it is nothing more than a pre-election payoff for Obama's base of public unions. 

Meanwhile the Republicans in the House are being criticized for not passing his NOJobs Bill by Obama, even at the G-20 Summit meeting in France to discuss the European Unions financial debacle. He needs to stay at home, stop campaigning and work on the DEBT and JOBS problem here rather than handing it off to Reid and Pelosi, union thugistas, OWS morons and the like.

Of course no one ever hears of the bills being presented and PASSED in the House in a BIPARTISIAN manner. While the Democrats in the Senate failed again this week on two separate votes to pass anything related to Obama's NOJobs Bill the Republican's and a handful of Democrats were hard at work in the House.
The Republican House has passed some 17 bills related to job creation.

Here are some of them: March 31 they passed H.R. 872, The Reducing Regulatory Burdens Act, joined by 57 Democrats; May 5 they passed H.R. 1230, the Restating American Offshore Leasing Now Act, with 33 Democrats; May 11 they passed H.R. 1229, the Putting the Gulf of Mexico Back to Work Act, supported by 28 Democrats; May 12 they passed H.R. 1231, the Reversing President Obama's Offshore Moratorium Act, along with 21 Democrats; June 22 they passed H.R. 2021, The Jobs and Energy Permitting Act, and 23 Democrats voted for it; July 26 they passed H.R. 1938, The North American Made Energy Security Act, with 47 Democrat votes; October 6 they passed H.R. 2681, The Cement Sector Regulatory Relief Act, joined by 25 Democrats; October 13 they passed H.R. 2250, The EPA Regulatory Relief Act, H.R. 2250, with 41 Democrats; and finally, October 14 they passed H.R. 2273, The Coal Residuals Reuse and Management Act, H.R. 2273, along with 37 Democrats.

In other words, Senate Lead- Prevaricator Harry Reid (D-NV) is lying, and so is Obama when they blame Republicans. But then, what's new about that. 

Thanks goes to the Patriot Post for the list of Bills submitted by the Republican House .


Chuck said...

I think there is a simple reality at work here, the Dem members of the House are scared.

2010 is fresh in their minds and the ones that are still in Congress aren't going to stick their heads in the noose for Obama

Z said...

"stumbulus"..I love that..

Ya, and Obama's out there saying we can't do ANYTHING RIGHT, REPUBLICANS DON"T WANT MORE JOBS....and Americans are stupid enough to believe him.


Z said...

Chuck, not only that, I believe the Dems are afraid to let the Republicans lead on this because God forbid Americans learn the truth that Republicans had the effective ideas and decide to vote Republican for the presidency...let alone knocking out the Dems as you so wisely say.
Why do Americans THINK Reid won't vote on some of the bills!? :-)

Ticker said...

Z you are exactly right as to why Reid will not allow any of the GOP bills see the light of day in the Senate. With the passage of just one or two it would show the American people the truth about Reid and the Dems. Obama would be shown for what he is, a ZERO with only one thing in mind when it comes to jobs and that is his own.
Many Senate Dems would vote for the House Job's bills and Reid knows it so does Obama. In the meantime they play their Bad Guy, good guy game . It's good for campaign sound bites for the uninformed and ignorant Obama, Dem base.

Ticker said...

Chuck what I said to Z. Yes the Dems are scared that one of the GOP bills must might get passed if it hit the Senate for a vote and there would go the Campaign sound bites down the toilet.

Always On Watch said...

It seems to me that Obama is determined to rule by fiat.