Friday, July 20, 2012


I ran across this quote today and thought,  how true.  At the same time I thought how sad.

"In the New Testament church it says they were all amazed - And
now in our churches everybody wants to be amused."
-Leonard Ravenhill

Your thoughts and comments are welcome.  


Faultline USA said...

I agree that they want to be amused and some want to be justified not by faith, but by the world. I do understand that the modern Evangelical church sees its primary role as reaching the un-churched for Christ. What often goes along with this is a pandering to the lowest common denominator: sloppy and often immodest dress, hard Christian rock (sometimes even heathen rock), and a loss of Christian tradition. It’s not enough to bring in new baby Christians. New Christians have to become conversant with the Word and old Christians need to be nurtured.

Yesterday we were visiting in the nursing home. A beautiful young Latino woman was playing familiar old hymns on her violin. We sat to listen for a long time. I started to tear up when I thought about how much beautiful tradition and theology in those hymns are all but lost to a new generation of hard Christian rockers.

Ticker said...

You are so correct. I am sick of going to churches that have no substance or less substance than a country club. Now that speaks poorly of country clubs but even more so of churches. Too many are no more than social gatherings.

Faultline USA said...

The church we belong to is conservative, Biblically based, and upholds traditional Christian values. It’s a very friendly large church. It does, however, push the envelope of good taste in some music, and in other events designed to pull in the un-churched, like the motorcycle truck jump in the church parking lot. I know there’s a demographic they are shooting for, young families, and they are trying to appeal to those needs, but it saddens me that there is less food, beyond the excellent Sunday sermons, to nurture the mature Christians. Oh there are the Life Groups that meet in member’s homes and that is good. Occasionally they have an updated version of a treasured old hymn but that’s very occasionally. The music program really is excellent if you prefer loud guitars and drums etc. The singers have excellent voices and all is choreographed to perfection. The Sunday productions are first rate. It is very entertaining and we do come away with a strong Christian message. Yes there’s a lot I’d do to bring the church up to my tastes, but that’s not why I’m there. I really do feel like God blessed us to find this church and I realize it’s not all about me or my fading generation. Still I do miss the old hymns . . .

GM Roper said...

My late grandfather and I were walking down Canal Street in New Orleans where he was pastor of the First Methodist Church (this was 1957 or 58.) We saw a Mr. "jones" and Daddy Bah (our nick name for him) said "Brother Jones, we haven't seen you in church in some time." "Brother Melbert," said Mr. Jones, "I just can't, the church is full of sinners and hypocrites." "Well," said Daddy Bah, "come on anyway, you'll fit right in."

I remember that as well as yesterday and it always struck me as so very true. The saved should go to church, but the sinners NEED to go and what ever brings them to hear the word of God is fine with me.

sue hanes said...

Ticker - How true.

It's good to hear from you again.

I was at a church service this morning where that was not true.
the College Park Baptist Church - in Indianapolis - is so amazing - getting right to the Heart of what it is all about.

The pastor preached on Psalm 89 - and how we are in the danger of wanting to have the good things from God and pull back from Him when the dark side appears.

It fit perfectly with the events of last Thursday night.

A wonderful church service.

Ticker said...

Sue the 89th is indeed a great Psalm. There are many lessons to be taken from that passage. Glad you enjoyed the message and the service this am.

Roper I agree on you thoughts for the most part. Unfortunately SOME have gone overboard in an attempt to "bring sinners to the Lord" and in doing so have done nothing but "entertain" them.
The church is to bring sinners to repeatence, a turning away from their sin , a change. Unfortunately when they only entertain(amused) and fail to inform to being change they have failed. Thus the point of the quote and this blog.

Z said...

Hi, Ticker, excellent quote..very true.
I hear that many are starting to go to more solid churches, churches which teach about Satan and about the Old Testament, which I think is a HUGE step in the right direction.

As you know, I left a very strong denominational church for a non-denominational church; at the non denominational church, I'm finding so much more love there in the message and daily lessons which are not afraid to talk about Satan even as they give the GOod News, that it's very uplifting.

Roper, what a great story about your grandfather!>>wise man! As if ALL Christians are perfect? !! FAR FROM IT!

Sue, glad you've found a church you like!