Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The New American; Fact or Imagination Part 2

The New American would replace "barbarism" of unrestricted  individual freedom and enterprise with the "sophistication" of state collectivism. Social planners would mold society according to their will and not the will of the people.

Equality is his operational principle, his mantra, if you will. With religious fervor, he pursures economic and social uniformity.  He is determined to make the unequal equal even if that necessitates individual surrender and subordination to the state, resulting in a kinder, gentler form of tyranny.

But tyranny only tells part of the story as new Americans now live in a radically new America.  The great America, Christian experiment in freedom and liberty for all has silently become and oppressive socialist regime of repressive rules, regulations and burdensome taxation without suitable representation. America is on the verge of a complete socialist takeover. Capitalism, the economic engine of America's past prosperity is wounded and destined to die. Corporations and banks are being nationalized, life savings and retirement accounts wiped out. This is not with out design, for humanist strategist and their liberal allies in government seem determined to destroy not only capitalism but every form and fabric of the old America.  Freedom itself is under attack . Property rights and gun ownership are in their sights,for reason.

Liberals would have all of us unarmed and unable to take up arms to resit a tyrannical government--theirs---when all the pieces are in place and they demand full compliance from the populace.

An extension of this concept of personal disarmament, liberals would have the new America itself militarily compromised if not downright defenseless.

The new America is bankrupt and on the verge of collapse, trillions in debt and more on the way[ if Obama gets his way and raises the debt ceiling, which he intends to do with or without Congress according to Chuck Schumer , liberal Congressman  of NY. ] Brackets are this writers additional wording. 
Liberals hasten the downward spiral with their massive welfare handouts, national and international giveaway programs, deficit spending, borrowing and printing until the presses melt.

The above is factual, not imagined. Just look at what has occurred within the past weeks with the so called fiscal cliff.  Open any paper, listen to any news broadcast and all one hears is the liberals calling for total gun control.  People are losing their retirement funds at a rate not seen since the Depression of the 30's. Taxation is increasing and all without representation via Obama Care. The debt ceiling will be raised and the Treasury will be forced to print more useless , devalued money and borrow more money from China.  Folks what Thomas Reed wrote a number of years ago is coming to pass.  

 Allow me to close with this quote from The End of Old America .

"Because of our sin, God has allowed His  unseen wall of protection around America to be torn down brick by brick by anti-American liberals.  America's sovereignty has been sacrificed for "global" citizenship. Her interest subsumed to the global regulatory architecture. Time after time they enact laws and rulings that are detrimental to America's health As if America is an eternal entity, no matter what, they willingly expose her to her enemies through unilateral disarmament, cuts in defense spending, weakening the CIA, allowing her enemies to own an unhealthy portion of our debt , our businesses, our properties and on an on."

"All rights reserved.  These passages are protected under the copyright laws of the United States of America. They may not be copied or printed for commercial gain or profit. The use of short quotations or occasional page copying for personal or group study is permitted and encouraged. Permission will be granted upon request." 

Permission for  use of the above was granted by the author of THE END OF OLD AMERICA-- Thomas G. Reed.  

 You may purchase this book in its entirety by right clicking the link below:

The End of Old America

The End of Old America is a discussion about the loss of a way of life in the America we grew up in. In many ways, it's a sad story because, for the most part, gone are the traditions of our Founding Fathers, the old ways of honor, duty, and love for others.


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