Monday, October 21, 2013


On Monday of this week I presented part I on this subject and stated but one reason for term limits beginning in Congress.   

 Currently we have an elite class of individuals who hold themselves above the electorate seemingly wiser than those who have elected them and basically saying to the citizens of this country, “We know what is best for you” so just leave us alone and continue to re-elect us and all things will work out in the end.  

Well, it ain’t so as we have discovered and if you haven’t discovered it you are evidently infected by the epidemic which is sweeping the country called STUPIDITY!   If you don’t like being called stupid, then stop acting stupid and re-electing the same old same old elites who have proven them selves unworthy to lead this country or anything else in my opinion. 
We have watched for the last several decades, our so-called elected leaders continuing to kick the can of irresponsible spending and building of debt and deficit to an unsustainable level. 

 We have done nothing about it and in fact have encouraged them by allowing them to stay in office, many for more than two decades and some for over three decades. 
They are entrenched and are looking out for only themselves while proving the voter to be totally stupid!    

 By using Article V of the US Constitution to call a Constitutional Convention it will be fought tooth and nail by the under informed, the uninformed, those in power and the stupid who believe that no change can ever be to the Original since it would be a sacrilege.  Yet the Constitution has been changed over time via amendments, judicial fiat and most recently by executive order.  

 Congressional term limits are an absolute necessity and without them any other changes to the Constitution would be for naught. With Congressional Term limits the influence peddling would be minimized and brought at least into the open.  I contend that with term limits it would no longer be profitable for lobbyist to even exist in their current form if at all.  The profit motive would be denied to both the lobbyist and those in power under the influence of the money brokers.  

I contend that the next in line for Term limit change would be the Office of  the President. 
Yes, it was done once upon a time, limiting the holder of that office to two terms but as we have seen this has not worked as well as it was intended because stupid people still vote for the one offering the most “goodies”.   

 I contend that a term of SIX years is enough for any person holding that office to work their agenda.  A one term presidential appointment will spare the Country and the world the sorry spectacle of a president, paid to govern, taking months (now years) to peddle his own wares at taxpayer expense in order to be reelected.  A six-year term is sufficient to carry through an agenda.  If a program is truly worthwhile, and in the people’s interest, it will be taken up by the next president or dropped if it is not.
The one and only allegiance will be to the folks who elected him or her, not to a party, lobbies, friends, family or business interest.

There are other items under the office of president, which should be reconsidered at the same time as the term limits for the office are taken up as well.   I will offer a few of these in the next posting.  Feel free to make your own suggestions as well.

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