Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Dog and Pony Show

If anyone watched the DNC fiasco last night they now understand what a dog and pony show is all about. Those who spoke said nothing that most folks didn’t already know. There were no new revelations coming from any of the warm up speakers, just more like the new entry pups at the local canine show, all they did was walk or in this case talk in circles. The BIG SHOW was suppose to be Michelle Obama but that one flopped worse than the prize poodle stopping and peeing in the middle of the walk. According to all the hoopla this was suppose to be a reinventing of Michelle and an introduction to the “real” Barack Hussein Obama…it flopped. We saw nothing new from Michelle except perhaps that she has learned to stick to the teleprompter like her husband rather than speaking off the cuff and allowing her real feelings to come out. Last nights “love fest” was just that, sticky , slurpy and sweet but with no nourishment. There was no substance an certainly nothing new or revealing about Michelle or Barack. BO still couldn’t get it right without the aid of a teleprompter and flubbed his location which was kind of like flubbing how many states there are. Michelle does better with a teleprompter and they had better keep leashed to one through out the rest of the campaign or we will hear more of how she is finally proud of this country after all these years. BO will have to stick with one as well even to know where he is. That’s about all we found out during what was suppose to be the “pick of the litter” part of the dog and pony show.

Ted Kennedy, regardless of what one thinks of his politics, stole the entire show. Last night was suppose to be the passing of the torch and on Kennedy’s behalf, he did his part. The only thing missing was someone to whom to pass the torch. We have seen this week that Obama is not ready to carry the torch by his pick of Joe Biden as VP. Obama got it right when he stated that Biden was ready to take command. Maybe and maybe not but we sure know that Obama is not. I felt a bit sorry for Ted Kennedy last night because in his own mind he knows that the torch failed to get passed to one who can run the course and finish the race. I wonder what John would have thought? Time passes on and a dynasty is coming to an end and we saw the curtain begin to fall on the Kennedy dynasty last night.

When Ted finished his speech last night , the DNC might as well have wrapped up and turned out the lights on the convention floor. The party was over, the big dog had barked or as the media put it , the lion had roared, and the rest of the pups needed to just stay in their cages.

The real excitement will be on roll call night when Hillary’s supporters get vocal. Don’t think they won’t. The DNC is no where near as organized or as tough as it was in the old days and many of us remember the 1968 convention when another anti-war nominee by the name of Eugene McCarthy lost the nomination and McGovern, who felt that he was the real choice lost. Then came the 1972 convention in Miami when McGovern was the sure thing for the Democrats going into the convention . McGovern never really took off even after the convention and the Democrats went down to the worst defeat in history. Another likeness to these conventions of the past would be the keynote speakers. In 68, Sen. Dan Inouye (D-HI) gave the keynote address, but it was decidedly downbeat, with 10 of 13 pages devoted to what's wrong with the country. (Keynote speeches are usually upbeat affirmations of the party.) The Democrats are already nervous about young Mark Warner’s speech on bipartisanship and wanted more of an attack speech. On roll call night, When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder in the Mile High City, expect some real shouting and maybe even some speaking in tongues but I doubt that they will be need for interpretation.

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