Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Unveiling of the Temple

The far left has built it’s temple for it’s ‘messiah’ in Denver, the one who has come down to shower favor on the deserving. He has pronounced that his arrival has already brought forth the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal …" The man and the moment have met. Tonight he will attempt to conduct a healing service for the halt, the blinded and raise the dead among the party where so little life has been shown this week.

Only a few rumblings of life even appeared this week at this grand show of ‘unity’ beset by lukewarm blessings from Hillary. Bill Clinton was suppose to really raise the dead and heal the party but seemed to talk more about ‘how it was in his administration’ than what we can expect from Obama, the ‘savior of the nation’. As soon as Bill finished speaking the audience once again died and lost what life that had been infused into it during the previous nearly 40 minutes of re-runs and telling how it needs to be again.

John Kerry gave his warmed over speech from 2004, about the wrong war at the wrong time and the wrong place and tried his best to tie it to McCain who by now the entire world knows did not agree with the way the war was handled by Bush from the get go. Never the less Kerry gave it a shot again and it went over about like it did in 2004, Kaflop. His speech was another I was for it before I was against it in that he liked McCain before he didn’t like him. In other words they could have left Kerry off the menu because he did nothing to spice up stew. The remainder of the speakers sounded like paid political announcements given by poorly paid performers who had no real zeal for what they were presenting. Of course Beau Biden gave more of what sounded like, look what you missed by not nominating my Dad that anything else and Joe just rambled on as usual when his turn came to evoke life into the zombies.

Another dead night ended with the ‘messiah’ entering the room and attempting to bring it to life. Bill Clinton got more applause than Obama, ‘the anointed’ and for a coronation that was not a good sign that things are going well for the Democrats.

Oh but tonight is to be different. The far lefts god will appear and attempt to evoke visions of manna from heaven floating down on the deserving and fountains of leftist koolaide springing forth from the rock to quench the thirst of those who just can’t get enough. One has to wonder if there will be angel wing feathers or gold dust falling from the sky as the ‘anointed one’ makes his appearance. The ‘messiah’ will try to pull off the vision of Moses and Elijah standing beside him and hope that the worshipers will see the images of Martin Luther King and John F. Kennedy and will immediately, like the disciples in the New Testament, want to build alters to the three, with of course their messiah’s alter being the tallest and the one in the center because after all the “oceans began to slow and the planet began to heal” upon his arrival. The heavenly anthems played by Bon Jovi will fill the temple and send shivers up and down folks spines and of course the legs of some in the media, before the messiah speaks and causes the worshipers to swoon in the ‘spirit’ and fall out in rapturous glory. Not to worry there will be no anointing with oil since the messiah has stated no more drilling. Perhaps he can just ‘blow ‘ a bit of life into them.

Expect a lot of “just words” but little content as the river will flow a mile wide and an inch deep in the “Mile High City” which of course will not allow for total immersion of the throngs. When the last shout is heard from the temple, the unbelievers will be just as unbelieving and the dead will not resurrect (except in Chiago) to vote for the anointed one as the Democrats had hoped.


Faultline USA said...

You described it perfectly!!!

Anonymous said...

There was a rumor that he would leave the stadium in a mock Air Force ! But, darn, it turned out to be just that a rumor.( Although after the Obama Presidential Seal episode I wouldn't count out his hubris for a stunt like that . Afterall he leads im European polls by 95 points).

Cheers from NC

Fred Gregory

Ticker said...

Fred, there will be a mock up of Air Force one to bring him into the stadium instead of his descending from a cloud. I guess they couldn't rig that one up in time.