Thursday, September 4, 2008


After last night the leftist are enraged. I mean how dare someone question the positions and ideas of their Messiah, especially a woman who dares leave a downs syndrome child in care of her husband and who has a 17 year old pregnant daughter who she dares to bring to the convention with her. Oh but it was just fine for Almightybama and Joe,” loose tongue” Biden , to bring their families with them. You see they are enraged because last night the people of the USA got to see a “real” American family, not some Hollyweird cast type family whose warts and blemishes have been professionally made over by the media makeup crowd and the celeb’s make-up folks. How dare someone show a real down to earth family that Joe and Janie America can relate to, the same kind of family that lives next door, not the one living in some fancy house in a huge metropolitan city in a million dollar house bought through a crook who should be in jail instead of funneling money to an empty suit.

How dare they show a family who has always been proud of their country and not just now discovering that they are proud because the spouse was nominated for leadership of this country. How dare they show someone who has actually worked their way up without the benefit of affirmative action, elite private schools and help from terrorist and gangsters. How dare they show someone who understands what it takes to actually govern and actually has experience in doing so and hasn’t written a book telling all what a wonderful godsend they are and that all should bow down and worship because they have audacity of something they call hope.

The LSM and the leftist dirt diggers are already trying to paint Sarah Palin’s pastor’s as hate mongers and kooks but so far they have not found any of them who have blamed the government for all their problems or infecting a group of people with AIDS and screams Godd--n America from their pulpit while preaching hatred and contempt for anyone who disagrees. But oh, it was fine that their empty suited idol sat in a congregation for over 20 years and listened to such ranting and refused to condemn such until it became politically expedient to do so and then it was under the bus, preacher. The same thing occurs with his other friends, the terrorist, William Ayers and the gangster, Tony Renzko. Oh how the LSM and the lefties would love to find someone other than Joe and Janie next door types in Gov. Palin’s group of friends. It ain’t gonna happen and they are furious.

How dare Sarah Palin become the new superstar in the political arena and leave their messiah searching for a way to climb back to the top. Well, they think they have found a way to take some of the wind out of the GOP’s sail with their Messiah appearing on Bill O’Reilly. My question is , which O’Reilly will show up to question the Obamarama star. I don’t look for tough questions and hardballs to be thrown by Bill tonight. It seems he has lost a bit of his zeal in favor of ratings of late. Meanwhile the leftist are enraged and will be enraged regardless of what comes from the O’Reilly appearance for their idol has had to stoop to appearing on the most right slanted news channel on the air today.

Meanwhile look for the media to continue their attacks and attempts to degrade Gov. Palin. According to the polls , 51% of the American people already believe that the LSM is biased and is attempting to do so and I look for those numbers to grow as people awake from their slumber and begin to pay attention.

Last night Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska and VP candidate shook up and awakened the slumbering giant of American voters who are looking for real change and not just talk of change. She also gave the LSM and the leftist fair warning as to her stand with them. In a short word, she doesn’t give a rat’s what they think of her.

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