Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Well, the Democrats were hoping for a great big disastrous hurricane in Gustav in order to try to blame the GOP for all the damage. Fatboy Michael Moore from moveon.idiots claimed it showed that G-d was on their side. Now I ain’t so sure what god or whose god in need of Jenny Craing,Moore was talking about especially since Moore claims there is no God but he said it just the same. A top Democrat made other very off the wall comment on the situation and then tried to blame the fact that he had overloaded his mouth from his rear end on what he called some nutty rightwing zelout( :His actual quote was this: “One doesn’t anticipate that one’s private conversation will be surreptitiously recorded by some right-wing nutcase.” but then that is typical of the leftwing who always want to blame someone else when they get caught with their jaws flapping when they should have been doing something worth while. But then that is another oxymoron to say a Democrat is doing something worth while. The leftist only do anything worth while if and only if it suits their agenda. Claiming to be more compassionate than the Republicans when it comes to the folks in NO is simply put more barnyard bovine excrement. The leftist have been screaming this since Katrina but research says it ain’t so. Of course folks didn’t read this in the US Lame Stream Media but our friends from “downunder’ in Australia reported it loud and clear.

Shanto Iyengar, a professor of communications at Stanford University, completed some experiments in partnership with The Washington Post on the attitudes of people to giving aid to victims of Hurricane Katrina.

The ABC here and its handmaiden lefties in the US have never let us forget that the evil George W. Bush did nothing to help in New Orleans and deliberately so because the victims were mostly black or Hispanic. But what does the research actually show?

Democratic voters, of course, voted to give more money to hurricane victims and for a longer period. Hardly surprising, that: Democrats, like Labor voters here, are keen on giving away other people's money and, for them, a natural disaster is as good an opportunity for doing so as anything else.

But wait, what's this? The research shows Democrats were prepared to give $1500 more to victims if they were white than if they were black. What, give less money to innocent victims just because they were black? I'm afraid so. Moreover, Democrats would give more money to whites than to other minorities such as Asians and Hispanics.

So it was left-wingers who used race as the big test.

Republicans, on the other hand, were not influenced by race at all. The Republicans' view, as Iyengar put it, was more principled, as they supported individualism instead of handouts: "Independents and Democrats, on the other hand, are more likely to be affected by racial cues." Even The Washington Post, on June 23, had to concede that this evident bias was disturbing.

Now I am sure that these facts will not go over well with the leftist who might read this but who actually lack the courage to even comment when faced with facts.

Oh they can sure blast away at Governor Sarah Palin’s 17 year old daughter who is pregnant and not married and come up with comments that even grocery store check out lane tabloids would not print But then again that is the typical compassionate liberal leftist Democrat for you. They have so little to spew against Sen. McCain’s pick that they have to attack her family. Of course they also attacked her for daring to even carry a Down’s Syndrome baby to term and then abandoned it to run for VP. You would think that there wonderful warm compassionate, liberal, leftist, progressive Democrats would be singing the praise a woman who could overcome such and still run for office. You would think that this same crowd would be praising her husband for not fearing accusations of gender role swapping that the leftist would certainly like to say the uneducated, backwoods, God fearing, bible toting , gun clinging Republican voters would be more apt to do. Looks like the leftist got skunked again and as we use to say in the mountains, they thunk wrong… again, or should that be as usual.

The same crowd is going to try to make hay out of what they hope turns into Troopergate but they don’t realize that the bunked up charges were brought by Gov. Palin’s former opponent for office. The one she beat like a drum and is still sore that not only did a Republican do this to him but a woman, for crying out loud, that he will do and try anything to reek revenge but that won’t fly with folks who can actually read and know barnyard bovine excrement when they smell it.

I am waiting for PETA, the Vegan’s and the anti-gun nuts to make their run at Gov. Palin and show what a bunch of losers they are once again. I mean how dare she shoot moose, bears much less with a gun and then have the audacity to eat them when she could have had a “healthy , tasty, soy burger”. Oh the hue and cry we have to listen to from the loony left when they have nothing else to attack with.

It’s going to get real interesting after Governor Palin’s speech tonight. Expect the leftist to be ranting and raving. I am sure that what MSNBC’s Chris Matthews will feel up and down his leg tonight will not be what he claimed to have felt when Obama spoke. Instead what Matthews feels or perhaps smells will probably be more akin to the bovine excrement usually found in barnyards.

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Maggie M. Thornton said...

More good research, Ticker. That Fowler apology was really only a sneer.