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I wrote this article back before the 06 elections. I feel that it bears a repeat with some minor adjustments here and there to bring it up to date. In fact what I am proposing is something that I have been proposing for a number of years. In the past I used newspaper blogs and letters to the editor to get this message out. It was ignored or paid very little attention until 06 when I began to receive inquiries about this subject from people located in eleven different states. I feel it is even more important today ,given the results of the recent elections, than at any other time in our history.

When I originally wrote on this subject I called it REVOLUTION. Today I call it CHANGE WE NEED but I have not changed the meaning of the message. I ask that you read and take time to think about what is written and if you feel so inclined leave your comments.

There is more than one way to have a revolution, an uprising against the government. One that includes violence as the manner in which to overthrow would certainly be put down in a heartbeat if not before it started.

The best manner in which to form an uprising against the government is through the ballot box. Unfortunately too many can only manage to pull the lever marked R or D depending on how uniformed they are . Others are so lazy they can only talk about the government but are too lazy to get off the couch and go to the polls and vote. Ah, but that still does not solve the problem. To insure success of such an uprising the individuals going to the polls must be educated and aware of the issues needing changed and unfortunately the majority in this country are neither aware nor educated enough to even recognize the issue. We certainly saw this in this election and have the proof standing in the form of an empty suit, unqualified and unfit ready to be sworn into office in January.

I have stated often that one way of changing or overthrowing, if you wish to use such a term, the government was through term limits for Congress. By limiting the time elected officials can spend in government we also limit their power. We limit the ability those who seek to control the elected by limiting the time these manipulators have to bring enough pressure or money to bear in order to control the elected. When We The People control the elected instead of the other way around as it has gotten to be then and only then can true change in government occur.

True uprising is "We The People" control the elected instead of the elected controlling us.

Now if you wish to be part of that uprising, I suggest you educate yourself not only on term limits but on the other issues at hand in this country and not the "so-called" issues that all the parties wish We The People to be focuses on. The elect wish to keep power and in order to do so they must invent "issues" such as gay marriage, stem cell research, abortion, capital punishment, Katrina failures, etc etc etc. When they get We The People" focused on those non- issues then they can continue to do their mischief totally unimpeded. Of course now they have the economy which they will certainly use and invent problems that are not the real problems so they can spend and waste on what they wish and call it for the good of the people and disguise it behind a non-issue. They can continue to ignore the fact that this country needs alternative energy as they have done for the past 40 plus years which will in turn create more jobs. They can continue to ignore the fact that SS is broken and needs fixing, same as they have done for the past 30 years. They can continue to ignore that this country is becoming more and more Balkanized by the day as they have done for the past 20 plus years. They can continue to ignore the fact that this country is slowly being de-sovereignized ( not sure this is a word but it sure fits) with every so called agreement and treaty made through the UN but then they have done this for the past 60 years.

When "We The People" stop being hypnotized by the “so called issues " which the politicians wish us to concentrate on and demand action on real issues then we will have true uprising.

I am and have been for some time a strong advocate of Term Limits, for both the Senate and the House. It is a travesty to allow those who do nothing to be re-elected over and over so they can continue to do nothing. The time has come to clean house in Washington, and if they will not pass a bill to begin Term Limits, then “We the People” can insure their limited terms at the ballot box until we can elect those who will do the will of the people.

I have been told that this is near impossible and given the make-up of the House and Senate it would be impossible but there appears to be a way of circumventing the Constitutional Amendment that would be needed to change the term limits, and that is for the States to place limits on how long they will allow their representatives to serve. If it can be applied to the Electoral College, it can be applied to the Congress.

It’s time for a change, I agree, but I contend that the change must begin with Congress. Term Limits would certainly play a major role in reducing the do-nothingness of the Congress we have now.

Obama said the during one of his TV moments in the campaign, that to change the country, we have to change Washington. It was a good sound bite but one of the few things he has said that makes sense. In order to change Washington we need to start with Congress. As long as the power-hungry, money-hungry, do-nothing career politicians are allowed to continue to sit on their back sides and continue their overpaid, under worked careers, Washington will never change.

The choice and opportunity for uprising has been right in our face for years now but we have gotten lazier, more complacent, and less educated on the issues and believed the drivel of "let us fix it for you". If you want a real uprising, read over and over again what has been presented and see if there is not a true formula for real uprising contained here. If you wish to sit back and go along with the flow then ignore this post.

ADDENDUM: BB had a great post which certainly points out another good reason for term limits. You can read about it here:

Congressmen Who Rule



Anonymous said...


I think term limits are worth trying but I also fear that a conservative GOP is consinged to the out party for decades or longer because of our broken immigation policies. Unless there is a miracle or a real revolution our soveringty is done for.

Fred Gregory

Anonymous said...

My blog today is on Congressmen who rule and goes along with yours very well as far as term limits are concerned. This is the one big reason term limits are needed. It is also the one big reason it will never happen. The real powers in Washington are Representatives in the House who are elected by a tiny segment of the population and stay and rule until some other Congressman takes them on. It is like a pack of wolves with one Alpha Male making all the rules and the others having to go along or be run out of the pack.

Very good article and it needed to be rerun. BB

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, term limits will never happen. It is simple. These buggers are happy in their cush jobs. They get more money, and do less than they would if they had a job, and getting them to approve term limits is like getting them to fire themselves, and we know that won't happen.

They can run on "I'll support term limits," but how many politicains do you know that aren't liars?

Old Rose

Ticker said...

Fred and Rose, No it won't happen as long as people have that attitude. The people can make it happen but the details of how that I laid out in the post have been basically ignored and put in the impossible pile. If people stop voting for the same crowd every election in other words stop pulling the D or R lever we the people could soon take control of this situation. The rest of the how too is explained.

EDGE said...

Term limits sounds good to me! At least we can start getting some fresh ideas in there...for a CHANGE!

Anonymous said...

I've scheduled a post for tomorrow, prompted by this excellent essay, that addresses term limits. I attempt to explain why it hasn't been successful in the past, and why it is not likely to be successful in the future. Naturally, I welcome your points of view.

Semper Fi