Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Last Week Was Campaigning, Yesterday You Voted

A real man gave a speech tonight at shortly after 10:20 CST. The speech given by this man was one spoken in sincerity and not arrogance or anger or in defeat but spoken like a true leader. A leader who should have had the opportunity to lead this country for the next four years. In defeat he was a man of honor who did not condone the boo’s put forth by his supporters but called for quiet and to listen to what he had to say. He spoke words of greater wisdom than have been heard by during this entire campaign by his opponent for what he said was not “just words”, they were heartfelt words of congratulation, and even sympathy for the struggle that he knows lies ahead and especially for one so unprepared . He showed the heart of a true patriot, one who puts country first as he has for his entire lifetime by reaching his hand across the aisle , something I am sure we will not see nor hear from the one who was proclaimed the victor tonight.

I will reserve my full comments on Obama until he speaks but I expect nothing more than what has been shown throughout this entire campaign by this candidate and that is arrogance and contempt for even those who elected him.

It is now after midnight and as I watched the elected candidate take the stage tonight I saw an empty suit with a swagger and a look of arrogance, a smile that was closer to a smirk. I listened to the words but again they were only words. As he made congratulatory remarks he turned his head, a sign of not being sincere, a sign of untruthfulness. The entire speech was filled with the same catch phrases that lulled the masses to sleep and caused them to cast a vote for something , someone they really don’t understand or know anything about. His promises are as empty as they were on a cold winter night 21 months ago as he so loved to talk about. His thanks to “the people” was as insincere as his promises for again he turned his head as he spoke and did not make the eye contact with the cameras and the crowd. He concluded his campaign as he began, with empty words and empty promises. But yet they chanted with him, Yes we can, over and over.

The promises have been made, the masses have fallen for them but today they learn that once elected the promises become, “just words” as their messiah so often said of others words.

The old story of the man who died and when he went to the eternal destination he first arrived at the gates of Heaven and there he saw people sitting around , singing and playing harps and he told St. Peter that this was a bit on the boring side for him and could he please check out the other destination. He was placed on an elevator and sent downward to Hades. When he opened the door there he saw a lush green golf course, beautiful women and many of his friends talking and enjoying their favorite beverage and he decided this was the place for him, a place more his style so he returns to St Peter and informs him of his choice. Once again he is placed on the elevator and he descends into Hades. When the doors are opened the golf course, the beautiful women and his friends with chilled glasses of libation are no longer there and it has been replaced with a scene of destruction, torment and unhappiness and the smell of sulphur fills his nostrils . He turns to Satan, who has met him there and asks, “what happened to all the beauty and fun?” It is then that he is told the truth. Satan says yesterday we were campaigning, and now you have voted “. Welcome to my world.

The elected one once made a statement of how he was a blank slate and the people would see what they wanted to see and thus vote but unfortunately for many there would be disappointments. The campaign is over and now you have voted your choice. I now await to see how you live with the consequences of your choice.


Anonymous said...

Thank goodness for the filibuster.

I trust Mitch McConnell will tie their socialist schemes and liberal judicial nomineess in knots

Fred Gregory

Ticker said...

Unfortunately the filibuster can only last so long. The House will have it's way, set it's own rules and the tool of the filibuster will be lost for votes will be taken without discussion or debate. Watch and see.

Anonymous said...

There are a number of pluses resulting from the election. First and foremost, we will never again have to hear the mantra about whitey keeping the black man down; whites overwhelming voted for Barack Obama. Next, the GOP has been slapped soundly by the electorate; this is that point where they need to take a good butt-chewing and then immediately start looking around for responsible leadership, identifying core principles, find a way to increase the base, and finding an exemplar who can motivate people to follow him.

I’m posting tomorrow on “Neo-Imperium,” if you’re interested. There is one thing the American people have not figured out: the value of the Constitution.

Semper Fi

Ticker said...

Mustang , I actually wrote a piece back in February called where does the GOP go from here. You can find it in the archives as well as some ideas that I had concerning how the election needed to be run such as the comments on the Three Legged Stool. There were more but those addressed the issues that the GOP is facing for the future. I will be looking in at your post soon.