Thursday, February 12, 2009

The News, Mostly Ridiculous and Certainly Low

Here's an idea: if Congress is going to cap salaries for executives whose companies are benefiting from the bailout and other earmarks, how about banning campaign payback to the politicians handing them our tax dollars? Naw , the left would never buy that would they.

On the Elephass’s :( Elephass is the new term for what you get when an elephant and a jackass breed. It suits these folks better than RINO) This is not the first time Collins and Snowe have broken ranks with their party. They have often found themselves at odds with the GOP leadership on taxes, budgets, the environment and social issues. They have both voted for stem-cell research, against a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage, for giving illegal immigrants a path to citizenship and against a ban on partial-birth abortion. They also both voted to acquit Bill Clinton after he was impeached in 1998.

YA GOTTA BE KIDDIN: Who pays for the octuplets?

Taxpayers may wind up shouldering most of the burden of raising Nadya Suleman's kids. This is the dingbat that while on disability for a back injury saved money for the invitro deal. Cost was about $100K. In the meantime she draws welfare for the first six kids and SS disability. Now she expects the taxpayer to pay for her stupidity and the cost of the newly born 8. Hospital cost exceed 1.3 million. To raise these 8 cost is said to be over 2.3 million and she expects this to be given out of the goodness of the taxpayers heart despite her total stupidity. The woman needs some serious psychological help and certainly is not stable enough to raise one child much less 14.

Ridiculous ? Of Course but….

BEYOND THE RIDICULOUS: Change... Miranda Rights Loophole May Help Gitmo Detainees

Don’t be surprised at what you read here. I was forewarned by most conservative bloggers long before the election but the masses failed to ‘get it”. And one wonders why I have such contempt for liberal government. The rest of the story is provided via the link on Beyond Ridiculous.

The creation of voter rolls in the land of entitlement: .People who get food stamps — 30 million and growing — will get more. People drawing unemployment checks — 4.8 million and growing — would get an extra $25, and keep those checks coming longer

But note old folks, sick , blind and such in poverty will get a whooping $250 one time pay out. Another way to purge voter rolls especially since these folks probably don’t vote the “right way.” You tax Stimulus Bill Dollars at work.

New Math according to “the ONEs” wife

Michelle Obama made the comment concerning the Bush Tax breaks which gave tax payers $600 one time payment and made fun of such when she asked “What will they do with that , buy a pair of ear rings maybe?” However the wonderful tax break for the same folks under her ‘hubby’s” plan will get a glorious $13 extra a week in their pay check which she and “the ONE” claims will really stimulate the economy. Uh Michelle, that’s a hair over $600 per year, you know the same amount that was so ridiculously low under President Bush! The lefts new math never ceases to amaze me.

Obama's idea of comforting people in this crisis

Folks in Kentucky and other areas in the south, who are still coping with the death and devastation of an unusual ice storm several weeks ago, suffered more destruction yesterday as powerful winds swept through the state causing more destruction. In Oklahoma, a hurricane roared through a few days ago, killing at least nine while also causing severe destruction in its wake. What is “the ONE” telling these folks? This from the WH website:

Wednesday, February 11th, 2009 at 8:28 pm
Digital delayed
The estimated 6 million consumers who rely on analog TV signals now have a four month reprieve.

President Obama today signed the legislation delaying the mandatory conversion from analog to digital signals from February 17 to June 12.

"During these challenging economic times, the needs of American consumers are a top priority of my administration," the President said in an official statement.

Just the reassurance the good people of Kentucky and Oklahoma need. No wonder the media people are not complaining. I suppose this could have beenposted under the Ya Gotta Be Kiddin Me but I felt it deserved it’s own place.

As you can see there have been some ridiculous things in the news of late. It seems that everyday it gets to be a bit more ridiculous. Maybe this is the plan of "the One" that we all laugh ourselves out of the current situation since he and his minions are not sure that this Trillion is going to be enough and there is another bill for another trillion or two in the works. Guess when Plan A fails, go to a more ridiculous Plan B.


Jeff Dreibus said...


People may be lauging now at the absuridty of "Bailout '09", but I doubt that they will be laughing when "Depression '10" rolls around.

I predicted the most recent bailout well in advance bacause I knew damn well (as did anyone with sense) that the last one wasn't going to work. And guess what? The current one won't, either.

So hold on tight -- the ride is about to get even bumpier with the Messiah and his Congressional "apostles" currently in control of the wheel . . .

Jeff Dreibus

Ticker said...

And Jeff you were so right. When the blind are leading the blind and they attempt to describe an elephant none of them know if they got it right or not. However they go along believing that they have perfectly described what they didn't see, couldn't grasp and certainly had no clue as to what it was they were describing.

Ticker said...
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