Friday, February 20, 2009

OBAMACORNS Halting Forclosures Plan at Work

I was wondering how long it would take before Thugocracy took over Obama’s redistribution of the wealth. The Thugs from ACORN have shown just the tip of the iceberg on how far they will go . In Baltimore the Thugacorns have broken into a house that was recently foreclosed on and they call it an act of civil disobedience. Help me out here but is breaking an entry a form of civil anything? According to the individual who lived in the house, Donna Hanks she stated that “The mortgage went up $300 in one month and the bank refused to modify her loan, foreclosed and kicked her out of the house in September. The Thugs from ACORN call her a victim of predatory lending as they declared “This is our house now,” said Louis Beverly, ACORN. But is she really a victim?

Well not according to what I discovered thanks to a blogger named Lan Astaslem . Astaslem had this to say about Donna:

It looks like Donna has been gaming the system for quite a long time. Foreclosure proceedings were started way back in May 2006, after which she immediately filed for bankruptcy. After it dragged on for a year, it was dismissed pursuant to Md. Rule 2-507(c):Md. Rule 2-507(c) provides “[a]n action is subject to dismissal for lack of prosecution at the expiration of one year from the last docket entry, other than an entry made under this Rule, Rule 2-131, or Rule 2-132, except that an action for limited divorce or for permanent alimony is subject to dismissal under this section only after two years from the last such docket entry.”

It sounds like they gave up while her bankruptcy proceeded. (I don’t see anything regarding her bankruptcy, so I don’t know how that turned out.) The amount due at the time was $253,230.78.

Then, foreclosure proceedings began again last February. Obviously not enough time had passed to allow her to file for bankruptcy again - to stave off the wolves at her door - so this time the case proceeded. The amount due last year had grown to $262,151.84 — an increase of $9k - which probably amounts to the interest that was growing on the debt while she made no payments. The file was closed on 10/03/08, and the lender took possession of the property.

In addition, there is another case pending with Nationwide Insurance. She apparently didn’t pay them either. It’s a civil case, so the amount Nationwide has sued for does not show in the online records.

The property is right across the street from a large park, and ~1/2 mile from the harbor. The house right next door is currently for sale for $79.9k. These are row houses — basically all the houses on the block are the same age and have the same dimensions. So how does one end up owing over $250k on a house when the carbon copy of it is $80k???

One wonders what Donna has been up to since . According to one source she has been a paid lackey on the ACORN payroll since September. Ahhh, how sweet. I am sure they can afford to pay her enough to buy another house from the billions they will undoubtedly be able to get through OBAMACORN’S latest scam.


GM Roper said...

Good reporting ticker. I'm forwarding this link to others.

Ticker said...

You sure didn't see it on the LSM.

Anonymous said...

Odd. Has anyone come around to suggest you might need a little help with your house payments? No? I didn't think so. I've seen no government vehicles in my neighbourhood, handing out checks to help pay our mortgages off, either.

S'pose this could be something we just ain't the right "kind of people" to benefit from? (chuckle)

Old Rose

Ticker said...

You remember "the One's" words, we typical white peopleto him like his grandmother.

Anonymous said...

We know Obama for what he is; the people who should really piss us off about ACORN's continued involvement in the housing meltdown is members of Congress. They are a nest of snakes.

Sherry said...

The bankruptcy action went on from 2006 through 2009. It was finally closed with the filing of the SECOND foreclosure when she failed to meet the re-payment plan.
Donna Hanks initially purchased her home (315 South Ellwood, Baltimore, MD 21224) on 7/06/2001 for $87,000. At some date between 2001 and 2006 she re-financed the original mortgage for the amount of $270,000 with a mortgage payment of $1,662.00. The FIRST foreclosure on this home was filed 5/31/2006. Donna Hanks filed for bankruptcy 6/16/06 during which a payment plan was approved for the $10,500 she was behind in her payments. This action stopped the original foreclosure. When she did not meet the terms of the bankruptcy re-payment, a second foreclosure action was started in January 2008. At the time she had not made her mortgage payments since September 2007. It should be noted that her salary per the bankruptcy paperwork was $1625 per month and she was working a 2nd and 3rd job (supposedly giving her an additional $1,275 in monthly income - the employers were not listed). Over extended? Also, during 2007 she was renting our her basement illegally (she was taken to court) and receiving rent while she was not making her mortgage payments. The mortgage company "raised" her payment $300 a month - right? Well, not exactly it was $340. The amount that she had agreed to pay back in arrears. Not exactly truthful, but what I would expect from a person with her criminal record (theft and assault 2nd degree and possession of a dangerous weapon with intent to injure). Oh and there is the small matter of breaking and entering. The house at 315 South Ellwood had already been sold at auction on 6/26/08 for $192,000. It just took them until September 2008 to get her out. Nothing like public information - it seems Acorn could have found this same information before they helped this "poor" victimized woman.....................

Ticker said...

Thank you Sherry for filling in the blanks on Hanks and the ACORN Thugs. They know the truth because Donna has been working for them and is noting but a front for their thuggery, an excuse to exercise their supposedly power. Hopefully, but doubtfully they will all be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Here in Texas had they entered the property of another they would have been met with a load of buckshot and that would have ended that. We have the Castle Law which protects us from such foolishness.

Ticker said...

Just a note to follow up the statement that Donna works for ACORN.

On its very face, Hanks' income didn't support the loan she had even before the alleged adjustment that forced her into foreclosure. It should also be noted that Hanks is referred to as an ACORN leader in a published release on ACORN's website on Feb 11th (

Your tax dollars at work.