Monday, April 20, 2009

DHS Security and Subterfuge

I recently discovered some very interesting information concerning the new Chief of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano; you know, the one who classifies all of us freedom-loving individuals to extremists. We are the ones who dare question such things as government spending and the constitutionality of government actions. I wonder if “Nappy” is worried about information being discovered on how she has spent her department’s money, namely yours and mine. It seems that she has taken very good care of the folks who would now be in the unemployment line in Arizona if not for the largess of their dear boss.

The mission for today and this week is to get the right media person(s) tuned in to what the Secretary of DHS has done when it comes to her staff and to spread the word across the blogosphere about the actions of this high-placed official in the U.S. Government. It is doubtful that the Lame Stream Media will ever pick up on a story such as this since she was hand picked by “the One” who can do no wrong. Regardless of the past doings of the Chosen, such as failing to pay taxes, or a demand for 30 extra positions to take care of their “friends” and “associates,” once chosen they will get a pass.

It seems that Janet Napolitano brought 30 people with her from Arizona. (Note, that's MANY more than the Chief Occupier brought with him from Illinois, the campaign, and the Hill.) The Arizona staff would have been out of a job when Napolitano left because the individual who replaced her as Governor is a Republican, and he would have sent her people packing. So, she cut a deal with the White House that she would take the job if her people got cover.

This report is not rumor or hearsay; it came directly from those who are in positions to know such information. It is all a matter of public record as to which Schedule Cs have been hired in DHS, their last employment (Arizona), and their pay grade and level, i.e., GS 15 Level 10 (about $150K, as I recall). It would also be good to know their clearance level, since they came in on interim secret, and it takes even a top level political about four months to get a TS with SCI level access.

All of this had to be done with stealth and subterfuge—so much for transparency, again—so these thirty people are not in Nappy’s immediate office as hires because it would show up on her office budget. They have been placed around the DHS department in the Secret Service, CBP, ICE, FEMA, etc. Some of these people are then detailed to her office in order to hide the real mission and intent of the move.

The components of the Department of Homeland Security—Secret Service, Customs and Border Protection, FEMA, Science and Technology Directorate and others—are eating the salaries of the extra people from their individual budgets but are losing their full time employees slots (FTE's) back to the Secretary of DHS. Most of the 30 are top level GS-15s and a few 14s (early 20 somethings with little job experience). That’s $5 million in salary monies plus moving expenses. That was an additional $500,000, which is not offered for critical subject matter experts and was only paid for a few critical hires in the last administration.

It is interesting to note here that the Chief Occupier called for $100 million in overall cuts over the next 90 days. The Secretary of DHS projects that it can save up to $52 million over the next five years by buying office supplies in bulk. Hmmm … let’s see, send 30 people hired from Arizona on the “buddy plan” at $5 million per year X 5 years and that would be $25 million of the $50 million projected and then add on the office supplies that these “buddy hires” use and just think of the savings.

Another note of interest concerning these individuals is that they are holding meetings with their counterparts in other government agencies, AND they are making policy without any involvement of the knowledgeable Feds who are ready to let them spin in the wind because they are not asking for any advice. According to my source and my own experience, mark my word, the proverbial stuff WILL hit the fan, whether by a terrorist attack or a natural disaster, and these people will be ducking for cover. The career types will only do what is necessary to protect their jobs. Given that and barring a disaster as mentioned, these folks will continue right along doing who knows what kind of damage to this country until another change in Administration occurs.

This is a story worthy of being brought to the forefront. The LSM who are in the tank with the Chief Occupier, however, will not allow it to see the light of day. It will be up to those of us in the blogosphere who are dedicated to truth, justice, and freedom of speech to push this information and hope that somewhere along the line it will leak out into the Main Stream where the proverbial stuff will hit the fan.

COMING SOON....The next objective is to get the names of the Arizona Mafia and learn where the Secretary has buried the indivuals in DHS and shed more light on the money trail. There is much more to this story, and this is only the tip of the iceberg.


Anonymous said...

Napolitano never met a GI she didn't think was a right wing wacko. She is a what they keep in hog lagoons down in eastern North Carolina.

Fred G.

Maggie M. Thornton said...

This is quite a story Ticker. Hats off for the investigation. You're right, the media won't touch it. When you get your info all together, you might try to get it to Hannity.

Faultline USA said...

Excellent post Ticker! This needs major media attention. Oh wait, that won't happen.

Ticker said...

Maggie, already tired him and he is too chicken to touch it. Beck might jump on it when all the rest of the work is done. The names and such will be forthcoming and then maybe he'll hit it.

It did hit the Google Alert this AM as #1 so it got attention in DHS and for sure with all the goings on and bad press some journalist will smell blood and hit on it, hopefully. It will get picked up because media types read blogs and definitely if you are a reporter assigned to cover DHS you will have to note it. They do a robot search each day for subjects pertaining to DHS and components.
Time will tell, I guess but if enough pass it along it will get read and people informed. I sent it to my Congressman and Senator and ask why this was not questioned. No reply as of yet.

Anonymous said...

I think that Beck is your best shot, but you will need to have some documentation to get any of them to air it.

Anonymous said...

You might also try Laura Ingraham.

Ticker said...

"I think that Beck is your best shot, but you will need to have some documentation to get any of them to air it."

I wouldn't have published this post if I didn't have the proof.

Brenda Bowers said...

We certainly don't have to worry about spies from other countries so we? We are now hiring our own!

I blogged about the "enhanced drivers licenses" being pushed hard by this rabid vixen yesterday. BB

Anonymous said...


If you have the documentation, then go for it. Beck would likely be interested, especially if you provide him with a fully-vetted story.

Ticker said...

Anon, the time is coming. Be patient! You will read it first here.

Maggie M. Thornton said...

Ticker, congrats on teh Google Alert. Is there a reporter at Fox that specifically covers DHS? Might try that. You know, they have a Pentagon reporter, WH reporter, etc.

I'm surprised about Hannity, but I think Glen Beck is a great idea.

Good luck with this. Guess you heard about Dianne Feinstein. This is the second time. Pitiful!

Ticker said...

"Guess you heard about Dianne Feinstein. This is the second time. Pitiful!"

What!!!! She managed to get laid again???? LOL

Maggie M. Thornton said...

@ Ticker :-)