Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Yes Dumb and Dumber Do Exist


"It's not about bashing Democrats, it's not about taxes, they have no idea what the Boston tea party was about, they don't know their history at all. This is about hating a black man in the White House. This is racism straight up. That is nothing but a bunch of teabagging rednecks. ...[T]he limbic brain inside a right-winger or Republican or conservative or your average white power activist, the limbic brain is much larger in their head space than in a reasonable person, and it's pushing against the frontal lobe. So their synapses are misfiring." --actress Janeane Garofalo on last week's Tea Parties

Speak for yourself: "Why are they out there whining with this Tea Party thing? Just a bunch of wimpy, whiney, weasels who don't love their country..." --CNN contributing Clintonista Paul Begala

/Sounds like too many knocks upside the head: "I don't know whether it is better to have freedom or to have no freedom. With too much freedom ... it can get very chaotic, could end up like in Hong Kong or like in Taiwan... I'm gradually beginning to feel that we Chinese need to be controlled." --actor Jackie Chan, who made millions of dollars filming movies in a free country

" SOME EVEN DUMBER QUOTES: "What's disturbing about some of these [tea party] protests and some of the people at these protests is this edge of anger at the government. There is ... a real hostility that is not just politics as usual among some of these people." --CNN's Jeffrey Toobin

"[T]his is a party for Obama bashers. I have to say that this is not entirely representative of everybody in America.... I think you get the general tenor of this. It's anti-government, anti-CNN, since this is highly promoted by the right-wing conservative network, Fox." --CNN's Susan Roesgen

"Are these protesters really out of step with the majority of Americans? We just saw ... that 62 percent of the people here approve of the president's handling of the economy, and that Americans rate taxes, incredibly at, the very bottom of the most important economic issues right now." --CNN's Christiane Amanpour

You have to remember that at almost any given time any cockamamie proposition in America will have at least 25 percent of those polled supporting it. It was a good stunt. ... We pay relatively small taxes. ...[W]hat you ostensibly get for it is a civilized kind of social compact where you don't have massive civil eruptions. That is what taxes are for." --NPR's Nina Totenberg on the tea parties (Wonder what planet this dingbat lives on)


To confront our economic crisis, we don't need a debate about whether to have a rigid, state-run economy or unbridled and unregulated capitalism is better -- we need pragmatic and responsible action that advances our common prosperity. To combat lawlessness and violence, we don't need a debate about whether to blame right-wing paramilitaries or left-wing insurgents -- we need practical cooperation to expand our common security." --Barack Obama

Talk about a scalpel: "One of the messages that I delivered ... to all the members of the cabinet was, uh, 'As well as you've already done, we're going to have to [cut more].' I'm asking for all of them to identify, uh, at least a hundred million dollars in additional cuts to, uh, pare administrative budgets, separate and apart from, uh, the work that Peter Orszag and the rest of our team are going to go line by line in the budget and identify programmatic cuts that need to be made." --Barack Obama, who doesn't have a line-item veto [but give him the right crisis and he'll have one. Never let a good crisis go to waste ] my input on the subject

Government is here to help: "We need to restore the American people's confidence in their government -- that it is on their side, spending their money wisely, to meet their families' needs." --Barack Obama

Projecting their faults: "We will not sacrifice our values or trample on our Constitution under the false premise that it is the only way to protect our national security." --Attorney General Eric Holder, who misses the fact that national security is one of the few things the federal government does that is constitutional

Non Compos Mentis: "[C]rossing the border is not a crime per se." --DHS secretary Janet Napolitano **U.S. Code says otherwise.

SOME REAL DOOZIES or as I like to call em--- JUST LIES:

: "You in United States, you have a lot of traffic of drugs, you have a lot of distribution of drugs, you have a lot of corruption as well. ... But most of the weapons, almost 16,000 are assault weapons and 90 percent of those were sold in United States." --Mexico's president Felipe Calderon


"On the violence issue, 6,500 people were killed in drug violence in 2008 alone. Ninety-five percent of the guns used were out of the United States. What is the U.S. going to do to stop the guns from getting there?" --ABC's Diane Sawyer to DHS secretary Janet Napolitano, who replied that she wouldn't "quibble about numbers" since "that's not the point."


"I cannot find any authority in the Constitution for public charity." --President Franklin Pierce (1804-1869)

"I feel obliged to withhold my approval of the plan to indulge in benevolent and charitable sentiment through the appropriation of public funds. I find no warrant for such an appropriation in the Constitution." --President Grover Cleveland (1837-1908)

"I don't like the income tax. Every time we talk about these taxes we get around to the idea of 'from each according to his capacity and to each according to his needs.' That's socialism. It's written into the Communist Manifesto. Maybe we ought to see that every person who gets a tax return receives a copy of the Communist Manifesto with it so he can see what's happening to him." --accountant and Commissioner of Internal Revenue T. Coleman Andrews (1899-1983)

"Our Constitution represents a compact between the states and the federal government. As with any compact, one party does not have a monopoly over its interpretation, nor can one party change it without the consent of the other. Additionally, no one has a moral obligation to obey unconstitutional laws. That's not to say there is not a compelling case for obedience of unconstitutional laws. That compelling case is the brute force of the federal government to coerce obedience, possibly going as far as using its military might to lay waste to a disobedient state and its peoples." --economist Walter E. Williams

"The Obama Doctrine means criticizing past presidents, Democratic and Republican; apologizing for past American sins, real and imagined, to both allies and enemies of the United States, on domestic and, preferably, foreign soil -- in the hope that doing so allows Obama to speak with greater moral force and clarity. The overriding goal of the Obama Doctrine is to make the person it is named after look good, rather than, and if necessary at the expense of, the nation he was elected to represent." --former Bush deputy assistant and columnist Peter Wehner


President Obama's been reaching out to Iran, reaching out to Cuba, reaching out to Latin America. The only place he can't seem to be able to reach out to: Texas. Despite Governor Rick Perry talking about how Texas could secede from the Union if it wanted to, 75 per cent of the people who live there want to stay in the United States. Of course they want to stay. I mean, after spending all that time and effort sneaking across the border to get here, why would they want to leave? Jay Leno

HATTIP : Patriot Post and various on-line news sources

We are going to put an end to the notion that the American taxpayer exists to fund the federal government.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I read that, and am still amazed at the lack of respect for our country that each of those individuals has.

Britain says, "God save the Queen!" I say, "God save America!" We need all the help we can get!!

Old Rose

Anonymous said...

There was a time when humor made me smile; now it makes me grind my teeth.

I don't know about you, but for me, it is becoming more difficult to refrain from using my old Marine Corps vocabulary.

I'll just say, "Bah!"

Rose ... do you think it's too late to go back to England?

Ticker said...

Rose ... do you think it's too late to go back to England?

Ouch, you insult the gentleman Mustang for he and I hay from Scotland and Wales.

Anonymous said...

Would ye insult a mon richt tae his face, then?

From what I have read in "The Scotsman", I wouldn't really even like to go to Scotland to stay. They've banned the possession of firearms, and now there is a ban on the possession of pocket knives. too many stabbings and cuttings. What's next, soup spoons, forks? (chuckle)

Old Rose

Ticker said...

Nay a mon may gat licked to dieth,

Jeff Dreibus said...


Great quotes.

I came up with one of my own yesterday which doesn't specifically fit into this discussion, but it was just too good not to share.

While at work performing tasks for which I will never gain fame or fortune, I had a flash of insight:

"Worry not about leaving your mark upon the world, but rather strive to keep the world from leaving its mark upon you."

Obviously, this quote can suggest many things on many levels. In this forum’s context, it might suggest that freedom and integrity are far greater treasures than the rewards reaped from a “go along – get along” mindset. Remain true to your convictions and fight to hang on to your God-given freedoms rather than selling out or just plain giving up, as so many have done – and, I fear, many more are soon to do.

Jeff Dreibus

Ticker said...

Good thoughts Jeff!

Leslie said...

Oh dear! What a collection! It makes one want to laugh and cry and scream.


Stormy said...

It's anti-government, anti-CNN, since this is highly promoted by the right-wing conservative network, Fox." --CNN's Susan Roesgen

I still don't get her comment that the Tea Parties were "anti-CNN". What's CNN to do with it?

Ticker said...

"I still don't get her comment that the Tea Parties were "anti-CNN". What's CNN to do with it?"

She doesn't either but it sounded good as a sound bite for the overindulged koolaide drinkers that support her and CNN.

Ticker said...

"I still don't get her comment that the Tea Parties were "anti-CNN". What's CNN to do with it?"

She doesn't either but it sounded good as a sound bite for the overindulged koolaide drinkers that support her and CNN.

Leslie said...

Her comment about it being anti-CNN was due to the fact that Fox news was a big supporter of the tea parties. CNN's ratings are in the toilet and they were just getting a dig in at Fox.

Pettiness really.

Stormy said...


If that is so, then she wasn't successful. As a result, she made herself and CNN look idiotic for putting her own. Fox News made hay out of that one.