Monday, June 15, 2009

Cyber Czar Starting Early?

It seems that someone at FEMA is interested in my blog. I wonder , should I be flattered , or is this an attempt to bully me , intimidate me or what? The first visit occurred shortly after I posted

More Attacks, Vets and 2nd Amendment The other visits occurred after posting David vs Goliath

Could it be the new Cyber Czar is already hard at work, making us safer from “terrorist”. Of course the government denied that such action would invade the privacy of those just posting on the Web and would be used only for those receiving or sending overseas e-mails. We know that to be another one of their lines of barnyard bovine excrement as well. Once the Cyber Czar is given the green light, and it appears that FEMA, which of course falls under the line of command of Secretary Janet Napolitano and we all know her feelings toward Veterans and other groups who oppose “the WON” . This Cyber Czar would work supposedly for the Dept of Commerce and would have unprecedented powers. Had this been done under the last administration calls for impeachment would be ringing from the Halls of Congress and from the Lame Stream Media (LSM). But that will never happen in this administration since anything done gets a pass both from Congress and the LSM.

This act contains a particularly dangerous provision that could cripple privacy and security in one fell swoop:

The Secretary of Commerce— shall have access to all relevant data concerning (critical infrastructure) networks without regard to any provision of law, regulation, rule, or policy restricting such access…

In other words, the bill (S.773) would give the Commerce Department absolute, non-emergency access to “all relevant data” without any privacy safeguards like standards or judicial review. The broad scope of this provision could eviscerate statutory protections for private information, such as the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, the Privacy Protection Act, or financial privacy regulations. The Act also gives the President unfettered authority to shut down Internet traffic in an emergency and disconnect critical infrastructure systems on national security grounds goes too far. Certainly there are times when a network owner must block harmful traffic, but the act gives no guidance on when or how the President could responsibly pull the kill switch on privately-owned and operated networks.

As a further note on this Cyber Security Bill it seems that “the WON” will not wait for this bill to pass through Congress and become law. He as already appointed a Czar to take command. Following reports that computer and email systems of the FBI had been shut down on May 29 due to a far-reaching virus, President Obama created a Cyber-Security Czar position, responsible for overlooking the country's network security. No regard was given for the Constitutionality of such a position, but then when has such a small , trivial thing as the Constitution ever stopped the Chief Occupier from doing as he wished.

Well it has begun just as I and others warned before and after the election of 08. Few listened then it seems and I wonder how many will listen now . I and I am sure others will continue to speak out and even at times shout out the warning of the criminality of this administration and the erosion of our freedom for many of us have paid too high of a price to remain silent.

Am I intimidated? To put it very bluntly , HELL NO!--I am not intimidated. I will not be intimidated as long as I draw breath on this planet. I will not run because I have faced more worthy opponents and did not run. I will not SHUT UP because this is MY COUNTRY, Ms. Napolitano, Mr. Chief Occupier of the WH. I have served honorable and was and am still willing to die for this country and NOTHING you can do will stop me from saying what I wish to say about the way this country is being destroyed by the likes of you. DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?

You may visit my blog site all day long if you wish. I take it as a compliment for I must be saying something right or I would scarcely get the attention of such “mighty ones”.

Rather than a sneaky, cowardly visit , why not leave a comment and let the rest of the readers know your feelings on the subject. Of course most already know and that is why blogs such as mine and many others are speaking out loudly and often about what we see as the eroding freedoms taking place in this country today.

I would urge my fellow bloggers not to be discouraged, frightened or intimidated but instead be empowered by such “invasions” and keep on keeping on. You can bet your sweet that I shall.


Mustang said...

I’m not one of those litigious bastards you keep reading about in the news, but I do find comfort in the fact that the courts protect us (as long as we can afford the cost of a lawsuit). I believe that a White House decision to ‘turn off’ the internet would be extraordinary. Not because of the damage it would do to commerce, but because it would be a government act to deny, limit, or suppress freedom of expression; an interesting case, indeed. On the other hand, if BO can simply stack the court with 8 more Sotomayors, then I may have to rethink the level of my confidence in the courts.

Brenda Bowers said...

I am not really up on the torte system as far as filing a law suit is concerned, but doesn't filing a suit usually stop proceedings until a determination of some kind is made? Maybe this is the way to throw monkey wrenches into Obama's machine: just keep filing law suits and tying the actions up in court. Say if Sotomayer was sued then she certainly couldn't be confirmed for the SC until it is cleared up could she?

Or if a group of bloggers sued for say clarification of some point in the Cyber Security Bill wouldn't that stop proceedings?

Maybe if things can be held up until after the 2010 elections when i feel sure new leadership will be coming in to replace the fools we have now, we could stop all of this and then rescind it or let it die in committee. BB

GM Roper said...

Dad gum Ticker, you'd do anything to get noticed wouldn't ya?

Seriously, let em watch, let em read, maybe something we say just might sink in.

Ticker said...

Ye gads, Ticker, I live here, too! 8(

Signed: Mrs. Ticker

Ticker said...

Mustang, as far as "turning off" the internet a better word would be controlling the content as to what is allowed on the Net and if it is not agreeable then that group, person , whatever gets "turned off." That's my take as well as my good friend who is familiar with these things as far as the government goes.

BB, filing suit would slow the confirmation of Sotomayer down a bit but would not stop it. She would be confirmed just as the thugs that Obama has put into his cabinet. Until convicted she wouldn't be stopped from serving.

GM, The can read but I am not sure they will be able to comprehend what is written. It is not in the genetic make-up of libtards to be able to understand reality.

Ms.Ticker, they ain't gonna get you cause they gotta go through me first. That should give you time to lock and load another 17 rounds and hold em off till the horse soldiers got here. LOL