Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bye Mr. Burdy, Sing a Sweet Song

Yesterday, July 21st I turned 65 but it doesn’t seem to be important, not to me at least. Today, July 22nd I lost my good friend and companion of over 8 years. His name was Mr. Burdy, a pretty little green parakeet that could sing the sweetest song on earth.

Mr. Burdy was always there to cheer me up even when I was sad with his songs and his antics. Burdy had a way of knowing when I was sad and he would seem to sing even more and sweeter to try to cheer me up. He’s not here today to cheer me up with a song and my heart is heavy.

He never demanded much except a little food, some water and a treat occasionally. He sometimes like the toys that I bought for him to swing on and play with and sometimes he just didn’t like them and certainly would let me know by taking them down and squawking until I took them out of his house. Mr. Burdy didn’t like to have his house rearranged or cluttered and would let you know in no uncertain terms. Move one of his toys just a little bit and he would work until he had it right back where it was and then would sit and stare at you as if to dare you to touch his possessions again.

He wasn’t one to want to be held or petted, just talk to him and play ball with him and he was a happy Burdy and would let you know by singing a sweet song.

I don’t know how old Mr. Burdy was. He was given to me in 1999 and was probably two or three years old then. It’s not important I suppose. What is important is the joy my little buddy brought to me and to those around the house. Today a bit of that joy is gone. There will be no more sweet songs, no more “ play ball Burdy” times, no more saying ‘pretty Burdy’ which always brought on a song. Today Burdy is singing his sweet song in Birdy Land which I know must be in heaven . If heaven doesn’t have sweet songs of birdy’s singing then something is missing.

So today I say goodbye and Sing a Sweet Song Mr. Burdy. I will lay him to rest beneath the big oak tree in the back yard surrounded by flowers and the sounds of other birdy’s singing.

Bye Mr. Burdy, Sing a Sweet Song!


Dr. Mary Johnson said...

My condolences, Blogfather.

Animals do take a piece of our hearts with them when they go.

Ticker said...

Yep, young lady, they sure do! Thank you for your kind words. You don't know how much they mean to me.

Sue said...

I am very sorry to hear about your loss. I know how much pets become a part of your life.

I cannot imagine when the time comes for our "son", a Shih Tzu of 8 years to go. I can't bear to think about it...

Always On Watch said...

I've never been able to have a pet bird as I'm allergic to feathers.

That said, I've had many other pets in my lifetime. Losing a beloved animal companion is so difficult.

Mr. AOW and I lost our beloved Sheba last December 1. We still miss her so much! That spot in our living room seems so very empty now, even though I've moved some furniture into the very spot that Sheba favored for well over a decade.

BTW, Sheba never, ever went after a bird or even a mouse. She was a cat-food-only girl!

Of course, it is better that we humans outlive our animal friends. But I know that's not much consolation for you right now.

My sincerest condolences, Ticker.