Saturday, July 25, 2009

From Ordinary to Extraordinary

Last week, we attended a spaghetti supper fund raiser for a group of young people who have been invited to attend the National Fine Arts Festival, a privilege they won through hard work and dedication. They have won awards at the state level in their special fields, such as music, songwriting, preaching, and drama. The first week in August, winning students from across the country will come together to celebrate the Extraordinary change students across the nation are making as they take up the call to their campus and are deployed in ministry all over the nation. I am proud to say that our grandson, Luke, won in the areas of songwriting and praise and worship band.

While we consumed the great spaghetti supper they served, we were privileged to hear some of these young people demonstrate their abilities in music and speaking.
I was particularly impressed by a young man named David Chambers. David is an ordinary young man who attends high school and does things other young people do, and then doing a bit extra. It was this extra bit that impressed me enough to share his short talk. While David is an ordinary young man, he spoke of extraordinary things and, in that moment of time, he became an extraordinary young man. It was not only his words but also his actions and reactions that caused me to view him as extraordinary. David spoke of another young man named David who, by doing the ordinary, became extraordinary.

I wish to share his talk with you. David will be presenting this same talk at the National Fine Arts Festival in Orlando in August. I apologize for not being adept enough to erase the introduction by one of the youth leaders given prior to David’s talk. It is brief, however, so stick with it and hear this ordinary young man's extraordinary words. I believe you, too, will then understand why I consider this young man to be extraordinary.

Listen to David's message here.


Always On Watch said...

I wanted very much to hear David's message, but the audio was playing too softly. :-(

Kudos to your grandson Luke. I am a pianist and, in my younger days, a vocalist. I am always pleased to learn that males are pursuing the fine arts as most of the male students I deal with are all about playing sports.

Ticker said...

I had the audio turned up as loud on my end as it would go. It is rather a low volume recording for some strange reason. You may try turning up the volume on your computer rather than on the video. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Luke plays three sports. He has never had the first music lesson in his life, it seems it was born in him as it was his father, his grandfather, his uncles and great grandfather. His grandfather and uncles played all over Texas in their own band and at one time they each played with the likes of Bob Wills . Guess he just gets it natural.

Always On Watch said...

I shall try using a headset.

Maggie M. Thornton said...

Congratulations to Luke, Ticker. These are the endeavors we need our young people immersed in.

I didn't have a problem with audio. It was fine on my computer.

Wise words from one so young. David showed how God used the Biblical David for a higher purpose and how He can use us in the same manner if we just trust in His purpose for our lives.

Ticker said...

Yep, Maggie, taking ordinary people with ordinary talents and making them extraordinary. David, the young man who spoke, is an excellent example just as David the young shepherd boy who became king was another.