Sunday, May 9, 2010

Arizona Law , Good Politics?

It would appear that those who fail to uphold our nations laws,  in other words , our elected officials are among those who think the Arizona law is a bad thing.

Critics of Arizona's tough new immigration law, which makes illegal immigration a state crime, have called supporters of the bill "racist," "mean-spirited" and "un-American." Here's the newsflash: The measure is also good politics, not only in Arizona, but nationally.

Usually after a measure like this has passed, the news media respond with stories about how the measure will hurt the GOP among Latino voters. This time, not so much.

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Anonymous said...

Lock'em up Sheriif Joe !

Always On Watch said...

No other country in the world allows for the kind of open borders that the United States has permitted.

Good on Arizona for trying to uphold national sovereignty.

Of course, the BHO administration is going to try to put a stop to Arizona's Americanism.

Ticker said...

Of course he is AOW. He wants a total open border and make the US like Europe. Establishing a NAUnion was one of Soros's goals. In the meantime it's votes for the leftist in charge. Obummer might even become dictator for life, who knows.