Monday, November 29, 2010

Has Capitalism Come To An End In America. Part V

The Death of Capitalism:

In this final segment we will explore the authors ideas describing the death of capitalism as he outlines in his book The Fallen Eagle .   As the author used the description of Babylon and of  the Babylonian spirit to describe the ideology which he sees as coming out of modern day capitalism  and how it contributes to the death of Capitalism we will continue with his description for clarity.   The authors quotes are highlighted as in previous article post.

It is indeed my wish that each of  you who have read this series have enjoyed it as much as I have enjoyed presenting it.
We are indeed seeing some of the things which have been presented in this series of  writings. Do they spell the end of Capitalism?  If they do not, then they certainly show that this country is riding on a very slippery slope and everything possible should be done to insure that there are brakes to apply and that the brakes are indeed strong enough to stop this country from crashing into they abyss.  Have we come too far or is there yet hope?  That is the question that I leave with each of you. Please feel free to leave your comments on the subject.

“...the merchants of  the earth shall weep and mourn over her; for no may buyeth their merchandise any more...” )Revelation 18”11)  “For in one hour so great riches is come to naught...” (Revelation 18:17) What but a financial collapse like that of 1929 could trigger the sudden loss of great riches and of merchants wherewithal to accumulate more? (Note: Even if we have reached the wrong conclusion that Babylon is capitalism, it seems ovvious that capitalism will fall in the near future.)

The author points out that for the time being Babylon sits peacefully atop the Beast. Capitalism and socialism coexist today in a fascist style marriage of convenience but in the end the Beast will devour the Harlot (Babylon) system. Socialism will totally envelope capitalism. The entire process began in the early 1900’s and will end with a final coup de grĂ¢ce.

Just as the hatred between the Harlot and the Beast so is the hatred of  the socialist toward capitalism and are determined that it must end. They are not content with the mixture.  In order to carry out their goal of remedying the worlds ills they must destroy capitalism in order to complete the redistribution of the world’s wealth.  To them nothing short of total destruction will correct the mammoth inequities in today’s economic structures.  We see this in the constant call by the UN for elimination of “world poverty” and the only way that body can achieve such is by total redistribution of wealth, taking from the countries that produce and giving to the non-producers which has proven to be a wrongheaded task each time it has been attempted. We hear and see this constantly in this country from the administration currently seated in Washington and from the so called “progressives” who while losing nothing themselves are more than anxious to redistribute the wealth of others, once again taking from the producers and giving to non-producers.

The setting of the stage for the final clash between the world two economic forces is near completion. Capitalism is slowly being strangled to death given the myriad of taxes, regulations and litigation forces of government’s domination by socialist. Capitalism is being kept alive for now in order to provide for the production capabilities and resources to fuel socialism's worldwide redistribution rampage.

The Humanist see capitalism as an obstacle to human progress. To them, capitalism functions as a religion because it sacrifices individuals on the alter of utopian promises. To them , commercialization is a debasing force. To them, individuals are ground won by the weight of capitalism and must be rescued by the state. To them, when the cyclical economic bubbles burst ( as the recent housing debacle demonstrated, they always blame cait6alism and use the crisis (as did FDR) to pass massive redistribution legislation.  
With such hatred, ideological fervor and overwhelming political clout, socialism(humanism) is bound to with the struggle... The ten kings of John’s prophesy (Revelation 17) need but finalize a socialist takeover that was first introduced in the United States seventy five years ago but that today is hopelessly engrained in the moral fiber of a materialist , security conscious people.

William Bowen, a noted authority on humanism and globalism, said,  “The complete takeover will dome through an economic catastrophe. Most likely , it will be the result of a bankruptcy of the United States government. That will trigger a devaluation of money and lead to a stock market crash. This will bring on a world depression—and a global government which will be thought necessary to solve of all our problems.” 

We have recently witnessed several summits in which these very issues have been discussed or at least brought to the attention of those who claim to be in the leadership of this country and yet the continuation of printing of more money which is claimed to be necessary to keep the government from collapsing.  We are watching the devaluation of our currency even though there is little mention of it in the media which of course is under the influence of the current leadership in Washington whose goal is retribution of wealth not only within this country but world wide.  We are witnessing the borrowing of huge amounts of money from such countries as China who are rejoicing at the failure of their nemesis, the model of capitalism, the United States. Is there much room for doubt in Mr. Bowen’s prophesy? Is there much room for doubt that we are hearing the death knell of capitalism? 

What say you?



Always On Watch said...

Capitalism is slowly being strangled to death given the myriad of taxes, regulations and litigation forces of government’s domination by socialist. Capitalism is being kept alive for now in order to provide for the production capabilities and resources to fuel socialism's worldwide redistribution rampage.

Now, that explains why so many socialists whom I personally know advocate capitalism when we have our arguments.

Ticker said...

Yep, AOW, that's the deal. They always use money belonging to others to advance their agenda.

BrendaBowers said...

Was hartened by the Irish PM's refusing help from the European Union. Maybe we who are the Capitalist Harlots are at last recognizing The Beast! BB

Ticker said...

Interesting outlook BB. Irish PM recognizes perhaps the move toward a one world order.

As a note, the original Roman Empire was made up of 10 countries who are all now a part of the EU which now has 27 members. The EU is basically controlled by the original 10 countries. Interesting isn't it!