Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Who Won!  That is the question that many will be asking over the next few months and into next year when the new Congress takes their seats.  There are a lot of "IF's" to consider before this question can be fully answered.  At some point down this upcoming rocky road perhaps it can be said that the Republican's won--IF they carry out the wishes of the American voters who spoke in a clear and loud voice on November 2 and said "Enough is Enough of the Same Old  Same Old".  IF these newly elected representatives carry through on their promises of a return to a Constitutional way of governing then it an be said the American people won. IF the Republicans stick with the will of the people and repeal the OBAMANOCARE then they will have won but if they compromise as the proposed new Speaker of the House has stated he wants to do then the Left will have won.  IF the new Congress can re-write the so called Finance Reform Bill then the people will win but if not, the Left will have won.   The Republicans must be careful in presenting legislation and create only that which will withstand the scrutiny of Constitutional guidelines. With Obama's veto of any such legislation it becomes a formidable weapon for 2012. IF Obama Vetoes the majority of legislation coming out of the new Congress then the victory for the Right will be greater in 2012 than yesterdays victory.

Therein lies an interesting question for consideration. Can Obama, given his far left ideology, move to the center as Bill Clinton did or will his narcissistic personality disorder get in the way?  Certainly he can talk a good centrist game but can he actually carry through with it and thereby appear to have weakened and given in to the Republicans.  My bet is his narcissism will get in the way and he will continue his march toward socialism and attempt to carry out his agenda through Executive Orders and regulations.  He has the Agencies under his leftist control and can through regulation do what he can not do through legislation. For example Cap and Trade or "crap and tax" as I prefer to call it is dead as far as passage in Congress but he has the EPA to do his handy work for him. He also has the leftist Federal Courts in his favor to further his socialist agenda without one vote occurring in the Legislative Branch of government as has been evidenced of recent with DADT.

IF yesterdays election gave those Democrats in the Senate a moment of pause to consider their fate in 2012 should they continue down the same slippery road they were on then it can be said that the people won for certainly those up for re-election will not be so willing to go along with Harry Reid and Obama.  IF that indeed did occur then Harry will find getting anything on the socialist agenda passed to be difficult indeed. Of course Harry will do his best to push this agenda through during the Lame Duck session and we know that those who lost yesterday won't care what the people think and will vote to shove it down our throats.  IF enough of those up for re-election in 2012 take pause perhaps even that can be defeated and once again the people will have won.  IF not, the Leftist will have succeeded and snatched sweetness of victory from  the American people. 

My prediction says, IF Boehner is the Speaker of the House and IF he compromises as he has said he would then the Republicans can say goodbye in 2012 and they will cease to be a viable political party.The Tea Party organization will be of no effect in this case. IF that occurs then we can say hello to a dictatorship, one party rule for years to come which of course will be the end of democracy in this country and the beginning of the fall into a third world banana republic status.  As we know that is the goal of Soros and Obama and the other assorted Leftist.

I would ask that you Bookmark this post for it will indeed be interesting to see the results of the IF's. Come back in six months,  in one year and again in 2012. 


GM Roper said...

IF my brain was working, i could come up with a better comment than "You are on the money."

You are of course, but I said it rather inelegantly.

Ticker said...

Thank you for taking your time to respond. I understand your situation and our prayers are with you and your wife as well as the doctors.

Blessings , my friend.

You spoke well and let us just pray that the good IF'S are the ones that occur.

Always On Watch said...

In my view, BHO will merely pretend to move center and continue governing from the left under the radar. The mainstream media will give him a pass, of course.

As for the GOP and compromises, I see some compromises as politically necessary. Other so-called compromises serve to sell America further down the river.

Ticker said...

There can be no compromise on Constitutional issues AOW. What compromises do you see as necessary?

~Leslie said...

Thank you Ticker, for your military service. I hope you find many blessings coming your way today!