Wednesday, June 8, 2011

And The Beat (ing) Goes On Part 17 -The Obama Legacy

Oh, but the Left denies that this is true, but folks the facts speak for themselves. Google the numbers and you will find that the truth has been spoken. Meanwhile, the Republicans sit on their thumbs and do NOTHING, allowing this administration to continue at will destroying this country.

And the Beat(ing) goes on.  2012 can't get here soon enough. Looks as if house cleaning is due not only in the White House but in the House and Senate as well. Most of the newly elected seem to have forgotten why they were sent to Washington. Speaker of the House "Bonehead" needs to be #1 on those going to join Obama in the unemployment line.


Z said...

You're more optimistic than I am about 2012, Ticker.........
that video was painful to watch so I gave up halfway through..."I do NOT 'like you now'"! but, I NEVER DID, Mr. O.

I hope you're doing well.

Anonymous said...

Of course the Republicans are sitting on their collective bums!! Look who their "leader" is, Boehner!! Boo-hoo Boehner!!!

Of course, he's no "Weenie", who is shameless, but he can cry on cue.

Personally, I think they all should be thrown out, take their retirement away from them, because they didn't earn it, and get some "REAL PEOPLE" in there!!

Just my opinion!

Old Rose

Ticker said...

I can still vote Z and that is what it is going to take--a lot of conservatives voting to remove the useless from among us.
Thanks for the thought. Yes, doing much better, at least today. Progress on the project is giving me some strength and initiative.

Rose you are correct. We need to get some REAL PEOPLE in office. Some who will not forget so quickly how they got there.

Always On Watch said...

Excellent video! I'll be posting it next week -- with a hat tip to you, of course.

Anonymous said...

I really appreciated this insightful analysis you posted today (Saturday, June 11, 2011) at GeeeeeZ on the Investigation of Sarah Palin's Emails thread, Ticker.

The Left and the leftist LSM continue to attack Palin, not so much as a POTUS candidate but in an attempt to destroy her credibility and ability as a cheerleader for the Right. They, the Left, know that who ever she endorses will be the next Candidate for POTUS for the Right and probably the next POTUS. They can't attack Cain, who is much more outspoken than Palin at times and will become more so as time goes on so they attack Palin.

Palin stands for all the Left hates so destroying her is the only way they can once again feel good about themselves. Ultimately they will fail and they will have to find another target.

Why do you think so many on the right have stopped supporting Sarah Palin? Could it be an image problem or a genuine lack of substance that has turned former Palin enthusiasts off?

Do you believe she is completely honest, or merely a gifted opportunist who knows how to make lemonade out the lemons handed to her in the media?

Do you believe she sees herself as a serious candidate for the presidency?

Has she helped or hurt the Tea Party Movement which seems now to be less prominent and and less active?

Who do you think might be a better conservative candidate for the Republicans to run?

Have you an opinion on Ron Paul?

I look forward to your response.

~ FreeThinke