Wednesday, June 1, 2011

And The Beating Goes On- Part 16 The Jackasses

The problem with this country is not just the the abundance of "Jackasses" but...

                                          The LEADER of the "Jackasses".  

Dunce cap should have read, Chief JACKASS but then what would title could Obama be given? 

And just one more quote from another JACKASS also a member of The Village of Idiots.

And if that fails... "Our plan is for Congress to pass the debt limit [increase]. Our fallback plan is for Congress to pass the debt limit, and our fallback to the fallback plan is for Congress to pass the debt limit." --Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner

Meanwhile the Republicans sit on their hands and allow the JACKASSES to do nothing but attach the Ryan Plan. They should be screaming to the top of their lungs that the  PARTY OF JACKASSES have failed to pass a budget in over two years.

Chief Jackass, Harry Reid refused to work with the GOP on a budget, but he said it would be 'foolish' for Democrats to release one of their own. And last Wednesday, Senate Democrats gave new meaning to the label the 'Party of No' when they held a series of four budget votes. Not a single Democrat voted for any budget proposal, including Obama's own plan, which was rejected by a unanimous 97-to-0 vote. Wonder why we no longer hear the term "Party of NO?" 

By doing nothing  and not going on the attack the Republicans are guaranteeing Obama a second term. 

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Scotty said...

And then the other democrat jumped into the ring today, Romney!

Doesn't give us much to forward to, so far, eh?

Good to see ya back on the blog again!

Ticker said...

Cain is in the race and I look forward to voting for him in 2012. Heard him in Atlanta at a rally couple of weeks ago. Man has got a plan and is not one to mince words.

He speaks plainly to the Obamabots and pulls no punches telling them what idiots they are to continue to stay on the "plantation."

Always On Watch said...

I see that Geithner is again tapping the federal pension funds:

what is happening is that retirement accounts are now being seriously plundered, and if the unthinkable were to happen, and the debt ceiling would not rise, not only would the US be in technical default, but various retirement funds, which already are underfunded, would find themselves even more severely in the Red

As for Romney, I think that he just blabbed something about global warming. **sigh**

Always On Watch said...

See this about Mitt Romney.

Scotty said...

I like Cain too but, already the Rove/Krauthammer types are starting to chew on him. I'm beginning to wonder if there is any hope for the Republican party. It seems they're intent on electing RINOs.

It's still early yet and it's entertaining to watch all jockeying for position going on.....

I watched a recent interview with Sarah Palin and she was telling the Republicans to shape up or there would be a third party candidate. I think she's right! I'm wondering if she's telegraphing that move on her part.

During my travels this week I heard the blowhard Trump being interviewed and he's talking a third party run if things don't improve, but I don't trust his motives. He's another that I think should just sit down and shut up! Especially with how he's ripping Ryan....while it's not perfect he IS offering a plan where very few others are.

One way or another, the Republicans are going to have to improve their communication skills as already those that lean left are starting to control the narrative on this election.

Scotty said...

I read a similar article about Romney AOW. I don't trust the man, I believe he'll say what ever he needs to say at any moment, if he thinks it will help him get elected.

He's the "same oh same oh" I'm dead set against! We don't need another compassionate conservative..aka RINO